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dress code?

can anybody tell me if there is a dress code at many high end japanese restaurants? I will be in osaka/tokyo/kyoto for a few weeks, would like to try some higher end michelin star restaurants, but am not loving the idea of having to pack a suit/extra shoes in my already heavy luggage. thanks!

Feb 23, 2011
Daniel8 in Japan

Please Help Me Choose: Only 3 Nights in Montreal

can only speak on la colombe, but I can say it is the best meal i have ever had. Not sure i would consider myself a "foodie" but being from nyc i have tried my share of $100pp+ meals and none of them come close to colombe. fyi i got the venison but also tasted the bison, BOTH excellent but liked the venison better. both need to be rare as per kitchen, although i would have ordered it that way either way.

la colombe menu?

does anybody know where i can find a copy of la colombe's menu online? unfortunately i do not speak french, last/only time i went there i had to rely on the waiters assistance, i'd rather go in knowing what the choices are. BTW if anybodys thinking about it, i would certainly recomend it, one of the best meals i have ever had.

caribou in montreal byo?

was hoping not to have to make the waiter explain 20 dishes, maybe i'll print out your translation. thanks again!

caribou in montreal byo?

thanks i did look at les infideles as well. Any idea if "all inclusive" includes tax/tip? i wouldnt normally think so, but it says
55$ tout inclus
( 42$ avant taxes et service)

According to that menu it looks like the 55 would include both, no? thanks for the suggestions. Also, any idea if any of these places have menu's in english?

caribou in montreal byo?

Does anybody have any suggestions on where i can get caribou in montreal at a byob? I recently tried la colombe (which was greaaaaaaaaaaat btw) but they did not have caribou. I read that Le Pegase might but i do not see it on their menu. Thanks for any suggestions