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Cafe Grenada with a coupon. Worth it?

Cafe Grenada has decent Spanish food - nothing too earth-shattering. I like it but generally only go when its warmer to take advantage of the tables outside. Given that you are coming in from out of town I would give it a miss and try something more interesting (you can have a fanatastic meal around the corner at Boucherie or Cowbell for roughly the same money all in that neighborhood).

Feb 13, 2012
spotonjane in New Orleans

Indian food in the New Orleans area?

Its not for everyone but I prefer Salt n Pepper. It is a hole in the wall in the Quarter just off Decatur that was recommended to me by a cabbie. Half the menu is basic late night American junk food. The other half takes a drastic turn with a pretty serious selection of Pakistani and Indian dishes. I recommend trying the goat biryani, a well spiced rice dish with on the bone goat. However if you are after veggie cuisine they also have a good selection. Keep in mind that the place is about as basic as it gets and can take a while - but on the plus side the last time I was there they let me bring in wine with no problems.

Feb 13, 2012
spotonjane in New Orleans

Whataburger on the Northshore

Assistance appreciated! I have a very vivid memory of going to a Whataburger in Covington just off the 190 about 3 years ago. However, I have recently been informed that it is no longer there and, in fact, may never have been there in the first place. Please let me know if there was ever a Whataburger on the Northshore or if I am the victim of an extremely elaborate hoax or possible hallucination. Thanks!

Jan 31, 2012
spotonjane in New Orleans

Cochinita Pibl ...

Hey everyone - I suspect this may be a quest in futility but I was wondering if anyone was aware of a spot that serves up cochinita pibil - have been getting some serious cravings lately. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Jan 19, 2012
spotonjane in New Orleans

Ruth's Chris Downtown or Fat City

I have a Ruth's Chris gift card to burn and am looking for some advice as to which of the New Orleans locations to try. I have been to the Harrah's location once before but wanted to see if people have a preference between the two. Any input is appreciated!

Oct 24, 2011
spotonjane in New Orleans


Sounds fantastic - can't wait til they let me out of the office so I can try it first hand.

Jun 09, 2011
spotonjane in New Orleans

Best Restaurant Lemonade Hunt

I've always been partial to the fresh lemonade at Dante's Kitchen

Dante's Kitchen
736 Dante Street, New Orleans, LA 70118

May 31, 2011
spotonjane in New Orleans


Anybody have the scoop on the opening date. Drove by on Sunday and it looked close. The suspense is killing me...

May 31, 2011
spotonjane in New Orleans

Food and football near the airport tomorrow

Hi all,

looking for some advice. I have a flight to catch later afternoon tomorrow from Sky Harbor and I am looking for a sports bar/casual restaurant near the airport with quality food that will be showing the game. Closer to the airport is better, but near downtown is fine. All suggestions are welcome. Was thinking about Alice Cooperstown but have no idea if the food is any good. Thanks for your help.

Oct 09, 2010
spotonjane in Phoenix

American Sector

I'm a fan. My whole family was in town a month ago and I brought them for a dinner reservation - easy table for 14 with 24 hours notice. The food ranged from good to excellent and the atmosphere was casual without being too kitschy or overbearing. Everybody enjoyed the food and some of the standouts were the lamb rib appetizer (excellent) and the pork cheeks. Definitely not an evening scene but if you want to get a big party seated on quick notice without spending an arm and a leg I would defintely keep it in mind.

Jul 02, 2010
spotonjane in New Orleans

pre-theatre dinner next saturday - pelican club or gw fins

Delayed response - but we ended up going to Pelican Club and really enjoying it. Since we were eating extremely early we essentially had the first of the dinning rooms as you walk in to ourselves. I thought the options on the "early bird" special were quite generous, and particularly enjoyed the seafood cocktail started - which was absolutely delicious. The mains were solid but not particularly spectacular, and the service was attentive without being intrusive. Overall, I had a very pleasant meal and was pleased that we were able to do a full three course meal before the ballet without feeling rushed at all. Thanks everyone for all your help it was much appreciated.

Mar 04, 2010
spotonjane in New Orleans

pre-theatre dinner next saturday - pelican club or gw fins

Hi All,

I am planning on taking my S.O. to a pre-theatre dinner next Saturday and have the options down to the Pelican Club and GW Fins. Never been to either and the menus both look good. Any suggestions for a nice, but reasonably quick romantic meal.


