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Muracci's Japanese Curry & Grill, SF (replaced Kearny St Pies) - anyone try it yet?

Yes, multiple times. Now a favorite. They take THREE days to make their curry! They also make THREE levels as well! Haven't been back recently. Need to go.

You Can't Afford This Coffee Maker the Aeropress the one that works on a vacuum system that looks like the Chemex?

Feb 19, 2010
DinoTheOriginal in Features

You Can't Afford This Coffee Maker

@ work, we have a Starbucks (*sorry*) with one of these things. The cups from it are really good. It also helps that our boss gave us $25 gift cards over the holidays...& that the shop downstairs doesn't list the $22-range coffee on the board. End result, you get to try the good cups from the $11K (!)/110lb Clover for just a bit more than you pay for the typical cup.

I'm usually a Peet's guy, so this was a pleasant treat to try out on (my) cheap. Don't know if our Peet's down the street will ever get one but I doubt it....somehow I'm fine with that.

FYI, Peet's is from Oakland/Berkeley where I am & we see it as the "good guy/local favorite" over Seattle's Starbucks...simpler & local.

Feb 19, 2010
DinoTheOriginal in Features

Muracci's Japanese Curry & Grill, SF (replaced Kearny St Pies) - anyone try it yet?

...ramen-ya? Downtown? Is there a thread?

Muracci's Japanese Curry & Grill, SF (replaced Kearny St Pies) - anyone try it yet?

I'm going for my first time today!

Went for the tonkatsu & added a Korokke. Got it hot, even though I typ go for flavor over heat. Good stuff!

Unfortunately, I took one of my co-workers & we also ordered something for our boss. Unfortunate b/c both of these folks like their stuff on the serious atomic-hot level. We even back-pedaled & only ordered "only" the hot for the boss...I can visualize her now grabbing all the hot sauce from the fridge to supplement.

So I really liked the flavor & there was definitely heat but my co-worker got the "very hot" & called it mild. I anticipate going back & trying more menu items, esp. their curry ramen & donburi.

The Korokke is a curry croquette, basically a nice snack while waiting. I've read others notes & arrived there @ 11:30a. It was empty & we got easily in-an-out with our booty. Lastly, you may be diappointed if you order the non-katsu chicken. My co-worker got about 1/2 breast chopped-up & placed in the curry tub. You definitely get a better deal with the whole versions.

Minamoto Kitchoan (Japanese sweets), SF - anything worth trying?

...I just opened up my box for another bite of Usagi. There are only 7/box (abt. $2.85ea)!

Minamoto Kitchoan (Japanese sweets), SF - anything worth trying?

I finally went today after having to walk by it the last few days on my rush home.

I bought Tokoyo, Usagi & the 3 jellies they had near the front, one of which was the Yuzu mentioned. I liked the other two better actually, I think one had red bean paste involved & the other had apple/plum. I surprised myself w/the red bean. My sister is usually the best fan of that stuff but the taste was the best I've had so far. I don't mean the red bean by itself but the combination of the fruit & red bean was very palatable to me. I'm typically one for fruit first but sometimes I'm pleasantly surprised. I had to have Usagi as soon as I saw it. I predict my nephews will soon have some as well. Taste was top-notch. The Tokoro as well was good. Sugary but that's really part of the intention when you cook something in liquid sugar...^.o

I will definitely be trying the Hakuto & Tsuya (nice taiyaki) sometime in the future.

$$$? You bet. Then again Japanese items, especially delicacies, are always very expensive. Despite this though, I was basically pleased with everything I had. It should be noted that you've got to K.I.M. that this is all wagashi & wholly designed to enhance the "tea experience." You've got to be a bit bent towards the stuff in the first place. Taken on their own/non-contextually, you're definitely missing out on some of the point. I was @ work & didn't have time to have it with tea but luckily I'm kinda crazy about jelly items & some of these confections in the first place, so I thoroughly enjoyed them.

No, I certainly don't intend to drop by the shop on anywhere near a daily basis, though I may drop in once in a while for a jelly (what was name of the 2 I liked?! @#).

