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Nice Brunch in KC

My favorite Brunches in Kansas City besides the Bristol are probably Lydia's and the M&S Grill. Lydia's even does brunch on Saturdays last I heard.

Sep 12, 2010
vmarker in Great Plains

Indianapolis Breakfast

I googled Shapiros, Peppy Grill and Maxine's. Thank you for all the suggestions...I would love more if others have them. Shapiros, is definatly an option so it will stay on the short list. Maxine's unfortuantly is not open early enough as our plan is to be up at 7, eating around 7:30 and be leaving and heading to DC by 9 or even earlier.

Peppy Grill is DEFINATLY staying on the short list. While I have not found a menu, this is the kind of place I LOVE to eat at. Even if I don't get to eat there this trip, my husband and I plan to head this way again in the future. I love Diners, Pancake Houses and Greek Diners.

Indianapolis Breakfast

We have a hotel near the airport, so we will be on the west side near 70. 50 bucks is definatly WAY too much for just the two of us. That is why I mentioned stuff like orginal Pancake House. I have eaten at LePeep and u r correct the food there is good.

Has anyone hear of the Blueberry Hill or there was another Pancake House south of 70 on I think it is called 465. Thanks for all the help...I appreciate it.

Indianapolis Breakfast

My best friend and I are leaving on a major road trip a week from this next Saturday. We are so excited to go. We are leaving KC on Saturday evening, so we will likely pick something fast up in St. Louis for dinner.

The plan is to get up and have a great breakfast before we leave Indianapolis. Can anyone give me some GREAT places, not far off I70. I LOVE Orginal Pancake house, but am not sure where they are there. Would like to be maybe no further then 10 or 15 minutes if that. I also DO NOT want Waffle House.

Can anyone help?

Kansas City Brunch

My husband and I love going to the Northland and eating at Em Chamas. it is a Brazilian Steakhouse and you cane make reservations on Open Table. If you google it you can learn about it if you have never heard of one, but we LOVE them, and this one has GREAT food.

I-70 Between KC and Denver?

That is cool. i was talking to my husband last night and I told him next time we are out that way I am totally open to trying them now that I hear from someone else who does not care for White Castle but liked Cozy.

Jun 19, 2009
vmarker in Great Plains

Springfield to KC to STL to Chicago - roadtrip recs please !

I am a big Pulled Pork Eater. I HATE Ribs. But if you don't like Pork then go for Brisket. Either one is usually a winner so it just depends on what ya want.

Springfield to KC to STL to Chicago - roadtrip recs please !

I would agree with both of your suggestions for Cozy Dog and Charlie Parkers. I also enjoyed the food at Cheddars while we were there. But if you are just stopping to snack or meal go with the other two.

If you leave St. louis early in the morning then go to charlie parkers for breakfast or lunch. But if you are getting to Springfield, IL around just a snack time the go to the cozy dog drive-in. My husband and I did that and just got two cozy's and some fries. i will warn you the food is greasy, I got a little ill later from the grease, but it was well worth it.

When you are in Chicago you did not say what part you would be staying in. But I definatly suggest Portillos/with a Bernali's if you can find it. But if not that is ok too. My husband works for a company near Chicago so we go quite a bit and he HAS to eat there everytime. Another MUST have for us is Lou Malnati's Deep Dish Pizza. There are a few great places but this is our favorite.

If you are down on Micigan Ave, there are several things that are great, but definatly stop at Garett's Popcorn, there might be a long line but it is so yummy. If you have time to do some sight seeing definatly take Michigan Ave to the river and take a boat tour. They do a sunset cruise that will take you out on Lake Michigan that is a lot of fun. If you want something fancier, and a little pricier try making reservations at Topalobompo. I think that is how ya spell it. it is Rick Bayless' restaurant. The food is AMAZING.

Happy Travels

I-70 Between KC and Denver?

