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where to buy crunchy Fried Onion bits in Toronto?

Hi all!
I'm looking to buy a tub of fried onion bits
The kind that i am talking about is the kind that you sprinkle on top of pasta, or the kind that you can mix in with mash potatoes

here is a pic:

can someone please recommend which supermarket to find them?
I have tried to find them but no luck..


Where to find Fresh Icecream (to go) in Downtown Toronto?

Hello all! Im new to this board and this is my first post..
I just returned from Europe (M√ľnchen) and loved the fresh ice cream there!
Im wondering if there is anywhere in downtown Toronto to find freshly made icecream? either to eat in or on a cone to go...Im close to Yonge/Bloor but am willing to travel further..