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Where to buy quark cheese (túró)

I lived in Hungary for a bit, and am in love with túró, which I've since learned is generally called quark in English. Anybody know if (and where) I can buy it in Toronto?

turkey for American Thanksgiving

So I'm planning a Thanksgiving dinner and need to buy a turkey and was wondering if people have suggestions on where. I don't have a car and live on Church and Wellesley and I don't really want to deal with lugging a 15 lb bird across the city. I know Cumbrae's is right here and probably has delicious turkeys, but it's a little out of my price range. Does anyone have ideas on my easiest option for getting a non-expensive turkey?

good fancyish lunch place in gay village?

Thanks everyone for your responses! I ended up going to Wish (I had been to FOTES before and enjoyed it, but wanted somewhere new). I thought the meal was good, and the atmosphere was nice, though I'm not sure what makes it Miami decor.

good fancyish lunch place in gay village?

I think it is who you think it is, since he fits your description, but he went by Larry when I was there.

good fancyish lunch place in gay village?

Thanks for the recommendation of Focaccia! It's not open on Sundays, but I decided to go there this evening, and it was excellent! The duck was really good. The waiter was a little intense, but it just added to the experience :)

good fancyish lunch place in gay village?

So I'm new to Toronto and live in the gay village (Wellesley & Church). My parents are visiting and will take me (and several friends) out to brunch/lunch on Sunday for my birthday and I was hoping for some recommendations. I don't really care about what cuisine, I just want a delicious meal at a nice place! Easy walking distance is definitely preferable.