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Best sushi in Orlando?

I was just looking to see if Sushi Tomi had a website because I am doing a restaurant review for one of my classes and I came across this board. I am doing my review on Sushi Tomi as I love sushi and only discovered this place because it is right across the street from my school and I was on a long break from school and in the mood for sushi. Let me tell you, this is the BEST Sushi I have ever had. I am usually a little skeptical about eating in most places that are located in shopping plazas such as this one but this place proved me wrong. They are sooo nice there and so welcoming. The chef there is super fast too and it usually takes him about 10-15 minutes to make up your order. I must admit I haven't had very many different types of sushi or a whole lot of sushi in my life but a friend of mine who goes to school with me eats sushi all the time and she thought it was amazing. Their prices are very reasonable too. The two of us had, I believe, four different types of sushi, 6-8 pieces per type and it cost us about $18.00. I love it. Ive gone there several times since and Its only been 2 weeks since the first time I have went. haha. Sorry for such a long reply but Sushi Tomi deserves it.Now when we are on break, and not broke, we run over there and grab some Sushi to take back to class. I highly recommend it and I am quite picky. It is located on John Young, right behind 7 eleven at the other end of the Walmart. The st right there is called Commodity Circle. If you are familiar with where the Orlando Culinary Academy is, it is RIGHT across the street. From Sand Lake, going towards 528, take a left on John Young and it is your first light. Take a Left at the light, then the first left into the plaza. You won't be disappointed. Okay Im done, back to my paper. haha.

Sep 05, 2008
kcijmon in Florida