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Looking for advice on a three-day trip to MSP

Fantastic! Much appreciated.

I don't leave Sea-Tac until Thursday afternoon, so I haven't reached The Cities just yet. But safe to say we're really looking forward to a weekend of fantastic eating.

Looking for advice on a three-day trip to MSP

Only a few days before our trip, but I wanted to check in with the MSP Chowhounders and see if anyone has ventured out to Ginger Hop yet? The reviews coming in sound fantastic. And the menu seems right up my alley.

Thanks again for all the great suggestions. There will be a full trip report upon our return.

Looking for advice on a three-day trip to MSP

TC Chowhounders: These are all excellent recommendations. Thank you. Ngon Bistro, NE Bulldog and Brasa are definitely going on our list. Town Hall Brewery looks great too. Reminds me of Naked City Tap House here in Seattle.

Looking for advice on a three-day trip to MSP

Couple of foodies from Seattle flying into MSP on Oct. 1, ostensibly to visit a graduate school at UMTC and see if we'd like living in the area. The other reason is to wreak a path of destruction on area restaurants.

We're planning to visit these places, but wanted to consult fellow Chowhounders and see what else should be added to the list. Some places come from personal experience, and others from trusted sources (like Heavy Table).

112: In two previous trips to the Twin Cities, we've eaten here three times. Still have dreams about the Tres Leches cake.

Saffron: Heard nothing but superlatives about the Mediterranean place across the street from 112. We're big on the small-plate style of dining (more to choose from, natch).

Nook's: Big fans of Jucy Lucys. I know there are a lot of options out there, but the consensus seems to be that Nook's and Matt's Bar are two of the best. Certainly open to recommendations.

Hell's Kitchen: One of the best breakfasts I've ever had. The Huevos Rancheros blew my mind.

Sea Salt Eatery: Haven't been here, but the idea of good Oyster Po'boys intrigues me. I've heard some of the detractors complain about the long lines. But most reviews online suggest SSE is worth it.

So that's four places down, and we're hoping to squeeze in a few more.

We have a car and are staying downtown, but willing to travel. We're not looking for anything super expensive or chi-chi. Any cuisine works; we're not picky. Local ingredients are a plus. Thanks!

Lunch spots on or around the I-80 corridor in Wyoming

I'm about to embark on a cross-country road trip (New York City to Seattle), and most of my food stops have been planned out.

One problem is, though, that I can't find anything for my drive from Denver to SLC. I'm leaving Denver in the morning, and should arrive in Salt Lake that evening (weather permitting), but if anyone who's scouted the area or taken that trip can send along a few recommendations, it would be much appreciated.

Nov 30, 2008
jeremyc28 in Hawaii