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Roasted Pistachio Oil?

Anyone know where I can find it in Seattle? I am looking for 12 oz or less, not industrial sizes. Thanks.

Jan 31, 2010
vega4933 in Greater Seattle

Looking for Dupont Circle recommendation

Ditto on the awful service. I brought out of town guests there the other night and it was embarrassing. Food was not memorable.

Saturday lunch and dinner in Philly

Foodie from D.C. sightseeing in Philly and looking for a nice lunch and dinner spot. My hotel is on Spruce and 12th and I am able to taxi, but not interested in traveling too far. I am looking for smaller restaurants with great American or European cuisine. I am probably not up for ethnic (asian, indian, thai,...) unless it's an outstanding "can't miss" place. I am not opposed to finer dining, but I am not looking for anything too formal. Any suggestions are really appreciated.

Dec 10, 2009
vega4933 in Pennsylvania

Anyone been to J & G Steakhouse at W Hotel?

Well written review, thank you for the info.

Roof Terrace for Sunday Brunch?

Have an out of town guest this weekend and am thinking of Roof Terrace at Kennedy Center for brunch? I've never been there but wanted some input if any chowhounds have an opinion? Is the atmosphere like a cafeteria or museum restaurant, or is it more "intimate". Is it buffet or menu? anyone know the cost? would you go there again or take out of town guests?

Kennedy Center
2700 F Street NW, Washington, DC 20256

Roof Terrace Restaurant & Bar
The John F. Kennedy Center, Washington, DC 20566

georgetown suggestions for foodie new yorker coming to town

Agree on Black Salt if you have a car or want to taxi. It's fantastic (great 5-7 happy hour too).

2 days in Houston: Seeking Best steak and Mexican Food

Thank you for the information. I would love to hear from others who have additional restaurant rec's. Thanks!

Oct 18, 2009
vega4933 in Houston

Most Overrated Restaurant in Seattle

Overrated? someone has to take a bite at Rover's. The atmosphere is like grandma's circa 1983 living room, the staff pretty knowledgeable, the food (I am going to get a tongue lashing here) bores me. There's also the bottle-cap size portions and the price point.

Oct 17, 2009
vega4933 in Greater Seattle

2 days in Houston: Seeking Best steak and Mexican Food

I have two dinners inn Houston and want the steak of my life and a memorable Mexican meal.

Steak: Not interested in a chain (no Morton's, Ruth's, Palms, I can go to those anywhere). I want Houston's best steakhouse. I don't care if it's upscale, but I am perfectly fine with "old school" steakhouse (think salad bar) and a giant slab of perfectly cooked high quality meat dripping off my plate.

Mexican: Atmosphere would be nice, the more home made dishes (tortillias and sauces) the better. I like de-constructed modern versions of Mexican classics. Not looking for burritos or enchiladas smothered with sauce. Oh yes, great margaritas.

Oct 17, 2009
vega4933 in Houston

suggestion for very nice-- but comfortable restaurant near embassy row -- for group of 12

Bistrot Du Coin on Connecticut.

LA Chowhound needs a DC Power Lunch

'W' hotel, used to be Hotel Washington.

Restaurant advice -- 3 nights in DC; first visit ever

Hanks Raw Bar and Cork, both near/in Dupont, are good choices. Obolisk would be a nice choice for your big night out. Have fun.

Weekday lunch in Loudon County Wine Country

Wine touring next Thursday with some out of town guests and looking for a nice place for lunch. Magonolia's has come recommended and I am looking for other options too. A nice atmosphere and good wine selection with knowledgeable staff is a plus, but not required.

Nice Happy Hour Downtown near White House

Looking for a nice restaurant that offers happy hour downtown in the white house area. We're looking for a place to meet after a day of sightseeing before our 7:00 reservations at W Hotel. Out of town guests, looking for nice atmosphere, great food, and a bargain if we can find it. Thank you.

After 10pm Monday Night Dining in Dupont Circle

Have a small group of out of town guests arriving at 1000 on Monday night (6 people). They'll be tired from a day of travel and I am looking for a nice place to walk to in Dupont Circle area that's open on Monday after 10. Looking for a good D.C. atmosphere since it's the first time they've been in the city for many years. Not looking for too ethnic (sushi, thai, ...). Thanks in advance.

Sushi in Dupont

Sushi Taro is overpriced and pretentious, but we still couldn't get seated without a 40 minute wait on Saturday night.

