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Really, does a great latte exist in Baltimore?

I'm a coffee snob. Whole Foods Market really does make a great latte. No kidding.

5 Days in DC. Where MUST I go eat?

High End, Obelisk, Easy, Two Amy's!

What are Balt most over-rated Restaurants?

Bertha's is an institution in Fells Point and one of the last original bars, ya just have to take them as they are. You don't have to eat, but at least sit in the bar room and have a drink with the locals.

What are Balt most over-rated Restaurants?

No, not the Half Shell, "Nacho Mamas" has some of the worst Mexican fare in the city.

Upscale Little Italy Restaurant?

I second Cingiale!

Obelisk Saturday

Obelisk Rocks, just go with flow and you will love it!

Joe Theismann's Restaurant

Theismann should stick to commercials.

Elizabeth Large

Or in another words what's your opinion?

Aug 28, 2009
180hearted in Food Media & News

Elizabeth Large

How do the Baltimore hounds feel about EL's blog?

Aug 28, 2009
180hearted in Food Media & News

Real Italian in B'more Little Italy?

Little Italy is an over priced tourist trap. I truly wish it wasn't. The food should be the star in Italian cuisine. Unfortunately most of the restaurant owners and so called chefs in our
"Little Italy" don't subscribe to basic ideal.

What's in Baltimore, that you wish was in DC?

Really good dive bars in D.C. Flip the question around and it would be 2 amys in Balto.

Tell me about garlic crab (as seen on No Res)

Never have seen it or heard of it. Looks like scampi sauce (white wine, garlic, butter) over a crab part.

Sascha's in Baltimore = Terrible

I thought Ixia closed?

Problems with Whole Foods in Harbor East

I know most of the staff at Harbor East and for the most part service is good. However, there is one particular so called" team member" who works in the seafood department that has been very rude to me on several occasions.

key lime pie

Henningers Tavern has real key lime.

Five best restaurants in suburban MD?

Ha Ha Ha Ha, that's a good question, there's actually five great ones?

2 Amy's?

2 Amys ROCK!

Baltimore Crabs

If you want a real crab house you have to leave Baltimore city. Mr. Bills Terrace Inn is probably the best. (on Eastern Ave. Middlesex)

Baltimore - Little Italy question

Oddly enough the best italian isn't in Little Italy, try the neighborhood next door, Harbor East.
In my opinion Cingiale is your best bet.

Maine Lobster

Which town Baltimore or D.C. if Baltimore, Henningers has lobster night again on Wednesdays. I think it's $20 bucks, a good deal.

Eggs Benedict in Bmore

B Bistro has a great brunch, with three different kinds of eggs benedict.

Now I am panicked-last Baltimore request

I feel that Henningers is a good idea for Fells. It's always cool if you can reserve the table in their back room.

Best pizza to order at 2Amys

Norcia is my fav.

iggies pizza

I love iggies concept, never had issues with the service. However, I wish they would
hand spread their dough instead of the roller pin. The pin takes the life out of the crust.

Unique Eats in DC

casual and unique, 2 Amy's on Macomb. Upscale, Obelisk P and 22nd.

Top five Baltimore area pizza places?

As far as Baltimore city is concerned, Pasta Mista on Boston St. is now the best in the city, and i have been to all the others.

eggs florentine in baltimore

"B" Bistro brunches on sunday. Outstanding benedict ala florentine. (Bolton Hill)

New Italian in DC/NOVA - need good suggestions!

OBELISK, P and 22nd, Dupont don't walk!

Henningers Tavern now open on Mondays

The word is out Henningers in Fells Point is apparently serving a $17 pre-fix supper on
Mondays. Mostly comfort food, sounds great.

Searching for nyc style pizza in Baltimore

Try Pasta Mista on Boston street in Canton. Its new to the area and it's great!