Feb 19, 2010
spotonjane in New Orleans

Bananas Foster + Football ???

Asking for a friend who posed this fairly bizarre question. Apparently, he would like to indulge in some bananas foster tonight while watching the bcs game. I have racked my brain and my only idea is the Hermes bar at Antoine's - but not sure if Antoine's does bananas foster. Anyway, I found this question oddly entertaining but was wondering if anyone had any ideas - for instance if any of the old line places that might have it: brennan's, arnaud's, etc. have bars where the game might be playing.

Thanks for any help

Jan 07, 2010
spotonjane in New Orleans

Cheesesteaks in NOLA?

Hi everyone. My girlfriend just moved to town and has been recently crazing cheesesteaks. We are located uptown but are willing to travel for anything special. Thanks in advance for any ideas

Sep 24, 2009
spotonjane in New Orleans

lunch recommendation around grand central

Hi - I'm an out of towner looking for a recommendation for lunch tomorrow around Grand Central - walking distance would be preferred but I am open to a short subway ride for something spectacular. Looking at a price of $25 or less pp (there will be 2), no need for reservations. Cuisine wise I am unfussy but would prefer something a little more unusual than a burger. Thanks for any suggestions in advance!!

Aug 10, 2009
spotonjane in Manhattan

Disappointing food trip to NOLA (very long review)

I am 98% sure that there is a side outside at Cooter's saying that it is over 21 after 8pm which leads me to believe that before then kids should be fine

Jun 29, 2009
spotonjane in New Orleans

peking duck?

Sorry to add to the confusion, but in the UK a dish which outweighs the roasted or peking duck in popularity is something called Crispy Aromatic Duck - like the roast duck but deep fried and then shredded at the table. There is a good chance that the OP actually tried this regional version. No way to be sure - but if anyone knows a place where i can find a reasonable fascimile in the LA area let me know - it is delicious and one of my all time favorite "chinese" dishes

Mar 28, 2009
spotonjane in Los Angeles Area

Tulane/NO visit need dining help

HI Sharon,

Good to hear you're coming to take a look at Tulane - I'm currently attending law school at Tulane and can say only good things about the school and area. For dining around the University area, there are certainly great options, particularly in the Riverbend area where St. Charles meets Carrolton.

For a dinner in the Tulane area I would suggest Ciro's Cote Sud on Maple Street, which is a little French and Italian style bistro (mostly french influenced entrees but also really good pizza) that is one of my personal walking distance to school favorites. Also I would look at Jacques-Imo's for a unique New Orleans experience. I think Jacques-Imo's has a mixed reputation on this board but for me it is enjoyable as much for the atmosphere as for the food - which I also have found to be very nice, just prepare for a wait on a busy night .

Sunday brunch I would definately suggest Dante's Kitchen - seconding everybody elses opinion, which is a meal I have repeatedly taken out of towners to with rave reviews all around. Really great little place once again in the Riverbend area. Since you have time I think it is definitely worth the trip.

Last for breakfast in the area of your hotel, Mother's is a good bet and further uptown I would go for Camelia Grill as pointed out by Hungry Celeste.

Have a great trip!

Jan 08, 2009
spotonjane in New Orleans

Creative wine bars?

I think wino might be right up your alley. I have to confess I haven't made it there personally but have received some rave reviews. I think the way it works is you get a card which you can use to buy tastes, half glasses, or full glasses. The computerized system certainly qualifies as unusual - although i think it ends up in a regular glass at the end of the day.

Jan 08, 2009
spotonjane in New Orleans

Help with a family visit

Hi everybody - my family is coming to visit me for a couple of days in a about a week and I wanted to get some advice on where I should take them for some good NOLA dining. I have some dinner plans but have a couple of questions that hopefully you guys can help me with. One important note is that 2 of our party of 4 do not eat seafood due to allergies - so just be aware of that when suggesting good joints - thanks.

1. Need a breakfast place in the CBD near Poydras and St. Charles - nothing fancy, but definitely something passable and cheap - within walking distance.

2. Thursday night - quick and easy dinner in the Riverbend. They will have just gotten off a looong flight and easy comfort food is what I'm looking for. I was thinking about Camelia Grill but am a little worried about the line and seating 4. Alternatives?

