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Padova / Padua , please review or add to my restaurant list

Thank you for your responses! In the evenings we plan to cook at home, so we'll try the polpettini!

Apr 04, 2014
Willem in Italy

Padova / Padua , please review or add to my restaurant list

Hello all, we will spend to days in Padova ( Padua ) next week, and are looking for places to lunch. Not 'starred', not on a budget. When eating out we like to have local/classic food one day, perhaps a more modern twist the other - and always a good wine list.

Can anybody comment on the lists below or add to them?
...and, what are 'folpi'/'folpari'?
Thank you!

I checked Chowhound, and discarding a not so good review and a non Italian place, came up with only these two (maybe my search wasnt good?) which were mentioned only once:
- Trattoria al Prato (bit on a touristy spot, but does that matter?)
- Ristorante Parpaiola Giovanni (local feel?)

Gambero Rosso has this list (cannot find much on them):
- La Plaka, which seems to be Greek, which I will leave for a time in Greece
- Ai Navigli (menu looks quite nice - anybody been there?)
- Gino's (seems to be a BBQ place? we'll skip this)
- Al Cicheto (picture on their site shows seafood and very very simple steak)
- Sant'Agnese (seems to be more upmarket seafood? - anybody been there?)
- La Finestra (seems to have an ok menu and interesting wine list - anybody been there?)
- Osteria del Capo (seems to be the most local?)

Slowfood 2013 has this list (I cannot find a lot of info on those):
- Nereo Andreazzi
- L'anfora (more of a wine bar?)
- Banco della Regina
- Folperia (seems to be streetfood with snails and shellfish, :-)
- Zancope


Apr 02, 2014
Willem in Italy

Verona, how about: antica torretta, alla ruota, al duca?

Thank you alepenazzi for you recommendations!

Mar 10, 2014
Willem in Italy

Verona, how about: antica torretta, alla ruota, al duca?


We're off to Verona again in April. Been there before and enjoyed Di Stella, Al Pompiere, and Muramare (this one we will return to). We are looking for something new (to us).

Can anyone comment on: Antica Torretta, Alla Ruota, Al Duca?

(we furthermore have decided to visit La Fontanina, and Locando i 4 Cuochi)

We skipped from the longlist (for various reasons): Tre Marchetti, Greppia, Al Calmiere, 12 Apostoli, Antico Tripoli, all Isolo, Alla coa, Atellier, Groto de Corgnan, Ponte Pietra.

Thank you!

Feb 24, 2014
Willem in Italy

Inland Cilento, Campania advice?

Hello all,
I read the posts on Campania and Cilento with pleasure, and checked Luciano Pignataro. We will be staying for a week in inland Cilento early April, near Laureana. Can anybody share recommendations in that area, especially inland?
I found recs in Castellabate, San Mauro and Cicerale. Maybe anyone knows of other good food places especially more inland?
Thank you!

Mar 23, 2013
Willem in Italy

Advice on a Few Restaurants in Milan

Thanks Irene for your post, nice one! - last weekend I was in Milan with three friends. We visited Trattoria All' Antica, with a very simple but good rustic taste (and nice service...), Trussardi alla Scala, which was a good and often tasty experience (and great wine list!), Trattoria Abele, with indeed a nice risotto (though Muramare's in Verona still tops my list), and probably the nicest lunch, at Manna! So soulfully full of taste, original/creative, very well prepared - this is very much what food in my book should be!

Dec 02, 2011
Willem in Italy

celis white?

Thanks for your help JessKidden.
Tripeler: thx, I'll go taste some!

Jul 25, 2011
Willem in Beer

celis white?

Hi All...long story short. I'm from Limburg, the Netherlands, close to Belgium and have been very fortunate to have had access to the good old Hoegaarden white beer long time in my life. Then, it became a bit less good (after the take-over). Then, years later, a friend introduced me to Celis white. Excellent.
I even had it in the US last year. And now, I cannot find it. I wanna order online for a friend living in the US. Please help?!


Jul 24, 2011
Willem in Beer

First trip to Brussels: Looking for wide range of recommendations

Just been at 't Hof Van Hamm, not bad, but nothing special at all. Service friendly but erratic, bit overpriced, mussels a 6,5; scampi in garlic butter 6,5, but way overpriced. Not typical Flemish; just typical for middle of the road Belgium.
Only 5 minutes from the airport, and probably better than the average airport food.

Jul 24, 2011
Willem in Europe

KGB so good

We had a lunch at KGB, Paris, the other day.
Best resto food of the year so far.
Can't wait to be back.
The langoustine was so so so good! So good!
And the pork belly also fantastic.


