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Polk St. [San Francisco]

My office was on Jackson and Polk for 5+ years and frequented mostly at lunch:

Darbar - lunch buffet big fan of the butter chicken
Millers east coast Deli - stuffed cabbage appetizer or anything really is better than wise sons
Nara Sushi - nothing better than $10 bento with sashimi and rolling out and seeing the same people in line at swan as when you arrived
Super Burrito or taco - better bang for your buck than Pancho's
Pancho's - Great chicken soup with handmade tortilla
Nicks - deep fried fish burrito, can get out for close to $10 if you don't gussy it up

I moved to Aptos nearly 2 years ago so I am sure much has changed.

Two local places on the Lost Coast

The Lost Coast is generally known as the area where hwy one cuts east north of Ft. Bragg in Mendocino to Leggett and doesn't return until you get to roughly Ferndale off 101 in Humboldt. Trinidad is great but it isn't lost like Honeydew or Sinkyone.

Nov 05, 2014
trespinero in California

Dog friendly brunch and football watching in Carmel/Monterey?

Try the mucky duck in Monterey, you may want to call them to confirm but they have a big patio with tvs and you can come in from the parking lot in the back. I see the owners dog there on weekdays. What it lacks in haute cuisine it makes up for in nice friendly service not to mention the $5.95 lunch specials.

Nov 05, 2014
trespinero in California

Empress of China to close at the end of the year -- to be converted to high-tech office spaces? [San Francisco]

Never ate there but the bar was a place you could go and have a drink anytime and have a conversation, take in the view and generally not have to fight the hordes.

Flax is going to be missed as is my flat where we were ellis acted from 2 blocks away. I landed in Santa Cruz and am in the city when need be which suits me fine.

Non fried/battered calamari dishes in Monterey or Santa Cruz

I love fried calamari, but after a year in the Monterey Bay I am hard pressed to find any places that doesn't deep fry or least sauté it non battered.

Aug 06, 2014
trespinero in California

Cachagua General Store - brunch?

I ride there on my bike occasionally during the week and try to get out there to try it before the days get too short.

Aug 06, 2014
trespinero in California

Paris Bakery [Seaside and Monterey]

I like the quiches, the tuna sandwich on the little baguette, and the French onion soup.

The breads and sweets don't do it for me there. Too much acme and tartine in my former existence.

Apr 23, 2014
trespinero in California

Beat Seafood pizza in the Bay Area?

The clam, parsley and garlic at golden boy is my favorite whether it is pizza or not.

36th Annual Albacore Feed in Castroville, anyone been?

No I forgot this was our Disneyland weekend. Funny b/c we are driving up 101 and I was just reading your post.about la fogata sp? In salinas,thinking go there shortly. Oh and thanks for all the regional insight.

Nov 10, 2013
trespinero in California

Just moved to Monterey, looking for good food hangouts

Thanks I will check it out.

A couple corrections from my late night insomniac post:

The indian place on Abrego in Monterey is Ambrosia not Amber as I posted before.

The pho place is on Fremont not Del Monte.

Nov 07, 2013
trespinero in California

Just moved to Monterey, looking for good food hangouts

I too am a recent refuge from SF and living in La Selva and working in Monterey. Usually I only am around at lunch and generally in the Alvarado area.

Overall not too impressed but that is what 20 years in SF will do to you. Generally my lunch budget is roughly $5 more than what I would spend in the city.

Randy's Sandwiches is a gem.
Sushi Moto has a decent lunch special.
Chopstix for pho if in need better place in Seaside on Del Monte can't remember the name.
Like Tortuga has good tortas,
Fish wife is ok
Love the ceviche from vendor at Friday farmers market at mpc.
Had a burger at the new turn 12, was decent but up there on the outside of my burger budget.
Running Iron in Carmel Valley has a killer hamburger and is all around cool place.
The amber indian joint on Abrego lunch buffet is great, especially when they have the fish curry.
Racines for comfort food
Crown and Anchor is a nice pub
The salad bar at the crazy horse is good.

Now if I only I knew anything about Aptos/Soquel/Watsonville but usually hang at home with the family with the occasional visit to Gayles.


Nov 04, 2013
trespinero in California

36th Annual Albacore Feed in Castroville, anyone been?

Looks to be for a great cause just wondering how the food is? Might not be the point but I thought I would throw it out there.

Nov 02, 2013
trespinero in California

Fresh Hatch Green Chiles (2013)

$.69/pound yesterday at whole foods in Capitola. Roasted and cleaned half last night. Don't know if it was because I wasn't very diligent de seeding but some were hot, not New Mexico hot but still enough to get your attention.

