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Egg Foo Yung

Anyone know where I can find a restaurant serving good Egg Foo Yung in ATX?

Jun 30, 2012
lorianna_anderson in Austin

What to serve with stuffed pork tenderloin?

Thanks everyone!!!!

What to serve with stuffed pork tenderloin?

So, my friends have been asking me to make this recipe for them again for months now - I finally got around to planning a dinner party, so I agreed to make it for them. BUT - as you can see from the recipe, the flavors are really better suited for a fall/winter meal. Any suggestions on side dishes that would give the meal a "spring" feeling, but still go well?

Good, inexpensive restaurants in Vegas

I'm going on a company trip to Vegas next week. Because it's a work thing - I need to keep the expenditure's below $50 per meal. Anyone know of any good restaurants where that can be done?

Jan 14, 2009
lorianna_anderson in Southwest

Blue Cheese Stuffed Olives?

Does anyone know a bar/restaurant that serves blue cheese stuffed olives? It's my best friends birthday in a few weeks, and she has been talking about them for months!

Sep 06, 2008
lorianna_anderson in Austin