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Best Chicken and Waffles in LA

Pann's is the favorite f my children. Though you need to keep in mind that they have wings only with waffles and not the half chicken of some other places.

Pann's is also great for the original googie architecture. Also if you want to see serious fur in LA go to Pann's on mother's day.

Oct 17, 2013
quielo in Los Angeles Area

Sea Empress in Gardena Bu Hao

I recently went back to the Sea Empress after 6 months or so. Sea Empress has always been my go-to spot for Dim Sum and Cantonese Seafood when I didn't want to make the trek to SGV. Not as good and more expensive but not bad and much a quicker drive from the Westside.

I took my family there recently and let my Chinese wife and the kids off in front while I went to park. I walked in a few minutes later and went to look at the fish tanks. While I was there I saw the captain remove a clearly dead fish from the tank. I assumed she was going to dispose of it but imagine my surprise when she dumped it in a white bucket and took it over to the table where my family was sitting! I followed her and said we did not want it and she ave me an evil look. My wife said the captain had really pushed her to order that kind of fish as it was especially "fresh and delicious". I would have thought she would be embarrassed to be caught foisting off the dead fish but she has just hostile. I wanted to leave right then but my wife wanted to stay. The other dishes we received varied between bad and really bad. On the positive side I did receive one of my biannual acknowledgments from my wife that I was right and we should have left immediately.

Is there any other alternatives for guangdong seafood near the westside?



Jun 16, 2012
quielo in Los Angeles Area

Horrible food & drinks at The Ivy

A friend of mine who I work out with is a Limo driver. One day he gets a call to pick up Paula Ab**l. She asks him to take her to the Ivy. When they arrive she tells him to go onto the restaurant and tell the manager she is there. he does this and the manager says "so what?". After a minute the manager "Ok I'll take care of it", walks out to the limo and walks back with her into the restaurant where the guys take her photo. She then walks back out again and my friend drives her home.

I have had the grilled salad at the SM location and it was not bad. I have not eaten at the BH location. I do like to take out-of-towners to either as both locations have been featured in numerous films.

113 N Robertson Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90048

Sep 19, 2010
quielo in Los Angeles Area

A restaurant in LA that has a private room for my boyfriends 30th birthday

If you like Korean there is Yong Susan in Ktown which has a variety of set menus. Not sure about the BYOB policy.

Jun 13, 2010
quielo in Los Angeles Area

re-Introduction - prodigal hound returns

Hello hounds,

Just a quick note to let our friends (and perhaps new friends) know we have retunred from the wilds of NorCal.

We were previously active in the chowhound community having been to many events and even organized one, the rice table at the Indo Cafe in Palms.

My wife Lang is Hunanese and we both like spicy (la) and mala cuisine.

Hope to see you all around.

Kind regards,


Indo Cafe
10430 National Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90034

Jun 07, 2010
quielo in Site Talk

K-town recommendation for multicultural group?

I've been away from K-Town for awhile but YongSusan has always been my go-to restaurant for groups. They have lots of private rooms and set menus for people who want to try many different types of Korean food.

YongSuSan Restaurant
950 S Vermont Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90006
(213) 388-3042

YongSuSan Restaurant
950 S Vermont Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90006

May 28, 2010
quielo in Los Angeles Area

Best Chinese downtown?

My Chinese Father-in-law was 75 when he visited from Hunan/Hubei. He had never had Dim Sum (or Yum Cha as they say in GZ) and did not know what it was.

Fashionable in Beijing now is "Imperial Cuisine" which is the food that was cooked for the Emperors in the Tang and Ming dynasties. The food lacks a lot of spices that are commonly part of Chinese food now as these were not known 1000 years ago.

My wife and and I were active in Chowhound before moving to Sac. We are moving back and hope to see old friends! We can sing revolutionary communist songs again. I have been practicing Dong Fong Hong


May 28, 2010
quielo in Los Angeles Area

Sacramento Soul Food?

I am recently relocated to East Sacramento from the LA area. If people who are more familiar with the area could help me with finding a good (or great) soul food place.

The last review I see on the board is for the plantation which appears to be gone now. I have seen a number of places on Stockton.

Anyone have had soul food in Sac recently?



Dec 02, 2009
quielo in California

Moving to Sacto

I'm a old time chowhounder from LA who is making the move to River Park near Sac State.

Good bye SGV and K-town, hello to what?

I'm going back to read the previous articles about Sacramento (even though the new software on CH makes that difficult).