3. How is Willie Mae's Scoth House doing? I've been meaning to go for a while and was thinking about it for lunch. Is this the place to be or should I be looking elsewhere, Dookie Chase, etc.?

4. How does Crescent City Steakhouse stack up. We are all carnivores so a nod to Crescent City or alternative recommendation (not looking to break the bank).

5. We're on a bit of a budget but are looking to do one nicer dinner. The upper echelons of NOLA dining are probably still out of the picture - looking for casual but upscale (so not interested in the Stella!'s August's or Bayona's - sorry not my choice). However I was thinking either Jacques Imo's - which has the advantage of being close to my house, or trying one of the reveillon menus at a NOLA classic like Antoine's or Galatoire's. I would prefer to do a reveillon menu but an worried about the need for non-seafood options. Any rec's - let me know.

6. Last but not least - lunch spots and other meals - here is my tentative list - are there any glaring errors??
-Coop's Place
-Ciro's Cot Sud

Thanks in advance for any help. Its the first time my families been out here (and the first time grad school is letting me out of the library) - so I really want to get a good taste of what my adopted city has to offer.

Dec 11, 2008
spotonjane in New Orleans

Best catfish poboy

I personally love the cat fish poboy at Dunbar's on the Loyola campus. While their fried chicken is excellent it tends to be pre-fried and under heat lamps - however the catfish is fried to order and never disappoints. Great cheap uptown fix.

Dec 10, 2008
spotonjane in New Orleans

do any bars still have decent, cheap drinks??

I went to a place in Sierra Madre just past Pasadena off the 210 called the buccaneer a few weeks ago that might fit the bill. I went on a weekend and the atmosphere was so-so, definately a locals place with a vaguely pirate-ish theme and a not-so impressive band playing. The plus side. The drinks were fantastically cheap and extremely stiff. A jack and coke (strong) weighed in at $3 and a tumbler filled to the brim full of Glenlivet was $6.50. Definitely a great place to go it you want to get happy for under $15. One note is that the bar is cash only.

Jul 16, 2008
spotonjane in Los Angeles Area

Kebobs on Eagle Rock Blvd

The place is called Mediterranean Triangle. I've been there a couple of times and think it is pretty good overall. For the price, the quality of the meat is really good and the sandwiches are pretty good as well.

Jun 08, 2008
spotonjane in Los Angeles Area

where can i get abita purple haze?

Yup, I was there the other day and saw Purple Haze on the shelves

May 19, 2008
spotonjane in Los Angeles Area

Sushi Nishi-ya in Glendale

Another rave review here. I went last night with my girlfriend and we were the only people in the restaurant. However, the service was lovely and the sushi was absolutely excellent. Favorites were the albacore, seabass, and salmon two ways. Unfortunately we filled up quickly so we didn't get to some of the more exotic offerings, but the quality of the fish was world class. The meal was expensive (I am a student, so everything seems expensive) - but it was a special occasion and at $115 including tip I still feel like I got a bargain considering the quality of the meal and how much I would have to spend to get a similar omasake experience in my hometown of London. All in all it was a great meal, I hope this place gets enough business to survive as I would love to make a return visit when my pocketbook recovers.

Dec 19, 2007
spotonjane in Los Angeles Area

Uptown Food Delivery

I tried World's Healthiest Pizza a couple of days ago and thought it was pretty good. The crust felt a little denser then normal pizza, but otherwise it was spot on. They have all kinds of coupons and deals on their webpage which are also helpful for fellow broke students

Sep 25, 2007
spotonjane in New Orleans

Best Happy Hour in Old Town Pasadena?

I am a fan of Sushi Roku's happy hour, which is 5-6:30 in the bar area only (I believe) and all night on Mondays. A selection of drinks, hand rolls, and other hot and cold appetizers are $3 a piece. Although I have never been a huge fan of the main restaurant, Roku's happy hours is one of the best deals I have found in the Pasadena area.

Jul 28, 2007
spotonjane in Los Angeles Area

cochinita pibil

I recommend Villas Durango on York Blvd in Highland Park. Good cochinita pibil and amazingly cheap beer.

May 08, 2007
spotonjane in Los Angeles Area

ISO A Romantic Restaurant In or Around Pasadena

I really Shiro in South Pas. for a romantic evening. The decor might be a bit dated but the food, service, and overall experince are top notch

Feb 14, 2007
spotonjane in Los Angeles Area