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Oven cooking (not baking) at 6500' elevation

I'm also dealing with this issue, and didn't even realize it was a thing until I saw our local Whole Foods advertise a high altitude baking class. I've lived in St. Louis and Phoenix, where I never gave any of this a thought. I have a pork loin sitting in my refrigerator at the moment. I've never even made this at regular altitudes but I know how dry it can turn out, so I'm petrified to make it here in Flagstaff, at 7,000 feet.

Dec 23, 2014
dexi39 in Home Cooking

Why Chefs Sell Out

I understand. I've long argued with the cries of "Sellout!" That those who've sold out have just gotten older and their priorities have just changed. Davey Havok's biggest concern is no longer that his mom won't let him have a mohawk. However, I wouldn't set your new limits in stone, nor be too vocal about the sellouts that appear at those Pebble Beach festivals...because sooner or later, as your fame and popularity exist, you will not only know who they are for and why they exist, you will most likely be hob-nobbing with their participants. That's not a judgment, just sayin' how things work in the world of grown-ups. :)

Mar 14, 2012
dexi39 in Features

Quirky Sandwich Concoctions

When I was little and growing up in St. Louis, my dad used to make a white bread sandwich of cottage cheese and sugar. I didn't realize then exactly how weird that was.

Jul 18, 2011
dexi39 in General Topics

Update on the Awful Awful hamburger at the little Nugget in downtown Reno

I lived in downtown Reno for close to a year before I had the Awful Awful brought to my attention and tried it. And I was hooked. I don't really know what makes one hamburger more delicious than another one, but this is top-of-the-line. While the smoke of the casino and the worn everything are definitely things that keep me out of restaurants, it is somehow fitting for the Little Nugget. There is also a back door you can enter through that bypasses the smoke. You have to go down kind of a creepy alley to get to it, but honestly, I found those things part of the charm of downtown Reno. (I think I'm the only one that felt that way)

Anyway, I had to actively work to control my new addiction. I didn't have any history to compare my new experience with so there wasn't even one iota of disappointment, only a healthy fear of living a block away from that burger and a pound of fries that were the ONLY fries I've ever re-heated in a microwave that still tasted good. I now live in Phoenix and thank god, I haven't found a new burger addiction. One of my friends texted me a few hours ago and asked if I'd ever had an Awful Awful, saying he saw it on TV this afternoon. I guess it was just on Diners and Dives, and it certainly qualifies, haha. White Castles are still my number one addiction, but you'd better believe that I'll be eating an Awful Awful, first thing when I return to Reno.

May 22, 2011
dexi39 in Southwest

St. Louis Specialties

Oh, jeez...I haven't thought of jack salmon in years! My first job was at Dohack's...and there was a shack outside where I think you could walk up and get it and sit on a dirty, greasy picnic bench and enjoy the humidity and heat of a St. Louis summer...but those things never stopped anyone from well as the restaurant where it could be ordered. I was sad to see Dohack's close, at least that location.

I'd been trying to think of the name of Culpepper's for years, thank you! When I was 21, I worked at the dogtown bar Schmiezing's, lived in a cool apartment on West Pine, drove a brand new Berlinetta and frequented the CWE. Livin the dream, that was. Worked briefly at The Flamingo Cafe which was part of the Pasta House Company. There was also a decent steak house on Euclid and another restaurant down the street that had big wooden booths outside. After we got off work we'd sometimes go to Irv's, but I'm not sure where it was. (I was usually drunk by then.) Irv's had a hash brown, egg, chili and onion dish called a Nightmare that was only made better by a dash of tabasco.

OK, sorry to take this thread out of it's adventure and into my little trip down memory lane. Carry on, because yes, it probably will never end.

