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Urban Crust - Plano

I say eat one of the other pizza first., then order the prosciutto and fig pizza for dessert. It's sickly sweet. Crust has decent, not outstanding, texture but was bland bland bland.

Aug 28, 2009
kersplat in Dallas - Fort Worth

Lola versus Bijoux

Aw shucks I was starting to think, and hope, you had some actual foodie cred...alas.
NYC sent Tim Love packing, his tail between his legs. His NYC Lonesome Dove shuttered not long after the following no-star ("satisfactory") review from the NY Times:

I happen to think Avner Samuel would be an outstanding chef anywhere in the world, as would David Uygur or Teiichi Sakurai. And my many meals at Boulevard hasn't been that much better than those at York Street. Pyles and Fearing should be given credit for wisdom, as in they were wise not to stray beyond their own turf. Fearing would fall utterly flat on his face without his local lemmings who still think he actually invented that tortilla soup and those lobster tacos. And let's not get ahead of ourselves regarding those "culinary masters" on Jefferson. I enjoy and admire the heck out of their work, but as much for their not pandering to American palates as for masterful execution. And of course they're the best we've got here in North Texas. But would they be the among the best from their home states?

Aug 04, 2009
kersplat in Dallas - Fort Worth

Com Tay Cam in DFW

People go to (and recommend) Mai's because it and Green Papaya define the limits of their experience with and knowledge of Vietnamese food. Those places are popular for the same reasons that Chinese buffets and places like PF Chang's and Bengal Coast are popular: take a cuisine, bastardize the crap out of it until no trace of its roots can be ascertained, in the process throw tastes all out of balance in the direction of too sweet/too spicy/too fatty/too much meat, all perfect for narrow provincial big mac & chicken nugget palates...

You're right on, Webra. Viet Nam on Bryan does far better food, as does Oishii, as does Saigon Kitchen, as does La Me, as does Pa La, as did all the incarnations of the late Kien Giang, as do three dozen other places...

Bistro B is no better than Pei Wei, in my book. They sold out the flavor balance to gringo tastes long ago, just like Kim Son did in Houston.

Jul 28, 2009
kersplat in Dallas - Fort Worth

Two nights in Dallas - sushi

Kenichi has by far the best sake list in the state. It's not a list, it's a book. Our server told us there's more than 100 selections, 20 by the glass. How many places have 20 sakes, period? They also have a team of certified saké sommeliers, who have been mentioned in several of the major DFW food blogs. They take it seriously over there. I've also been pleased that their chefs try to serve sushi fish which are in season.

May 05, 2009
kersplat in Dallas - Fort Worth

Dallas party of 6-8 seeks round table, quiet place

I'd go to neither Villa-O nor Celebration for the food. Try Maguire's Chef's Table. Round table in a semi-enclosed booth. Good food. Moderate prices. Open Sundays.

Mar 03, 2009
kersplat in Dallas - Fort Worth

A Good Indian Buffet for Lunch in Plano/Richardson/Addison/North Dallas?

In case you hadn't heard, that former Bukhara Grill chef you mentioned also became former Clay Pit chef about six months ago.

Feb 07, 2009
kersplat in Dallas - Fort Worth

help w asian ingredients

Oh come on...lime zest tastes nothing like kaffir lime leaves.

Jan 12, 2009
kersplat in Dallas - Fort Worth

Dallas or Houston "Japanese Kobe" beef

check your answer before you reply. Keith304 asked for real, authentic, from-Japan wagyu beef, not the American-raised (or even Scot- or Australian-raised) Kobe-style that can be found in "pages of listings" of restaurants.

Unfortunately, Keith304, the only place I knew of in Dallas which had genuine wagyu on its permanent menu was BLT Steak, which closed months ago. Hopefully, others will chime in and help with a good answer.

Jan 03, 2009
kersplat in Texas

One Pound burgers in DFW

Try Humperdink's...various locations.

Dec 23, 2008
kersplat in Dallas - Fort Worth

DFW upscale dining

If you take lillymao as representative of the "discerning" Dallas diner, then you've already answered your own question and should be really, really, really sad.

Enough with the nonsensical soapbox-ish rambles from someone whose self-proclaimed expertise is gorging.

Sep 29, 2008
kersplat in Dallas - Fort Worth

Abacus ** out of *****

Very gracious of you. Thank you.

Sep 10, 2008
kersplat in Dallas - Fort Worth

Abacus ** out of *****

All 3 weeks plus the rum-sponsored "preview weekend" AND the Central Market "4 course" . Stop pointlessly trying to defend a point on which you received bad info. ***ALL*** the restaurants deserve kudos for choosing to participate in this important fund raiser. It was a grind for many.

Sep 10, 2008
kersplat in Dallas - Fort Worth

Abacus ** out of *****

well you got bad information which you shouldn't have perpetuated. I personally know of no fewer than a half dozen restaurants which didn't restrict RW seating. I work in two of those. Let's not give credit where credit wasn't due by claiming exclusivity on something. ALL the participating restaurants deserve to be recognized for choosing to take part in this charity effort.

Sep 08, 2008
kersplat in Dallas - Fort Worth