Virginia wine country day trip

Hosting some friends from Washington state next month and want to plan a day trip to Virginia wine country. Any suggestions on specific wineries, touring itinerary, and lunch and or dinner spots. Open to picnic options too.

Your 10 favorite DC Metro restaurants

What a list and great resource. Who wants to do the spreadhseet;)

Your 10 favorite DC Metro restaurants

Just moved here from Seattle. These lists are gold! Thanks.

dining solo and outside, Dupont Circle

Excellent suggestions, exactly what I am looking for! I've been to Hanks and Du Coin and looking forward to Sette Osteria this weekend. We're on the same page, any other suggestions? Doesn't have to be in Dupont. Thanks again, I really appreciate it.

dining solo and outside, Dupont Circle

Moved here from Seattle last week and getting to know my neighborhood. I am a bit overwhelmed by the options and figured Chowhound was a good place to start. This weekend I want to explore some nice dinners and brunches in Dupont. I'll be dining solo and prefer to sit outside. Any rec's on moderate to upscale dining? European, American or ethnic are all good, as long as the food is too. More intimate places with a bar for dining are also good. Thanks in advance.

Fresh made mozzarella in SEA?

I saw some beautiful fresh mozz at the Ballard farmers market this afternoon.

Jul 12, 2009
vega4933 in Pacific Northwest

Bastille in Ballard -- Reports?

Went for brunch this afternoon. The food was just fine, but service was merely okay. We had long waits to order, receive our food, get a check and have them pick up the payment. They comp'd a snack for the wait which we appreciated. The place is loud and it can be difficult to hear others across the table talk.

Jul 12, 2009
vega4933 in Pacific Northwest

Dress code at The Corson Building?

or not...

Jun 21, 2009
vega4933 in Pacific Northwest

Help: Seattle, Orcas Island, Victoria, Port Angeles...

On Orcas Island:

-Kristina's for dinner (make reservation)
-can't remember the name of the place, but there's a french-ish cafe in the eastsound outdoor shopping complex that's great.
-had a good supper at the ultra bohemian and vegetarian restaurant at doe bay resort. sit ouside next to the bay and enjoy wine and mussels.

Jun 21, 2009
vega4933 in Pacific Northwest

Monkey Tree on Vashon

Made a day trip to Vashon this morning and had a wonderful breakfast at The Monkey Tree (in town on Vashon Highway). It's like stepping into what I envision the Moosewood Cafe (a la the cookbook) to look like in the 70's. Massive baked goods, sweets and savory, some eggs and great selection of lunch items. This is no place for the Atkins dieter. Birkenstocks welcome;)

Jun 14, 2009
vega4933 in Pacific Northwest

Seattle Breakfast

You and I are on the same page, I consider those recs absolutely Seattle's best breakfast! I might drop Chinook (and I haven't heard of Besalu) and add Macarina or Tom Douglas's Greek place and my neighborhood favorite St. Cloud's.

Jun 14, 2009
vega4933 in Pacific Northwest

Marysville, WA Area Dining Prospects (within thirty minutes)?

Drive into a little town called Bow/Edison. it's a charming couple blocks w/ some nice galleries and food. I am not going to remember names here, but there's an excellent bread bakery, a pastry shop called something like, "grandma's bakery" (in a converted garage, try the peach scones), an old tavern for fresh oysters and a beer at lunch, and a gourmet take-out spot. There's also a well known gourmet cheese shop I haven't been to but see it on cheese lists in Seattle. Bow/Edison is very small and these references above are all within a block or so of each other. Oh yea, there's also the Rhododendron Cafe on your way to town, that serves a fantastic breakfast.

Jun 08, 2009
vega4933 in Pacific Northwest

2 nights in seattle dining

Spur, gastropub where I've sat at the bar and had nice conversation with staff (oh yea, and fantastic food). Search Spur, you'll see what I mean.

Jun 04, 2009
vega4933 in Pacific Northwest

Restaurant Recommendations for Idaho Panhandle

The Wolf Lodge, a little east of C'dalene and just off I-90, is considered to be a destination steakhouse. The atmosphere is great, steaks are ample, and service friendly and local. When I visit C'dalene I always take my Dad there, he loves it. Here's the website

Drinks at the C'dalene hotel are good for a nice view, the top floor restaurant is underwhelming.

Jun 04, 2009
vega4933 in Mountain States