Oh, one more thing I find really interesting. I live in Phoenix and recently we got a taste of some items on the new menu where I work. The salad was definitely Rich and Charlie's. I flipped out because I loved that salad so much when I lived in St. Louis and dreamed about it the whole time I lived here. I'm going on and on and on about it and everyone else is just looking at me like I've gone mental. So I took some home and sat down to the table with it to try to be objective about it. And it wasn't all that great. It had been prepared by the Bidwill's chef to their specifications, to exactly replicate the R & C salad. So I don't know if maybe we grew up on it and were all so enamored of that amazing sesame seed, crusty bread they served and the pasta con broccoli or my favorite, the manicotti that had both red and white sauce and just the atmosphere that made it a salad I wanted to share with all of my fellow Phoenicians or if it really is that great and our chef just didn't get it right.

3010 W Clay St, Saint Charles, MO 63301

The Pasta House
2539 S Brentwood Blvd, Saint Louis, MO 63144

May 12, 2011
dexi39 in Great Plains

What are the specialties of St. Louis?

It's been so much fun reading this thread. I grew up in St. Louis, we bought Gus' pretzels at the intersection of Lemay Ferry and Lindbergh (I's been a long time) and so many other things that were St. Louis specialties. I think I already told you the story of the gooey butter cake/ex-husband incident.

I've lived in Phoenix for a lot of years. I flipped when I had to pay $15 for a plate of pasta in '85 here. It's NOODLES, for god's sakes...and you could still get a plate on the hill for well under $10. I also flipped to find fresh jalapenos and cilantro and avocado...I never even heard of guacamole when I was back home. I'm sure things are so different now...the culinary arts have taken off and are all the rage now. People have become educated and long gone are the tuna casseroles topped with potato chips my mom used to make. The technological field has changed drastically over the last several years, of course...but I think the food world has changed as much. I remember watching Yan Can Cook and The Galloping Gourmet with my son when he was a bitty boy...but those and Julia Child's show were the only things on TV back then. Now we have tons of cooking reality shows as well as those like Emeril. It's crazy. I love it. I have a passion for it. It is amazing to create something that makes people so happy. Thank y'all for having this board and especially this thread!

May 11, 2011
dexi39 in Great Plains

Visiting St. Louis after an 8 year absence

I love the passion you all have. Thank you for being here.

May 07, 2011
dexi39 in Great Plains

What are the specialties of St. Louis?

nosh, I think I love you. articulate, intelligent, passionate. what more could someone want???

May 06, 2011
dexi39 in Great Plains

St. Louis places

Wow, this question is from 2002, and it's 2008. Jeez. I'm redoing my résumé, and Dohack's was my first job. I worked there for 4 years, and boy, did I see it all. What great jack salmon, which I've never heard of since, cod and chicken we had! Yes, it was an amazing, family style restaurant. We had all you can eat chicken on Wednesdays, and all you can eat jack salmon on Fridays. I still remember our most regular customers, who I'm sure have long since died, and what they ate. It's a shame Dohack's closed...I don't know when it did, but progress, you know?

And the gooey butter cake reference gave me the chills. No one out west has ever heard of it, and I'm sure it's a dying breed. My grandma lived at Grand and Juniata...we used to walk down Grand to a bakery just down the block and get gooey butter cakes. After I moved to Phoenix and got married, I took my husband to see St. Louis where I'd grown up. (This was when I was about 30) I took him to the bakery on Grand and we bought a gooey butter cake...we sat on my grandma's front steps after I knocked on the door to tell the current owners who we were and ask their permission. We ate the entire cake sitting there.

Do they still sell pretzels on the street corners? Is Irv's still open? We used to go late at night, usually drunk, and have a "nightmare"...which was hash browns topped with two eggs, chili and onions. It was the best. Imo's pizza? Rich and Charlies, Flamingo Cafe, The Pasta House Company? Any of them still open. I miss St. Louis restaurants so much! Anyone remember Schmiezings Bar and Grill on Hampton? I worked there forever, too. What about Trotter's BBQ on Watson? I really hope someone replies to this...I'm so nostalgic right now!!! And I need a Rich and Charlie's salad and a gooey butter cake!

Sep 06, 2008
dexi39 in Great Plains