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Kabob Palace - what sort of style / recipes?

Did you ever find anything? I was trying to find the exact same thing today -- I LOVE the chick pea stuff.......would love any info you have gleaned since April.

Fresh, Healthy, Unique, Delicious in Baltimore

Hi Friends,

I am from the DC area, but unfamiliar with the restaurant scene in Baltimore. I am interested in finding a restaurant in Baltimore that creates excellent food that is fresh. For fresh in DC terms, I think Nora's or Rock Creek. Does Baltimore have an equivalent? When I say healthy, I do not mean low fat or low calorie persay, I am thinking fresh ingredients and dishes that merit five-stars without having to sleep with the butter to get ahead. (Incidentally, I walked through a few posts where the unlucky postee asking for healthy simply got a barrage of weight-loss tips...Thanks, but not interested!)

Does not have to be upscale -- I would be interested in both fine dining and the more casual and quick places.

It would be a bonus if the food or atmosphere is innovative -- pairing unusual flavors, using rare cooking methods, creating a unique ambiance -- but beggars can't be choosers....I'll take any recommendations that hit on anything I have mentioned.

As I tried to figure this out for myself, I stumbled upon Chameleon Cafe. It seems that although it is not "spot on," it is within range of what I am after. Can anyone confirm?

Thanks in advance for your help!