Chiliquiles for breakfast as soon as I close the laptop...

Would You Help Me Expand My Fish-Eating Repertoire?

Have you ever made or had ceviche? It may be a way to make some of the fish you have tried in a different light.

Apr 03, 2013
trespinero in General Topics

Korean BBQ in SF for 10 ish, any rec's?

Would like bbq but not sure where it is conducive for larger parties. It is for this weekend, thinking Han Il kwan, never been. Only been to brothers and seoul garden, which are good but not too crazy about. Most of us, 40ish live in the Mission Bernal area and won't leave SF for it.

Rooftop Bars or Bars with Views in SF

empress of china

Geographic Lines [split from California]

Can someone explain why the geographic lines on chowhound are so strict? I am a geographer by education and it seems to stifle the dynamic nature of this site, which by the way, I really like. This thread was bounced from SF and now I am supposed to follow it back again?

Sep 07, 2012
trespinero in Site Talk

BBQ pork ribs in a nice setting, in SF?

You would be hard pressed to find a better rib than OOla's on Folsom. They stay open late too.

Best Food at (Non Fancy) Bars in San Francisco

Hotel Utah has above average pub grub and my old favorite is the fish n chips at the Edinburgh Castle.

My SF Trip Recap and Thanks

Thanks for the report back, did you go to the big 4?

When (and where) will watermelons start appearing around the Bay Area?

Been eating the small bowling ball size seedless ones from Whole foods for the last 2 weeks. They are great because you can pop them in the fridge and have a nice cold sweet treat.

Best child friendly dinner?

Kokkari is great and again probably an earlier seating would be better and not too far from Union Sq . Or maybe take the cable car(s), depending on how much you walk, to the tonga room, that could be fun for a kiddie virgin cocktail and dinner or walk up to the big 4 in the Huntington hotel and eat there, that would be an action packed SF night.

Where can I find piquillo peppers in San Francisco?

Rainbow has them too I just bought them, ital brand, for some ropa veija which usually calls for pimentos.

Seeking Supper Recommendations Near Balboa & Park Presidio, Richmond Area

You have unlimited options on Geary and Clement, Burma Superstar is a bright spot and even a Korean place on 19th and Balboa which I have never been to. You can jump on the Fulton bus and get to Nopa on Divisidero if you want to get away from the mostly Asian fare of the Richmond. The academy of science has a great cafateria as does the de young museum in Golden Gate Park. On the east side of the park or pan handle I would hit Nopalito for some great mexican. The city is pretty small and you can get around pretty easy via the Geary or Fulton bus so I wouldn't just stay in the Richmond - check out the Tenderloin, Mission, and North Beach as well.

Cheeseburgers at Red's Java House [SF]

It's not about the food there, it is a place I can ride my bike to with my kid, have a beer and watch the 49ers with minimal fuss or uptight yuped out crowd, or any crowd. I group it with Tommy's as an sf institution not a culinary destination. It's funny I didn't go to either one of these places for my first 18 years in the city and now I love them both.

Recommendation for date night? Ideally in the Mission.

Mission Beach Cafe or Woodward's Garden or Chez Spencer works too.

Lers Ros - New Location [Haynes Valley, San Francisco]

We had it delivered Saturday night. I had a menu from the Larkin St. location from my only previous visit. We ordered the satay, tofu triangles, coconut soup, and the trout. I was a bit shocked that the prices increased at least 20% over what my old menu stated but everything was awesome and delivered in 35 minutes at crunch time. I had to keep the ordering on the sweet side b/c of a 22 month old and a 6 year old so I can't report on the spice level.

Toddler-friendly places to eat and explore in SF?

The discovery museum in Fort Baker just on the Marin side of the golden gate is better for an 18 month old than the exploratorium. There is a casual kid friendly bar in the neighboring yacht club, only open on the weekends, which has a great view and is welcomed after 4 + hours at the aforementioned museum. If you are ambitious and or a cyclist, you can rent a bike and ride there over the golden gate, that usually keeps my little one happy.

Most places are pretty cool with the young spastic types outside the super hip or financial district restaurants just go early and tip big. A car can be more trouble than it is worth, kids love the street cars even the muni bus can be an adventure I would just avoid commute times.

Suggestions near 9th and Harrison

Sushi Groove is on Folsom and 11th.

Peet's alternative - whole beans for drip coffee

I have gone to buying 1/2 pounds of beans per trip and still getting that free cup of coffee, thus I get 2 free cups for every pound, still sucks paying more though, I will give you that.