Jul 03, 2011
Willem in France

Paris where to go: Yam'Tcha, Sola, others?

In general we look for good food, less for interior etc. For reasons to long to explain, my partner has never eaten in a brasserie in Paris - so this one is an exception, to see the classic thing.
Thx for the tip.

Jun 21, 2011
Willem in France

Paris where to go: Yam'Tcha, Sola, others?

haha :-) Thx for the Pho tip! Ze is fully booked, so we'll try KGB.

Jun 21, 2011
Willem in France

Paris where to go: Yam'Tcha, Sola, others?

There might indeed be an Asian touch in my preferences - though I am open for any good cuisine. This selection might be bit of a coincidence as well maybe.

My experience with French food is that I love it when it is very simple (but well made) or very high level (as a very crude guideline 'high 1 star' and up). The 'in between' I often find disappointing when chefs try to go beyond their capabilities...

This trip we'd like to find out a bit more on the 'bistronomy'...bit after the trend maybe, but alas.

And a last reason might be that our access to French food is quite good, living in the South of the Netherlands (culi town Maastricht) and close to Belgium. So, in for something different.

Regalade is non Asian influenced isn't it? And Flo as well?

China town because I like the Vietnamese Pho (and cannot get it where we live), and because we often prefer Asian breakfast over any 'Western'.

I hope this sheds more light on my request - open for any suggestions you might have!

Jun 21, 2011
Willem in France

Paris where to go: Yam'Tcha, Sola, others?

Dear people who know the Paris resto scene, could you please advise on some picks to eat for our trip?

So far we booked a table at KGB, Spring, Regalade St Honore. We'll go into China Town, and maybe some classic brasserie like Flo (is there one in that empire especially good?).

Now, which other restaurant would be a good pick: Yam'Tcha, Sola, or some other one?

Other question: what is the difference between KBG and Ze Kitchen Gallery?

Someone recommended Georges at Centre Pompidou - it makes me feel more like a spot for view and tourists than for good food - would would be your take on this?

Thank you!

Jun 20, 2011
Willem in France

Palermo report

hmmm, prices, dont really know, let me try (pp):

big coffee bar on Via Lincoln, espresso 0,70; arancini 1,- or less, full dish maybe 3,50

spinato: around 10,- for a dish I guess, dont go

Sant'andrea: around 30,- excl. wine

Zia Pina, can have glass of wine + pasta and some fish for 10,- or less, for 15,- more, 25,- for 1/2l wine, water, full antipati, pasta, shrimp, calamari, swordfish, seabass... (all, no dinner needed after)

Acantu Blu: 25,-

Lunch: going down from the Chinese gate passing the cathedral first right, then left, down, first place at the right at the crossing. Small street place. : <10,-

Donna Ina:45,-

Colagero in Mondello: 15+

Gigi Mangia: depending on choice I guess 35,- to 50,-?

Bellotero I guess 25,-?

Bye Bye Bleus. from 30,- to 75,- incl. wine pairing, a bargain for the quality

NB: wine in restaurant is retial price compared to Northern Europe, so it is well worth taking a more expensive bottle

May 03, 2011
Willem in Italy

Two weeks in Benelux

thx! first starter already makes me wanna book:
Truffle risotto with sautéed veal cheek, poached egg and a mushroom mousse

Apr 19, 2011
Willem in Europe

Top Cognac or Armagnac under $ 100,-?

Took a long time to make the purchase...Jean Filloux Tres Vieux and Delemain Vesper XO got the most votes. The first appeared to be available at my usual online liquor shop, so that's the decision. Tasting experience will follow. Thanks all for the input!

Apr 16, 2011
Willem in Spirits

Two weeks in Benelux

Thank for the tip Hans; yesterday we enjoyed Wilde Zwijnen very much! Schorseneren (...), beet ravioli, sea bass to perfection. Their Saint Veran is great!

Apr 15, 2011
Willem in Europe

Two weeks in Benelux

ah ja, the very best restaurant of the Netherlands is Oud Sluis, i think even world top-25. Seafood oriented. Oysters 6 different ways is a signature dish. Amazing food.
Als 3 star is the Librije - here the cooking is very much regional, nice.

Apr 08, 2011
Willem in Europe

Two weeks in Benelux

I second Maastricht. Moved here a year ago for the food and atmosphere (from Rotterdam). The hilly province of Limburg is the most foody in the Netherlands, and has many regional specialities, and even some good wine (f.e. Riesling by Apostelhoeve).
The 2000 year old city is a gem. And the food capital of the Netherlands. Simple places serve good food, and on he high end the town has most stars, more than Amsterdam.

