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Buffalo Restaurant Recommendations Please

Hi there,

I'm off to Buffalo in April and having never been before, hoping for some recommendations on where to eat.

I imagine at some point Buffalo-style chicken wings are in order, but I'm hoping for a tip on a Saturday night dinner.

We have eclectic tastes and no dietary restrictions. Ideally we'd eat at a place that is (authentically) cool and more modern than stodgy.

One wrinkle is that we'll have a 7-month old baby in tow, so a restaurant that can accommodate is a must.

Many thanks in advance.

Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Location - Cobourg (or nearby)

Hi there,

I'm in search of a suitable restaurant for a wedding rehearsal dinner in the vicinity of Cobourg, ON. We're getting married July 2nd at my girlfriend's family farm. The night before happens to fall on Canada Day (maybe there will be some fireworks to watch as a bonus?) There will be around 30 people in attendance.

As I live in Toronto, I'm not familiar with the area. I'm hoping for some suggestions from my fellow Chowhounders.

PS: A bonus would be an Indian resto, but I realize that may be hard to come by.

Thanks in advance.


Table 17 on Queen St. E. in Leslieville has a Sunday/Monday prix fixe deal. $29 for a three course meal (no substitutions whatsoever, mind you) and no corkage fees on wine you may bring in yourself. Recommended.

Lee has great food, although I'm not sure if they have any incentives for Sunday/Monday dining. I find the best way to enjoy Lee is amongst a group of 4-6, sharing a number of plates. The black cod was especially good.

Best Croissants in Halifax/Dartmouth: Two If By Sea

If you live in the Halifax / Dartmouth area, or are just visiting (like me), I encourage you to go by the Dartmouth Farmer's Market on a Saturday. There is a young woman there who sells the most amazing croissants I've ever tasted. They're big, moist and come in a few varieties. I was talking to Tara, the baker, and she is opening up her own bakery / café in September under the same name, Two If By Sea. I'll have to come back and visit!

Jul 12, 2009
kieranroy in Atlantic Canada

Monday Pub Deals?

Thanks for sending through the link - very helpful.

I ended up going to Grace O'Malley's - an entertainment district meat market dressed up like a pub. Not my kind of place usually, but quiet on a Monday night and they offer 10-cent wing night.

Monday Pub Deals?

Going out for dinner & pints with a friend tonight and wondering if anybody knows of good (and current) food deals for Mondays. Hell, why not throw out other nights as well. I'm hoping for somewhere along Queen St., either East or West.

I've read a couple of threads here, but they seem to be outdated (not sure if Ultra is still running the $20 lobster deal on Mondays, although admittedly that's not very pub-like).

Anybody else know of good deals? I know that Prohibition has 100 oysters for $50 on Mondays.


20th Birthday - Inexpensive Restaurant/Lounge

How about Mini Market at College & Clinton? Tapas menu means lots of fun sharing, but at roughly $10 per item, I suppose it could get expensive if you're big eaters. Good vibes there and you can head just down the road after dinner for drinks, dancing, etc.

Best Toronto Diner?

I love the Avenue Open Kitchen (or simply "the diner" for me and my colleagues) on Camden St. near Adelaide & Spadina. Best bets include their decent poutine (crispy fries, real cheese curds, and tasty gravy) but stay away from the fish and chips!

The Swan on Queen West is also decent, but I don't recall any standout menu items from my few visits.

"East Coast" Style Donairs in Toronto?

I realize it's hardly fine dining, but I'm a huge fan of the donairs one can find on the east coast, particularly in Halifax. There's something about the meat that is that much tastier than any gyro, shawarma or what passes as a donair here in Toronto. Not to mention, the sweet donair sauce, which is a mixture of sugar, vinegar, garlic, and evaporated milk.

King of Donair had a brief run in Kingston, primarily serving the late-night drunken Queen's students, but sadly is no longer there.

Is anybody aware of where I can get my donair fix in town?

The Best Ribs in Toronto

I've been perfecting my own rib technique of late, and am also keen to find the best rib spots in town.

I happened to try the ribs at Abbot on the Hill (1276 Yonge St., north of Summerhill) and I was pleasantly surprised. They were extremely tender, dare I say "melt in your mouth", and were not over-sauced, but rather full of smoked, dry rub flavour.

It's an uptown, upscale gastropub, not exactly full of vibe or energy, but as far as pubs go, it's a little different and the food was good - the prices reflect this.

I've also tried the ribs at Beer Bistro, and they were pretty good - a similar style to the ones at the Abbot.

It's been a few years since I've done Phil's, and based on the mostly negative chatter here, I'm not in a rush to get back. I do want to check out Cluck, Grunt & Low...