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Sourcing: Rock Shrimp

You can call Trader Joe's. They may sell frozen rock shrimp sometimes.

Dec 20, 2012
xtownj in Philadelphia

Russian Ethnic Brunch on Saturdays

I finally made it to the ethnic food brunch at Russian Orthodox Church of Our Lady, The Joy of All Who Sorrow which is located at 560 North 20th St in Philly. Its one block off Spring Garden and is close to all the museums. They had a nice cafe setup where you can sit and dine, everything was freshly prepared, delicious, and reasonably priced. It is open on Saturdays between 10 and 3 and takeout is available. These are the homemade items they were offering today:

potato pancakes
beef stuffed cabbage
mushroom stuffed cabbage
meat stuffed crepes
cabbage pierogies
potato pierogies

Dec 08, 2012
xtownj in Philadelphia


Green Gable's in New Milford may be worth a try. I haven't been there in a few years but I always enjoyed it. Nothing fancy but the food was good.

Green Gables
PO Box 432, New Milford, PA 18834

May 18, 2010
xtownj in Pennsylvania

Best Hot Dogs In Montgomery County PA?

I just found this place called Puttin' on the Dog near Lowe's in Oaks. They have been around for 2.5 months.

It was good, the dogs are all beef. Since they are butterflied and grilled, they are a step up from the Philly Hot Dog Cafe in Limerick. The chili sauce is called Sloppy Sauce and it resembles Sloppy Joe sauce, similar to what you get in the Reading Area where they call it 'BBQ'.

Overall it is good, could be great if they steamed the rolls.

Jan 22, 2010
xtownj in Philadelphia

Theresa's BYOB and MBar? - W. Conshy?

Does it look like it may be related to Teresa's in Wayne? That is one of my favorite BYOB's.

Dec 07, 2009
xtownj in Philadelphia

Nice quiet place for lunch near Exton/West Chester

If you like tea rooms, the Lincoln Tea Room is also in West Chester:

Nov 11, 2009
xtownj in Pennsylvania

Best Hot Dogs In Montgomery County PA?

I tried the Philly Hot Dog Cafe for lunch today. The rolls are very good, the pickles on the Vienna were great (like the ones you get on Easton Style dogs). The chili sauce was very basic (probably straight of a can with chili powder added). I agree with the observation that the dogs would be better if grilled. They have a nice griddle and the casing on their dogs would be crispy instead of soggy.

Its a nice place but if I am in that area, I will head to Speck's instead.

Philly Hot Dog Cafe
204 W Ridge Pike, Royersford, PA 19468

Nov 06, 2009
xtownj in Philadelphia

Jimmy's BBQ in Malvern/Frazer?

Its a casual place where you order at the counter. No need for reservations. Have fun and make sure to try the smoked bacon!

Nov 06, 2009
xtownj in Pennsylvania

John's Doggie Shop--any opinions?

Those are some great stories about the place that everyone shared. Too bad its not closer to where I live. Realizing that the recipe is a secret, has anyone come across a recipe that is similar to John's Doggie Shop sauce? I have tried a few Texas Wiener sauce recipes but am missing something, maybe allspice?

Oct 22, 2009
xtownj in Philadelphia

Best Cheesesteak near PHL Airport

Tony Luke's is a great suggestion. Try both the roast pork w/provolone and the cheesesteak, both really great. Let us know what you think.

Oct 21, 2009
xtownj in Pennsylvania

Best Hot Dogs In Montgomery County PA?

Here are two places that aren't on Holly's site but are worth trying in Montgomery County. Let us know how you like them or if you find any other places.

Speck's Drive-In in Collegeville is a fried chicken place but their texas wieners are pretty good. They aren't on the menu but order a dog with mustard, onions & chili. The sauce is thick like you get in Scranton.

On High Street in Pottstown is a place called Very Best. Their sauce is the same style as John's Doggie shop on 322 and Harry's Hotdogs in Exton/Sadburysville.

Oct 19, 2009
xtownj in Philadelphia

Diners drive-ins and dives? in Harrsiburg PA

The Red Rabbit is a fun place, a favorite with the locals on weekends:

Aug 12, 2009
xtownj in Pennsylvania

Need a Great Candy Store

Ricky's candy has a few locations, it looks like the one in Wayne is closed.

Lots of interesting candy, five below probably has better prices.

Wegman's in Downingtown also has lots of candy bins.

Aug 07, 2009
xtownj in Pennsylvania

lunch on 209 between I-84 and I-80

The Texas Lunch in Port Jervis has some really great Texas Weiners. You may want to call ahead since one of the reviews says they are closed in August.

Aug 07, 2009
xtownj in Pennsylvania

place that does bbq for a rehearsal dinner

Jimmy's is also in the West Chester area and is worth a look:

Aug 03, 2009
xtownj in Pennsylvania

Is There an Asian Market in Exton?

Yes, its there. I was in there last week. Its in the middle of the large strip that faces True Value. It would be really hard to see from Rt 100.

I prefer the Asian Grocery near the corner of 401 & 30 in Malvern. It is called Cong's (Gong's) Market. If you are facing Himalyan, turn left and go into the doors at the corner of the building. This will take you down a hallway and the store is in the back. I like to go there after work on Fridays when they get an order of fresh veggies and prepared foods.

Jul 29, 2009
xtownj in Pennsylvania

Soft ice cream / "Frozen custard"

If you are ever in NJ, the Custard Stand in Maple Shade is a fun place. When I lived in Maple Shade, I noticed that it is a bit of a religion for the locals. They line up for Custard even in the middle of the winter! Its about 5 minutes from the Cherry Hill Mall.

