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Where can I find good pizza in Dallas?

Gordo's! That's it! Glad to hear that it's still on Lovers. Will definitely have to be over there to get my fix! My taste buds are watering already!

Thanks so much!

Where can I find good pizza in Dallas?

Recently moved back to Dallas after 10 years away. Before I left, there was a -wonderful- place on Lower Greenville with probably the best pizza I have ever had. Problem is ... I can't for the life of me remember the name of the place! It was a couple of blocks south of the Whole Foods in that area, on the same side of the street. It was kind of a bar with an Italian-ish menu, but wonderful thick pizzas. I drove over there, but it looks like it may have closed or (hopefully) moved somewhere else. Does anyone remember this place and could give me any hints on it's name?