I am glad you were able to let us know. I think my big thing with White Castle is I can not stand a soggy bun and when I asked my aunt about it she said that it was like that at Cozy Inn, so I said NO way. I love Chowhound though because what I heard is not what you experienced there. It is awsome that we can all help each other find great food whereever we go.

Jun 18, 2009
vmarker in Great Plains

I-70 Between KC and Denver?

We were in Salina a month ago for a graduation and we were told to eat at a few different places. Some we tried, others we did not but were told they were very good.

For dinner one night we ate at Tucson's. This place was pretty good price and portion wise. We enjoyed it because the portions were the CORRECT size. We got an appitizer that was perfect for two without being overfilling, followed by our dinners were a great size and very tastey. We finished with dessert, I believe it was the brownie which now having been there, I probalby would skip dessert and go to my next recommendation.

Bogey's is a great place if you are going through and want something a little more fun. I have read they have three locations, we only visited one. But they have the THICKEST milkshakes I have every seen with TONs of flavors. Just google Bogey's Salina and click on the first link, it will help you so much. They have burgers and stuff as well. We took my father who is SUPER picky about milkshakes being really thick. He wants them to stand up on their own I think. He LOVED it. He said his chili cheese nacho's were okay, HUGE portion but he would probalby skip next time. I had a burger and fries that were pretty good, not the best but good.

Someone else mentioned Brookville in Abeline, My aunt says the food is wonderful, we did not go through as it was her son graduatin and he wanted to have Chili's for dinner (crazy kid). LOL

They also told us Cozy Inn is good, but much like White Castle and I can NOT stand WC. My husband on the other hand LOVES WC. So that might help you decide. ANd I hear WC is like Crystal Burger also.

If you google Bogey's though, that first website has a TON of places in Salina listed to help you out. Happy travels

Jun 18, 2009
vmarker in Great Plains

KC and OP(KS) for Lunch

Some chain, there are only 2 of them in the United states. One here and one in Colorado. In my opinion a chain would need to be more then something you can get in more then two places. As for Lidia's there she owns six places, only two are actually called Lidia's and outside of NYC, there is one location in PA and the one here.

And by the zataar, you are kinda rude. Just because she asked for no chains, which I feel these two places are not the same thing as Granite City, Chili's or Applebee's or any other traditional chain. But if you wnt to call Cinzetti's a chain then so is Lidia's.

And to the orginal poster of this question, I am sorry if I was confusing on the location. Lidia's is south of downtown, which I mistakenly wrote first the RiverMarket, however did write it correctly in the next sentence. But apparently some of the places I mentioned were not appropriate for your question. I hope you have a lovely visit to KC.

KC Dinner and Breakfast Suggestions (kid friendly)

I suggest Eggcetra for Breakfast. It is just south of the plaza and has some great dishes. Also for something really fun for your son, you could take him to Fritz's in Crown Center ...I believe that is where it is. But you place your order on a telephone and then it is dropped by a train at your table. I am not sure about the quality but I hear it is super fun for the kids.

There is Kalidescope in Crown Center too as well as shows and stuff if you go on to their website. They also have the Crayola Cafe.

Also out in the Legends is the TREX restaurant. It is part of the Rainforest Cafe Chain. Food is good from what I hear, not stellar. But fun atmosphere as long as he does not get scared easily. Otherwise I can not think of anything geared toward kids. Hope it helps a little.

KC and OP(KS) for Lunch

I personally reall enjoy Haywards. I will eat there a million times over Gates but that is because I HATE Gates Sauce. I also did not like OK JOe's sides. Their BBQ was pretty good but don't get the beans or slaw. They were nasty, the fries were pretty good though.

Now my husband likes Gates sauce...and all the other places. He agrees with me regarding the sides at OK JOe's though.

