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La Grille - Armenian/Lebanese Restaurant

We had absolutely delicious chicken shish taouk which is chunks of chicken breast marinated with yogurt/garlic/lemon juice, skewered, and then grilled over hot coals. They also serve chicken shawarma which is nicely described by Santeria.

There seems to be a lot of controversy and confusion around appropriate meaning of the terms shawarma and shishtaouk. Good review at

La Grille - Armenian/Lebanese Restaurant

Just ate solid Lebanese fair in Toronto... Been looking for 5 years for something legit.

Delicious Soujouk, Kebe, Fattouche, Shishtaouk. Perfectly seasoned grilled beef kabobs. Solid service. More than reasonable prices. Just a bit of a treck from midtown - 7880 Keele Street - North of Steeles -

The Best Gefilte Fish

Thanks so much. Will be up to my elbows in fish this weekend. Really appreciate all the detail, Miri1!

May 05, 2009
chowdeedoody in Home Cooking

The Best Gefilte Fish

I will be trying new Gefilte Fish Recipes - Would love some input form chow hounds.

Looking to make traditional Polish Ashkenaz style recipe.

Tips I've accumulated thus far...

1. Don't grind fish too smooth
2. Use fresh-water white fish ... avoid salt-water species
3. Add sugar to the broth, not the fish mixture
4. Controversy re: adding any sugar at all
4. Important to include head and bones for broth
5. Flour vs. Potato Starch controversial
6. Make horseradish home-made.

Any input would be most appreciated


Apr 28, 2009
chowdeedoody in Home Cooking

Asian Grocery near York Uni.

I quite like T&T supermarket. Promenade Mall - Bathurst north of Steeles