I'll post about the Hakuto when that happens, perhaps next payday.

Good Brisket in Vallejo?

march 7? dang it.

Good Brisket in Vallejo?

I'll see about dropping by King Albert's tomorrow...hopefully they r open on President's Day...

"Roadfood's Brisket Tasting Tour"

now that's a nice-look'in piece of brisket!

Feb 15, 2009
DinoTheOriginal in Austin

"Roadfood's Brisket Tasting Tour"

O.k., who can tell me about this? I'm a Californian brisket addict....I can hear some of you nice.

Mr. Copeland are you out there? I posted Vallejo/brisket question & you mentioned this in your answer. It caught my eye! Do I have to move to South Texas for brisket?

Feb 14, 2009
DinoTheOriginal in Austin

Great brisket that ships

AWESOME! Thanks for the say on the Salt Lick. Been wondering about this place for awhile now.

Feb 14, 2009
DinoTheOriginal in Austin

Good Brisket in Vallejo?

o.k. got to Bounty Hunter. Good news: I found a new place for wine. Bad news: I apparently have a predisposition that all pulled BBQ should be pork shoulder. And that brisket is either sliced or whole (no, I haven't found anyone crazy enough for the latter, tho I might consider it if I had a place...& the economy wasn't in the tank).

Taste. I'm going to go ahead & say I liked it. My hesitation comes from (above aside) the impression that most of the taste was from the sauce. Despite being from CA, I think I may have developed an affinity for "dry style." I guess I'm just used to expecting the flavor of my meat coming from...the meat. What else? Heat & ambiance. It had good heat, but a bit "sharp." I love spicy stuff but not just for the spicy part, I love spicy, very flavorful stuff. If vinegar is involved, all the better! It was also kind of a nice place...the interesting decor I liked but the BBQ was served on a floor tile...pretty much qualifies it as a nice place in my "book." Putting the 2 together, well I will go ahead & admit that I am of the spicy food-fan column of the "sweat-ers." This as opposed to the "sneez-ers" and "cry-ers." I was a bit uncomfortable but my good old friend BBQ was there to keep me company thru it all.

Would I try it again? Yes. But probably the sandwich this time (yup, got the platter!).

So no Salt Lick reports, eh? Oh well.

I agree the Rendevous method is cheating a bit, but I understand the results are worth it.

"Roadfood's Brisket Tasting Tour"? Ohh, man!

Alright! no more here on non-SF area BBQ! I'll ask on gen topics...apologies on my reply etiquette/laziness, just seems kind of odd to reply 3x to one I typically drop in only once in a while!

I'm not done yet though! I still have some tasty research to do!

Vallejo At $1.25 per Taco - TheTaco Truck Crawl

So I've just been a "watcher" to this delicious topic until now. Believe it or not, despite having lived in Vallejo for 5 years, I've never b-4 eaten @ a taco truck. I waited far too long! I was at the truck on Sonoma & Sereno (Dos Hermanos?). The sign said they were part of the market on 1900 Broadway. The $1.25 tacos were excellent! Oh, baby! I think I need to do a micro-crawl on that truck & just sit & eat multiples of the different ones for an hour or two....

So I'm actually a burrito guy as I'd picked up the notion of surviving on them while @ school @ UCSB. Why did no-one warn me that the Super Burrito was just about as long as my arm????? Not really a problem, though. I took care of that badboy in short order!

Hula Hut - Hawaiian/Filipino in Benicia (Long)

*thumbs up!*

I've been to this place a few times now and its always been very good all around, both with the Pilipino & Hawaiian dishes. Very good portions, I really like good portions. Really.

Also on a minor note, while I didn't exactly grow up with ube, I am very familiar with it...and have never liked it. It literally is the only food that "tastes" "purple." I'm not sure what I mean by that...only that the taste doesn't remind me of anything else. That being said, I actually liked their ube cake! O.k., it was probably the sweetened ube-colored filling, but that still counts as an "ube cake...

Good Brisket in Vallejo?

