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Looking for a good butcher in the LA area

I recently had the pleasure of buying from Marconda Meats. I think Mike there is great.

First west coast trip

Just my 2 cents worth. The Original Pancake House it absolutely worth the drive from where you are to Redondo Beach i think is your nearest location. Get the Dutch Baby or Cinnamon Apple Pancake...Awesome!
I have to agree with the recommendations that while you are here in Los Angeles you really should try something like an Original Tommy Burger. The atomic orange grease soaking through the paper wrap....its indigestion in a bun...but so delish. I would share one burger and save room for Langers! I too am not a fan of the #19, but instead like the 43 iirc. Its their awesome pastrami on grilled rye with sauerkraut and nappy cheese. Ask to substitute swiss cheese for the nappy cheese and get some russian dressing on the side...HEAVENLY.
Also a bit of a drive from where you are in Dr Hogly Wogly's Tyler Texas BBQ. I think their brisket is terrific. And as long as you are driving out to the San Fernando Valley I also recommend Fab Hot Dogs. Share a ripper and then go for the kill with an LA Street Dog or a Rueben Dog. Fab-u-lous!
Sounds like you are in for a delicious time. Have Fun!

Urasawa Review

me likey the food porn! HUBBA HUBBA HUBBA.! Thanks so much for the awesome pics (who said they are too dark?) and great write up! I have to start saving my pennies now....


My 2 cents for what they are worth....Bashan has a much more intimate feel, familiar and comfortable. Palate has a much more professional feel. The space is more industrial and bits of the old Bekins business remain. Both have terrific food! For eating good food and chillin with friends-Palate. For an intimate/romantic night out Bashan.

Any suggestions on what to get at Craft in CC?

Thanks to all for your input! Very much appreciated!

Any suggestions on what to get at Craft in CC?

I have a friend coming in from out of town and I am treating him and his GF to Craft this Sunday. Any hounds have any suggestions on favorite dishes?