As for places to have lunch I will have to think about that, but I LOVE Cinzetti's Italian Buffet. I like their dinner's better then lunch, and their brunch on Sat and Sun is pretty good as well. If you want a Sunday brunch place before you head home try the Bristol also. You can make reservations there through Open makes it much easier to get a seat. Hereford House does a pretty good one too, but it changes and I have found my fondness to be inconsistant. But the Bristol is my fav in OP. If you don't mind a short drive to the RiverMarket area go to the Pasta Tasting Trio Brunch at Lydia's. It is south of Downtown KC. It is awesome food and the brunch is I think the best time to go.

Trip from Chicago to Pittsburgh, Canton/Cleveland, and Indianapolis.

Thank you for all the suggestions. My husband is also reading the responses and I am sure he will find several great things to try here. espeically the tacos one. We love getting real Carne Asada Tacos and things so that would be awesome to try.

Trip from Chicago to Pittsburgh, Canton/Cleveland, and Indianapolis.

Anything really. We love comfort food. We also enjoy seafood (I don't eat crustations, but will eat Salmon and other fishes). We would like something that is not horribly expensive. And we do NOT want anything we can get here. So we try to stay away from chains unless they are either not here or mainly in the area we are visiting.

Trip from Chicago to Pittsburgh, Canton/Cleveland, and Indianapolis.

We will be there in July also. And yes I will definatly post here after we return or even along the way so I don't forget were we ate. LOL.

We are definatly doing the Incline. I am terrified of heights but my friends husband says that it is totally worth it. I can not wait to get the camera up there. We are gonna do it at night so I am very stoked. LOL.

Trip from Chicago to Pittsburgh, Canton/Cleveland, and Indianapolis.

Thank you so much. We will actually be going to Falling Water on Saturday so the Pie place might be a GREAT lunch or Breakfast place that morning (pie for breakfast ROCKS!!). We were going to take a lot of direction from our friends since they are from the area but now we also have a few places to look at doing either by ourselves or suggesting to them and see what they think. We had decided we probably won't have time for the Fort, but we are planning to see both houses and Ohiopyle as well as we may end up doing a couple other things. We will actually be leaving Uniontown and going into Pittsubrg one night to do the Incline and spend the night there so that we can do the Zoo the next morning bright and early. Before getting on the road.

Again thank you so much for the suggestions. I will have to come back and update the thread on where we did eat. We have NEVER been to PA, or OH for that matter and I have never been to IN...LOL...

Trip from Chicago to Pittsburgh, Canton/Cleveland, and Indianapolis.

Thank you for the recommendation. I looked at the menu with my husband and is definatly a little high and I don't know that I would be happy eating there. I am more of a downhome girl. Not to say I can not eat a really nice dinner out, but I think we would be more inclined for somewhere with great fish and seafood or steaks for a really nice dinner. I Love Salmon when cooked right and DH loves his steak. DH will eat anything, myself though I am not the biggest fan of mushrooms, and I will not eat any crustations, duck, lamb or anything like that.

Again thank you for the recommendation.

Trip from Chicago to Pittsburgh, Canton/Cleveland, and Indianapolis.

Hi, I am interested in finding some great places to eat along our route.

My husband and I will be leaving Chicago at about Noon, arriving in Uniontown, PA (South of Pittsubrgh) about 10pm according to what I am reading. This includes a little bit of time for stopping for gas. I am wanting somewhere possibly for lunch back toward were we will be starting (We know great places in the NW Suburbs of Chicago but maybe something after we leave Chicago instead would be fun to try). Then we would like something for dinner when we either get to the Pittsburgh area or just before. We will be traveling on a Friday evening so some places might be open later. We will be going I80/I90 route. If there is something worth trying before we get to PA please let us know. We might be willing to stop for dinner sooner, rather then later.

When we leave there it will be evening, however we are going to Canton/Cleveland area for a couple days so if you know some great places in that area that we should definatly hit please let me know. We will then be in Indianapolis for a couple days also, so great places there would be awesome too. We would like to stay reasonably priced for all meals, with some inexpensive ones thrown in and maybe a more expensive place a couple times, but no more then about 60 bucks for a couple. We would be drinking water or tea, no alcohol. Thanks.


