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Does anyone know of any donut shops in Mass or S. New Hampshire that make a giant donut? I want to get one in lieu of a birthday cake, but don't know where I could get one. Thanks!

good restaurant near Colonial Theater

I'm looking for something within walking distance. I love all types of cuisines and dining experiences, but not something really expensive.

Good restaurants in the Main Street Nashua area.

I've noticed tons of new restaurants in the area. I'm wondering if anyone wants to chime in on what's worth trying or avoiding. I've been to Martha's and Michael Timothy's so I know the score with them. I like all types of cuisines and restaurants and I'm looking for something new and really good!

Good eats?

While in Providence check out The Brickway on wickenden st and Julian's on Broadway. Both great breakfast places. I miss the food in RI :(


In Providence check out Pastiche or Scialo Brothers both are close to each other on Atwells Ave. Atwell Ave/Federal Hill is a great place for restaurants too.

Looking for old fashioned drive-in restaurants.

I'm in the lowell/nashua area, but i'll take suggestions for anywhere in new england. Roller-skating car hops are a plus!

Help with Summer Rolls

I'm making summer rolls (nim chow) as part of a mother's day luncheon and need to do them as far ahead as possible. Does anyone know how I can store them properly so they will still be soft and fresh? I'd like to make them the day or night before.

May 03, 2009
krittlebug in Home Cooking

Looking for the name of a Philly restaurant. I think it was called Olives.

THAT'S IT!!! Well, sort of. It's actually the Continental Midtown on Chestnutt. The name didn't ring a bell at all, but when I looked it up that was the one. I can't wait to go back. Thank you so much!!! I can finally sleep now :)

Mar 13, 2009
krittlebug in Pennsylvania

Looking for the name of a Philly restaurant. I think it was called Olives.

I visited Philadelphia about 5 years ago and a friend and I found this really great restaurant and I think it was called Olive or Olives. I'm going to be re-visiting the city and would like to go back, but I can't seem to find anything on the net about it. We had a great breakfast there. I'm not sure what neighborhood it was in, but it had a giant olive on the roof. Can locals confirm this for me? Is it still there? What is the actual name? What neighborhood is it in? Thanks :)

Mar 13, 2009
krittlebug in Pennsylvania

Best Teppanyaki in the Nashua Area?

Any suggestions? I've been to the Tokyo Steak House and it was okay, but I'm wondering if there are any places nearby that are better. We are planning a special celebration and I want the food and show to be amazing, not just so-so.

Good restaurants near Somerville Theater

I'm looking for good places within walking distance or a short drive to the theater. I love all kinds of ethnic foods. Looking for something a little different.

Ethiopian restaurants in NH, RI or MA (not Boston)?

Does anyone know of any places that do Ethiopian food besides the 3 restaurants in the Boston area? I love Ethiopian food but hate going to the city for it :(

Looking for a great traditionalThanksgiving meal in Raleigh

I'd like to find a restaurant that does great Thanksgiving meals in the Raleigh area. A friend of mine is going to be bed-ridden for 2-3 months and I'd like to be able to order a Thanksgiving meal for her and her family from a nearby restaurant and have it delivered to them. Any ideas or advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

Banh Mi in Lowell/Nashua area

Yum! Lets go!