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Good work surface/table topper?

Hi all,
I have a tiny, tiny kitchen. Since there is no counter space (zero, zip, nada), I am using a large wood desk as a prep surface. I don't want to ruin the wood by spilling things on it or nicking it, so I need something to put over the wood.

My searches have been unhelpful because I'm not sure how to put it; a work surface topper? A table protector?

If you have any ideas or product recommendations, I'd be very grateful. Thanks!
- K

Jun 12, 2010
KCog1 in Cookware

Farragut North- Drinks, Not Dives

A good friend and I are meeting in Farragut North tomorrow- she just started working there, I'm visiting for the evening. Neither of us know much about the area. Where are some good places to get dinner and then drinks? Preferably not dive bars, but not over $20 a plate. You know, fun places! Thanks in advance.

Baby on Board, Drink in Hand

KailuaGirl, please do not make horribly uninformed and offensive statements like "FAS is more of a myth than anything else". FAS (and its spectrum disorder, Fetal Alcohol Effect or FAE) is an obvious and completely preventable problem that significantly impacts the lives of the people born with it.

That said, it's no one's business what a pregnant woman drinks. I worked in a maternity rehab center, and there women were monitored for alcohol consumption because they asked for help with problem drinking. It's not the consumption of alcohol (or even the daily consumption of alcohol) that has been associated with FAS, it's binge drinking. Pounding back shot after shot harms the fetus, not a beer or even *gasp* a whole margarita (with 1 shot and 14 oz of mixer).

May 20, 2009
KCog1 in Features

21 On Valentine's Day- Lower Manhattan

I'm going to Manhattan for my 21st birthday- which is Valentine's day! I need a recommendation for a classy pre-theatre dinner in Lower Manhattan for 2. I'm coming up from Baltimore, but I'm pretty familiar with the city.

I was hoping for the Gotham Bar & Grille, but they have a ridiculous prix-fixe menu. I'm looking to spend around $30-60 a plate, plus alcohol. I'm not going to be getting trashed- I'm headed to the Will Ferrell show after dinner. Any ideas greatly appreciated!

Feb 01, 2009
KCog1 in Manhattan

Tuna Tartare in B'More

Hi everyone,
My boyfriend loves sushi, but he has never had tuna tartare. I haven't had it in a while and now I want some. Where can I get good tuna tartare in/around Baltimore? I'd prefer appetizers and drinks over a full sit-down dinner, but either way I'll appreciate the recommendation. Thanks!