Regional dishes are amongst else:
- Knien in ut zoer (rabbit stew, in vinegar, though many varieties are sweetened by apple sirup, often plums are added, and spices like cloves).
- Zoervleisch, also a stew, bit like the rabbit, lots of onions
- Asperagus!!
- Huitschvleisch (translation?)
- Tete de veaux (originally French, localized)
- Vlaai: kind of pastry, can contain fruits like black plums, cherries, apricots, gooseberry, or even rice

For food shopping go visit Adriaan (local wild honey, mustards etc., truffle mayonaise), definitely visit the Salonard, for pastry, bread, cheese, brownie!! - heavenly!
For vlaai go to the Bisschopsmolen.
in the street called Koestraat there is a very nice deli, het Fransche Huis.
Excellent, yes excellent coffee: Blanche Dael

The most typical local spot for dinner is Cafe Sjiek. Fantastic place. Very crowded, no reservation, can be up to an hour waiting time (at their winebar, with some pate or oysters). Good affordable wine (Henri Bourgeois Sancerre, Deux Roche Saint Veran, a very nice Cairanne).
Great terrace under a huge tree. Have asperagus (classic style)!

For fine dining: Beluga is outstanding (2 star, 19,5 GM)! Toine Hermsen is the soulfood of fine dining. For Rotisserie on very very high level go Tout a Fait. Nice classical lunch and affordable 1-star is Chateau Neercanne, a place of great beauty...if you dont eat there, just go have coffee or champagne.
Very nice innovative but true to the classics is Rozemarijn. Best fish is 'O'. If you would want Asian food, go Thai Ichi, where also sushi/sashimi is great (chef is a Thai who lived in Japan).

For simple salad nicoise in relaxed surrounding, de Moriaan.
Feel of France in Maastricht: Petite Bonheur.
Italian like you are in Italy: Gio
Most classical Maastricht lunch: de Bobbel (onion soup!, many regional dishes)
Just outside of town at the river, very good food at Sofa. In a nice suburb: Villeneuve and Bisjop.


Apr 08, 2011
Willem in Europe

Palermo report

Have fun! If I may summarize, for two great meals, and opposites: Zia Pina (lunch) and Bye Bye Bleus. If you're into wine Mi Mando Picone (afternoon) and Cana (most evenings) have knowledgeable staff and good collections.
Hope to hear your experiences! Enjoy!

Jan 23, 2011
Willem in Italy

lucky fifth time in Palermo

just posted report on Palermo trip

Jan 06, 2011
Willem in Italy

Palermo report

Here a report on last visit to Palermo, between X-mas and NYE.

First was some breakfast in a big coffee bar on Via Lincoln near our apartment; coming from the sea the second on the right. Great coffee, of course, immense amount of quality typical sweets, very good arancini, but nicest of all, other nice stuff like baked pasta, grilled veg, some stewed meats, chestnut filled pork, couscous: tasty. Nice place.

Sapori Perduti had our lunch reservation, at 14:30. Arriving 15:00, we were too late… so off to Antico Caffee Spinnato, a guidebook classic always opened. Bistecca palermitano not very good too many oily bread crums, cannelloni almost American style…

Dinner was Sant’Andrea, an old time favorite of mine. The menu looked stunning, maybe more sophisticated then ever. Antipasti were average with one very nice exception of which I forgot the name… Pasta con le sarde average or maybe even bland… Ravioli lacked all taste, bad. In general they seemed to be out of salt…
Mains were swordfishrole, which was a bit bland too and to light on the fish, filled squid was very nicely cooked, but the filling had so much grinded black pepper that the rest of the tastes were lost… Disappointment. Seen previous great experiences a second chance…?

Next day, all time favorite Zia Pina! (here you get the above as it should be) Here antipasti abound, many classics, all very tasty and fresh. Happy to be back! Pasta con vongole got uncountable ‘mmm’’s from my partner! Pasta with swordfishsauce was very nice. The seafood fritta supertasty and perfect texture, the grilled shrimp divine as well as the mullet!
(just try all the odd little fish here if you never have!)

Dinner: Acantu Blu. Advised here on Chow and by at least two Sicilians. Fava soup could not be eaten! (At maestro del brodo the have the real thing). Of the pasta botarga one can only assume how high the fish jumped over the saucepan… Cod fritta lacked taste, the fennel/orange salad was nicest dish of the evening (real nice). He grilled fish on spinach was an average dish, well prepared, but not special and lacking any distinctive taste.