Trip from Kansas City to Sioux Falls, SD..need help please!!

Yep, that is the name. Nutty's. We went to the one near the mall. The food was okay. Frozen Drinks SUCKED!!. LOL. They were really pretty awesome. But the prices were good so i can see why it was a great place for college people.

I want a Breadsmith so bad here at home. I could nto believe how amazing their bread was.

Jun 04, 2009
vmarker in Great Plains

Trip from Kansas City to Sioux Falls, SD..need help please!!

Thank you for all your recommendations. I guess I should have come back on here and said that we had went and came home. LOL.

Some of your suggestions though were good ones as we did go to some of the places.

Our first day we went to the Orginal Pancake House for breakfast and it was AWESOME. I had the pineapple pancakes with tropical syrup and my sister had the pecan pancakes. We were so excited that we actually went here the second morning. LOL. That morning I had the pancake, sausage and eggs...OMG it was so yummy I wish we had one of these here. My sister had the chocolate chip pancakes that were so filled that she did not even desire the chocolate sauce they give you with it. Our third morning we decided to leave for home early so we did not stop for breakfast until we got part way home.

For our first lunch we went to Bracco. The food was good, but a little high priced. I had a pasta dish with capers and salmon in a lemon cream sauce. It was really good, but I questioned the prices for the portion. The drinks looked AWESOME and were pretty reasonably priced. They told us that it was a pretty kicken place at night. My sister ate the flatbread chicken pizza. She thought it was definatly overpriced for the size, but said that it was pretty good.

For dinner one night we went to a place not too far from our hotel. For the life of me i can not remember the name of it, but they were known for having the only frozen drink bar in South Dakota. There were two locations but the food was not that great and the drinks kinda sucked. Prices were good, which wish the food would have been better.

On Saturday (second day) we went to the Mall and spent most of our day there. There was a huge cake decorating contest going on that was really fun to watch. So while we were there we just did lunch in the food court. For dinner we did venture out to RedRosa because of the recommendations we had gotten. The food was good...but I definatly would not say it is the best I have had.

Overall we were pretty disappointed with our decisions. i so wish i would have had your reccomendations before we went.

one GREAT thing we did find was the Breadsmith Bakery. They make different breads each day along with a list of everyday ones. We brought several loafs home and OMG they were awesome. I even made their rasin into a bread pudding that was so yummy..

We had a good time on our trip, just wish we would have done a little different for food.

Thanks for all the help.

Jun 02, 2009
vmarker in Great Plains

Ethnic Groceries in KC Metro

Oh if you have not had the fresh tortilla's then please venture to the one I gave. It is awesome. They have both flour and corn. They have so much stuff. Like I said because it is so far I don't get to go much, but if I could I would shop there ALL the time. LOL. The ones you listed are really far away. But we might give them a shot when we are on that side of the city. I totally agree with that gas filled packaging...just makes the meat taste so FAKE!

Low key bbq in KC

Sorry this is so long, but I forgot to add some websites...This is some reviews for The filling station.

Holy Smokes---I TOTALLY say you should try.

Summit Hickory Pit

Low key bbq in KC

We have a little place that we LOVE. It is called Holy Smoke's. It is located in Lee's Summit. Not sure where you will be staying, but it is near 50 HWY and 3rd Street, in the same shopping center as Side Pockets. My favorite is the pulled pork sandwhich (the big one as I love the bun they use). My husband has a sandwhich that has three meats and is huge too. Now I am not saying AB's huge, but it is definatly enough to fill ya up. Get the side of Sweet Potato Fries. Husband likes the baked beans.

Here in Lee's Summit there is also Summit Hickory Pit, I don't think it is a chain but it might be. Their food is really good too, but is not a dive. My husband loves to get Ribs there. We often go here when my husband wants bbq and I don't, because while I LOVE their beans, I also really like their Chicken Strips. Husband has not complained about anything he has had there.

