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Market etiquette

I will be traveling to Paris for the first time this spring. My husband and I love food and couldn't be more excited to experience Paris through it's foods. We will be traveling on as much of a budget as possible and plan to supplement meals out with trips to the market.
I Love farmer's markets and can't wait to explore the fresh markets and specialty shops. Are there any things I should know that might set my local farmer's markets (brooklyn, ny) apart from those of Paris? For example, should i handle and choose my own produce? Any tips on what the locals know that I don't would help me to prepare for French culture. I am trying to learn some basic french before I go and i'm also curious about metrics and what I should ask for when requesting the proper amounts of cheese or charcuterie.
Also, is this actually a somewhat affordable way to eat? Are there certain things I should keep in mind if trying to be budget friendly? I don't know numbers in french and I am trying to avoid spending an arm and a leg on a picnic!
Thankyou so much for any advice!

Jan 27, 2010
eighthstarr in France

Moving to Prospect Heights

For classic brooklyn ambiance, try Tom's on Washington and Sterling, i think, def on Washington, Chavella's is a good mexican place on Classon btw Prospect and Park. Also by there is Abigails, on Classon and St. John's, a wine bar with new american food. The Islands has really yummy Carribean, that's on Washington btw Eastern and Lincoln. And definitely check out Gen- amazing japanese/sushi on Washington and St. Marks.

Mar 02, 2009
eighthstarr in Outer Boroughs

help me find food in savannah!

Hi! My boyfriend and I are going to be embarking on a roadtrip and are going to be spending about 36 hours in savannah. Since we are here for such limited time, I have to find the perfect place for us to have dinner. We will be staying on west gordon st., and as new yorkers, would prefer to walk everywhere. (we have a car, but we also like to drink, so would love to be able to walk back..). We will be on a budget so not really looking for fine dining. I was thinking bbq cuz we love it, but the closest place i've found is angel's, and from reviews, have gathered there's not really any place to sit down and that would be a plus for dinner. We are not picky eaters so we're very open but would love some kind of signature savannian meals to take in as much city flavor as possible! Any good recommendations for lunch too while we're out exploring would be helpful (maybe angel's for lunch, somewhere a notch up for dinner?). Need some advice! Thanks!