Jul 24, 2009
xtownj in Pennsylvania

50/50 soda

Crystal Club in Scranton makes it. Unfortunately, they are in some kind of reorganization period and all of their sodas are hard to find.

Hopefully they survive because I really miss Cherikee Red.

Jul 15, 2009
xtownj in Pennsylvania

Anything in Poconos near Union Dale/Carbondale?

Here are some recommendations from least fancy to fancier:

Sometimes we go to the Lakewood Lodge for huge prime rib on Saturdays. I get the petite cut, the house cut hangs off the plate!

You can also try the Water's Edge at Lake Lorraine:
Lake Lorraine Golf Club / Waters Edge
Box 90, RT370, Lake Lorraine Rd Poyntelle, PA 18454

I have also heard great things about the Inn at Starlight:

Be sure to post back with some reviews or if you find another place. Enjoy the Endless Mountains!

Jul 08, 2009
xtownj in Pennsylvania

Kabab Cafe - Gateway Shopping Center (near K of P)

I've tried Kabab a few times for lunch and haven't been dissappointed. I do agree that small changes in the ambiance could turn it into a nice little BYOB. (add some booths and turn off the overhead flourescent lights). Most places in Gateway only attract large crowds at lunchtime so I guess they went in the lunch counter direction. The food is similar to one of my favorite BYOB's, the Mediterranean in Bryn Mawr. Everything is very fresh and the meats are cooked perfectly.

Jul 08, 2009
xtownj in Pennsylvania

recs for weekend in West Chester /Kennet Square

Not food related but you may enjoy the Criterium bike race on Saturday evening. The main streets in Downtown West Chester are closed off and its tons of fun. A good way to burn off a great meal is watching other people exercise! http://www.ironhilltwilightcriterium....

Jul 08, 2009
xtownj in Pennsylvania

Best cheese Chester Co?

Sorry to revive an old discussion. I was out for a drive in the country last week and found this beautiful farm near Honeybrook. They make their own cheeses. Their selection seems to be limited to multiple Monterey Jack and Cheddar varieties. If you are visiting the place in Gap, its worth checking out.

Jul 07, 2009
xtownj in Pennsylvania

Cheap Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner Near Wellsboro/Grand Canyon of PA

The Grand Canyon is pretty long. Here are some fun places at the bottom & middle. Wellsboro is near the top, I am not familiar with anything in Wellsboro.

After a backpack, we often crave a mountain burger in Waterville:

The blackwell is a cool place, I enjoy the patio on a nice day. Their signature drink is a martini with a porcupine quill in the olive.

Jun 25, 2009
xtownj in Pennsylvania

Old Fashioned Sticky Buns

Giant sometimes sells Grilled Stickies from Penn State near the registers. They may not be as fresh as you are looking for but they are a guilty pleasure for sure!


Jun 17, 2009
xtownj in Philadelphia

Jimmy John's in KOP

When I first saw the sign a few months ago, I got excited to think Jimmy John's hotdogs from Westchester was opening in KOP. I was dissappointed when I looked at the menu and it looked just like Bear Rock which is 2 blocks away.

May 29, 2009
xtownj in Pennsylvania

Hot Wok

I just stopped in there after work today. The menu is a standard Chinese takeout menu. They claim to have Thai but that is mostly limited to Pad Thai and Lettuce Wraps. I tried the soft shell crabs from the Thai menu. I'm not sure what makes them Thai but they were very good, deep fried and fresh.

They other interesting thing was the cheesesteak eggroll! I'll let someone else try that one first. It was also funny that they have huge signs that say "top 100 chinese restaurant in USA". When you look at the fine print, it says "nominated for" and "please vote".

I'll give them another try sometime, sadly they aren't different enough to stand out from all the other Chinese places in Exton (Mall food court, buffets, fusion places). You still can't beat Han Dynasty for food adventure.

May 27, 2009
xtownj in Pennsylvania

St. George's Greek Festival in Philly

St. Sophia's near Valley Forge is also having theirs this week.

Its just off 422 on Trooper Rd.

May 27, 2009
xtownj in Philadelphia

Rincon Tarasco Downingtown

We tried Rincon Tarasco on Friday and everything was really good.

They have some different things to try, I started with rice water as my beverage. It was flavored with vanilla and was tasty. They also have Tamarind water which I will try next time.

The Guacamole appetizer was excellent, large fresh chunks of avocado. My dinner was the Torta Mole which was a good size for someone looking for a light dinner. It was a sandwich on fresh thin roll with rice and chicken with Mole sauce inside.

Everything was tasty and seemed especially fresh, I would recommend it.

May 18, 2009
xtownj in Pennsylvania

Assi Plaza Meeting 4/19 @6pm

We have finally decided on a date to meet at the Assi Plaza in Lansdale: Sunday 4/19 @6pm.

If you like exploring international foods, this place is heaven. It consists mostly of authentic Asian groceries.

This is the link to the conversation about the last hound visit to Assi:

We will meet in the food court which is in the back right corner of the market. It is tucked away behind a big wall and some smaller shops. It will be fun to all order different things and share. Afterwards, we can explore the market. If anyone knows someone who would be a good guide, please bring them along. Hope to see you all there.

Website with map:

The address is 1222 Welsh Rd. North Wales, PA 19454. Its on the corner of Welsh and Bell Run Blvd, one shopping center over from the Redner's. Its about 2 minutes from the Montgomery Mall.

You can email xtownj@yahoo with any questions.

Apr 15, 2009
xtownj in Pennsylvania

Assi Market food court is a real find!

We have finally picked a date for our next meeting: Sunday April 19th @6pm. We will meet in the food court which is the back right corner of the market. If you would like to join us or have any questions, you can email me: xtownj@yahoo.

Apr 10, 2009
xtownj in Pennsylvania