Lunch: going down from the Chinese gate passing the cathedral first right, then left, down, first place at the right at the crossing. Small street place. Very very good pasta aglio olio peperoncini. Pasta marinara was good enough too. Grilled veal not so unfortunately. Pasta is a come back though.

Dinner: new one in town, Donna Ina.
Antipasti: perfectly grilled scallop on an amazing apple cardemom sauce. Divine. Two star quality. Wow. (9.5/10 score) Raw scallop filled swordfishrole style with mandarin skin: delicious! Squid linguini with lemon was a bit off, to much lemonsauce taste in the dish. Bucattini with ricci: perfect sauce. Really good. But buccatini, no, too overpowering. Tasca d’Almerita Grillo Whitaker very nice combi with antipasti. And now I seem to have forgotten the secundi… will be back (for the scallops and to post the secundi, which were average, that I remember - on of us had beef or lamb, the other...)

Colagero in Mondello: this time the seafood risotto was too mashed up. Pasta con vongole average. Squid average. Fried cozze OK.

Cocktail bar on top of Grand Albergo Sole near quatri canti unfortunately not open.

No time for Mi Mando Picone winebar on via Marconi…

Dinner: Entered Cana winebar… Had a Benanti 2003 Etna Rosso with many great cuts of meat! Mortadella with truffle was a full 10/10. WOW. Also had a great zibibbo wine, but have to call them back for the winemaker’s name…
Then saw across from Cana a new (1 year exactly) bar where there was a party. Great cocktails!! Heavy on the liquor. They served us free tasty antipasti. If they tell about the restaurant, it is a good place. Nice atmosphere, more antipasti and cocktails… no dinner haha…

Lunch: back to Zia Pina ☺

Homecooking for breakfast: mostly all kinds of sausages…yummy. Market score: piselli, ricotta salata, panteleria salted capers, strattu, peperoncini. Nyam.

On the list for next time since good Gambero rosso score + good reviews from Sicilian frieds: Gigi Mangia. Also curious about Bellotero.
(they say btw: Ai Mandarini has lost it a bit, Scuderia maybe even more, Risterantino Average - but, they like Acanto Blu...).
Not visited this time, but worth a trip: Bye Bye Bleus.

Jan 06, 2011
Willem in Italy

Top Cognac or Armagnac under $ 100,-?

Thank you for the tip, didn't think you have cognac bars... - just googled, and found a good place for sampling, so tasting it will be :-)

Nov 25, 2010
Willem in Spirits

Top Cognac or Armagnac under $ 100,-?

for me and my visitors :-)

THX for the tips so far!

Nov 21, 2010
Willem in Spirits

Top Cognac or Armagnac under $ 100,-?

Dear Chowhounds,

I am looking for a very good cognac or armagnac under $ 100,- (or slightly above).
It should be delicate, aromatic, smooth, soft but flavorsome.

It has been too long that I drank cognac, but I remember liking some, but dont remember which...
I've also liked calvados, any tips on that are welcome too :-)

Thank you!

Nov 20, 2010
Willem in Spirits

lucky fifth time in Palermo

Thank you both! Zia Pina indeed is great! I will report back after NYE. Ciao

Nov 01, 2010
Willem in Italy

lucky fifth time in Palermo

(with 'not visited' I mean that I did not visit that place, hope you have and can shine your light on it, thanks!)

Oct 30, 2010
Willem in Italy

lucky fifth time in Palermo

Dear Chowhounders, and especially Erica and Katie Parla (thank you!),
end of the year a new visit to heavenly Palermo will follow - where to go next?!

Been visiting happily Sant'Andrea (will go back - great!), Bye Bye Blues (great - definitely go back), most street food places (near vucceria, mr aldo, some pink garage, and more), and many more.

Who knows about (not visited):
gigi mangia
il grilli (and do not tell you have to be buzzed in...)
ai mandarini (or is it ai cascarini)?
bellotero (now on the list)
sapori perduti (on the list)
il ristorantino
scuderia (not scuderio)??!?
Anything new or else?!

Thank you!! Thank you!!

Oct 29, 2010
Willem in Italy

wine match with pork belly stewed in spiced soy sauce?

OK, tired a few, including a fruity light but tasty Chateaumeillant (gamay), which can be drank alongside but doesnt do anything, and the richer fruit forward new world style, which doesnt go with the saltiness.
Very good was the Francois Chidaine Montlouis Sur Loire Les Choisilles 2007 after decanting (slight sweetness), and winner was Hiedler Gruner Veltliner Maximum 2007 form the bottle (a very rich GV).
Highly recommended match.
(didnt try but next time: demi sec Loire chenin blanc)

Oct 22, 2010
Willem in Wine