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are ther any good buffets in calgary that are not exclusively oriental?

May 08, 2013
aycee in Prairie Provinces

calgary early breakfast downtown

going to be in calgary march 22.getting in early downtown. good breakfast place?

Mar 07, 2012
aycee in Prairie Provinces

cellophanestar reply

I am being dense but I cant seem to reply to the post. I click on reply but it just blinks. What am I doing wrong. I would like to say thanks.

Feb 06, 2012
aycee in Prairie Provinces

japanese miso soup ingredients

I am going to Calgary, Alberta on a one day shopping trip to Chinook Mall on a bus tour.I want to buy dried sea kelp(kombu), bonito flakes(katsuo-bushi), dried seaweed(wakame).Is there anyplace in the mall or nearby where I can purchase this? What is the name of the big healthfood store by the chinook C-Train stop?They might have some. I only have five hours so don't have time to go to chinatown.This is to make miso soup. Thanks for any help

Feb 03, 2012
aycee in Prairie Provinces

Reader Rock Garden - Calgary

My complaint was actually not the cold tea bit so much as the charge for the refill since there was very little cost involved in the making of it. Five dollars for two glasses of simple cold tea is ridiculous.

Sep 12, 2011
aycee in Prairie Provinces

Reader Rock Garden - Calgary

Visited Reader Rock Garden resraurant a couple of years ago and was also underwhelmed. I only ordered a dessert. It was o.k. but not great particularly for the price. I also ordered iced tea. What I got was simply cold tea in a glass period, costing probably 3 cents as the quantity received could have been made from half a tea bag,This cost me 2.50. When I was asked if I wanted a refill I said yes not thinking I would be charged another 2.50 because of what the cold tea was, but I was charged another 2.50. I have been to the gardens since but never to the restaurant.

Sep 07, 2011
aycee in Prairie Provinces

Bliss & Co. Cupcakes Calgary

Does anyone have an update on bliss & co? Do they have other sweets, ganache,cream puffs,and so on. I think they were mentioned somewhere but not commented on. I am from out of town and really want to try the desserts from them. I plan to phone ahead to place an order so would like to know all I can.

May 27, 2010
aycee in Prairie Provinces

roaster ovens

Have anyone used an electric roaster oven? Which brand did you use? Did you like it? Where did you buy it?( in Calgary or Edmonton stores) I was thinking of the 18 qt. size. I have heard that the Rival one with the bonus buffet server is good, but I can't find it offered any where.

Nov 08, 2009
aycee in Prairie Provinces

Currently - best steakhouse/prime rib in Calgary?

How much was the buffet in the oak room? Was it the sunday buffet or the weekday lunch buffet? I visit Calgary fairly often and love to eat. Any help from anyone on the cost would be greatly appreciated. The prime rib in the buffet was the drawin card. I realize the cost will be rather high but want to know just how high.

Sep 07, 2008
aycee in Prairie Provinces