Thanks "mucho" to all! I've been away fr this board for awhile & am glad for the help!

Civil Bear - Memphis Minne's has been on my radar for awhile but don't get into S.F. too often anymore. I'm adding Roadside BBQ to my list! The other 2 are a bit outside my current "traffic pattern."

rworange - D's, King Albert's & HOS have been on my target for awhile, the force tells me I'll be @ King Albert's soon. Napa & BBQ sounds like a combo to try...It could be Shaw's...I'll check w/my Hercules friend, she is a food fiend & I'm sure she's been to the farmer's mkt.

Dan Wodarcyk & brucemac707 - Bounty Hunter's is now on my list! I don't see any problem w/consuming a $30 platter of BBQ (inclu. brisket)! :}

Thanks all again! Ohhh baby!

BTW, has anyone ordered anything online from the Salt Lick? for that matter, Charles Vergo's Rendevous out in Memphis?

Good Brisket in Vallejo?

o.k., this may sound odd isnce i live here, but i wanted to make sure i haven't missed anything.

Does anyone know of any good brisket in Vallejo? I've been looking at the various posts here & see none, plus these posts are getting a bit dated. Gracie's has brisket now but alas, not to my liking...staff there even described it as only "o.k." I think I've had it at Michael's Southern Delights, but as you can tell it didn't take.

I seem to remember someone recommending a Texas outfit now based in Sacramento, does this ring any bells?

Am i going to have to resort to mail order (The Salt Lick comes to mind)? FYI, I grew up in SF & i have no fond memories of brisket...perhaps i was merely a ribs kinda kid...

thanks in advance for your help.

Can we Discuss Cider here?

forgot to mention...

although I would prefer local/independent merchants above all else, I have to admit that the BevMo across the Carquinez in Pinole is relatively well stocked with ciders. ditto to the branch in Daly City.

here's to hoping a local store in Vallejo starts stocking Magners...!

Nov 05, 2008
DinoTheOriginal in Beer

Can we Discuss Cider here?

wow, sorry for the late late reply...job/life taking over...

Yes, I'm referring to cider re: ABV content & yep, it probably speaks to the "line" b/t wine/cider/taxes, I just can't find the @# site where I saw this disappointing info. Thank you for the well-put clarification.

Oct 17, 2008
DinoTheOriginal in Beer

Can we Discuss Cider here?

I second the Magners recommendation. I'm in CA & have recently been on the hunt for hard cider. I'm a bit isolated geographically as far as cider on draft, but I have tried all the bottled cider I could get my hands on, short of ordering over the internet. This may be next resort...just not from overseas :(.

Strongbow is a close second. Fox Barrel, Blackthorn, Ace and many others taste waay too much like Chardonnay to me. I understand this is their dryness, but to my taste, if I wanted Chardonnay...well I would've bought it outright. I like Magners as it tastes "just right" to me, not sweet nor Chardonnay-like. Forget the stuff at the Safeway, Hornsbys & the like are ridiculously sweet and march down the same road wine coolers did in the 80's, followed closely by flavored is a pity that the U.S. limits the alcohol content on this type of product/import.

Sep 04, 2008
DinoTheOriginal in Beer

Giant New York Pizza - Vallejo, CA

GNY Pizza - haven't tried it yet, just wanted to ID myself as another Vallejo guy who might be able to help.

returing to pizza...of them all (& I haven't tried them all in town yet), I like my Round Table (I've only ordered delivery & eat in at Spring St.), Mountain Mike's annnnd Sunset Pizza was a good surprise. Actually the latter was delivery only & I was quite sick of my other options one night & just "happened" to have one of their doorknob flyers. Seemed a small, but polite & efficient operation when I called, always a good thing. The pizza itself was also rather good, thin crust/fully cooked :), but not cracker-like. I would definitely order again. Lastly, I have to admit you can't go wrong with a take and bake from Costco or Papa Murphy's. be wary of the pasta from Pizza Hut...mine seemed to be left in the oven way too long (Spring St). I am putting Napoli's on my list.