Is there anything wonderful close to RP? I have an infant and a toddler and am partial to hole-in-the-wall asian places where they don't speak English but am openminded.



Feb 26, 2007
quielo in California

Culver City dining

Absolutely not Asian but M&M soul food is on Centinela about a mile from you. Really tasty.

Dec 09, 2006
quielo in Los Angeles Area

restaurants in westchester/playa del rey

Depends on what you want. La marina is good in an old continental way. Not green goddess old but good and broken in. I understand it's closing soon after 50 or so years so get there soon if you want to try it.

The shack is good for seeing surfers. May be good for some people.

Ayara in Westchester is genuainely good thai food. Very good actually.

Cafe Milan is the place to go for breakfast and political conversation in the morning.Coffee is decent and the food is OK but it has a strong locals vibe.

And there is always In 'N Out Burger

Dec 09, 2006
quielo in Los Angeles Area

Thai food in Santa Monica/Venice

Second the criticism of Pam's. someone mentioned that the only things that are good there are the unusal items. I don;t know about that but everything we ordered was bad.

Bangkok West on Santa Monica and 6th is tasty and a really nice place to sit.

Singapore Express on Maxella and Lincoln in the marina is good if yout ell them how you like your food prepared. No atmosphere though.

Thai dishes is average at best.

Dec 08, 2006
quielo in Los Angeles Area

Pam's Thai on Wednesday Night

Was trapped by traffic on Venice near the beach with a hungry munchkin. I suggested that we try Pam's since we were so close.
We had
1) Wonton soup for the child. This was perhaps the worst soup we have had in a while. The wontons we really hard and compressed with the noodles in ratty shape. Probably frozen too long or poorly thawed. Small bowl $4.95. Our child would not eat the wontons and he always eats wontons.
2) Morning glory. Quite good and the best thing we ate there.
3) Yellow Curry. Not good and the wife, who is nine month pregnant and has a very good appetite, would not finish it. I did not eat it so I don't know why.
4) Steamed Rice. Clumpy and not fresh. I am one of those people who enjoy rice just as it is without the need for condiments. Thai restaurant generally have very good rice but this was a complete disappointment.

Both the wife and I thought Pam's was completely inferior in taste to Singapore Express and certainly Ayara in Westchester.

The decor is nice and slightly above Ayara and far above SE.

Total for a cup of soup, side order of vegetables, curry entree, and one order of rice was $33. We still needed to find something for our son to eat.

Nov 17, 2006
quielo in Los Angeles Area

Dragon Phoenix Palace

Sorry Chubby,

I just noticed your post. As far as the missus and I are concerned the best tofu around is at:

Dong Phuong Tofu
15022 Moran Street
Westminster, CA 92683

Oct 29, 2006
quielo in Los Angeles Area

Dragon Phoenix Palace

I had a little time off yesterday so I took the family down to OC to buy veggies and tofu. The best tofu is made in OC and while some people may think all tofu is created equal it really does make a difference.

Since my wifa and our nanny are Chinese we decided to try the Dragon Phoenix Palace on Bolsa and Moran. We had seen it many times but it was always crowded.

Yesterday there were only a dozen tables occupied so we sat down for dim sum.

It was a short story, the Dragon Phoenix Palace makes the absolute worst dim sum I've ever been served in LA. The first dish was gai lan and even that was bad.

So if you ever have a desire to try Viet-Chinese cinsidering letting it pass.

Oct 13, 2006
quielo in Los Angeles Area

Coffee Shop or Cool Restaurant

Across the street from Tanner's in PDR (which is the original BTW) in the minimall with the USPS, Mo's, and Matilla realty, is a place called "Cafe Milan". It is away from the traffic and is a real local's place with good coffee, decent food, and free wifi.

The white round table in front haosts the same group every morning. They call themsleves "the losers" and are mostly retired lawyers and contractors with houses on the sand.

They used to bake their own patries but the INS picked up the chef so they have been getting prebaked for awhile.

Tanner's is a place to stop and get a cup while driving north on vista del mar. Cafe Milan is for hanging out.

Sep 03, 2006
quielo in Los Angeles Area

Spiciest dishes in L.A.?

Is the Crown Cafe still there? I read a J Gold article about a new place at 1000 S San Gabriel at "the former site of the crown cafe". Is it closed or has it moved? They certainly knew how to make spicy food.

The pepper something at Akbar's in the marina was intensely spicy as well. It's the only dish with a 5 star rating on the menu.

Jul 30, 2006
quielo in Los Angeles Area