We also have The Filling Station, which is a tiny place located in an OLD filling station. It is in Downtown Lee's Summit across an intersection from Dairy Queen. We have not eaten here but hear the food is good. I don't go out for BBQ much because i think my husbands is great so i don't care for paying. LOL But we have heard the food is really good.

We enjoy Haywards when we are on the OVP side of the city, but like our neighborhood. But again, not really undiscovered. I love the brisket and the FRENCH FRIES...OMG now I want some. LOL

Ethnic Groceries in KC Metro

My favorite store is a Price Chopper near 56th and Roe. It is much like the mexican grocery's in the Chicago area. I know it is not what many would think of a typical ethnic grocery, but seriously it is like NO other PC I have ever been to. I drive from the south east side of Lee's Summit just to go to the store and get fresh tortilla's, meats, produce and anything else that looks like it will make me happy. I can't go all the time but man is a trip when I can.

Italian grocery store/deli in KC

Cuipini's...that is the place I was thinking about. Did not like their Canoli's but their other desserts have been good so far. Pasta is not bad, the time we went it was a little overcooked but their pizza is good. And the one in lee's Summit sells sauces and pasta frozen as well as some salads and a few meats so that might be something at all of them. Google them and you will find they have 3 or 4 locations in the metro so you might find one close to you.

Italian grocery store/deli in KC

I don't think KC has what you are looking for. I am sorry to tell you that. My husband lived in Chicago for 10 months and still works there so about once a year I go up there and I but a ton of pasta, and 2 or 3 cases of crushed tomatos.

The place at the KC Farmer's Market is good to find some things, but it is small and does not have a lot. But they have a meat counter, although I don't know that they make sausage but they do sell prochutto, some pasta, balsamic, olive oil and other things. Definatly worth checking out.

I am not sure of any sausage places here, however Whole Foods in Overland Park does make their own sausages. This is the best italian sausage we have found here
You can buy it at almost all the local grocery stores. They also make meatballs that are really good. There is an italian restaurant that I can not think of the name but they do sell a few desserts, I LOVE canoli's but theirs are not good. the other desserts I have had from there were very good though.

We do have some good restaurants here if you get a chance to check them out. Lydia's is great especially for Sunday Brunch. We love to go for the pasta tasting trio.

If you want cheaper but pretty good, Cinzetti's out in Overland Park is a buffet place with pretty good desserts, cesar salad and other things. And then alot of people here swear by Garrozzo's..i am not a huge fan, but it is okay. I know restaurants were not what you asked for, but it might make your stay here a little more bearable if you can at least have some decent food.

I am gonna follow your journey though to see if you find out more.

Trip from Kansas City to Sioux Falls, SD..need help please!!

Thanks, We are not scheduled to go for a few weeks, but will try and post when we get back. My sister is not much of a Japanese or Sushi person, but I definatly think the others might be contendars. Now if we can get a great brunch/breakfast place that is not IHOP or Perkins...I saw the Orginial Pancake House, so we might go there.

Mar 28, 2009
vmarker in Great Plains

Trip from Kansas City to Sioux Falls, SD..need help please!!

Hey everyone, my sister and I are heading from KC to Sioux Falls. We have never been there but decided to go on a road trip. We are looking for great food and things to do. It is just the two of us. Any information would be wonderful.

My sister also would like to visit a winery while we are there. i see that there are four of them in the area, which one is the best. I hate wine, so I only want to visit one.

I look forward to hearing from anyone who can help us have a great weekend.

Mar 08, 2009
vmarker in Great Plains

Three days in Kansas City-where to go?

Wow...well my first suggestion would be to go back through old will find a TON of places. You did not really say if you had kids with you but some of my favorite places that you might not have where you live include: The Melting Pot, Lydia's, Jack Stack BBQ. If you have a vehicle then check out a Sunday Brunch. Lydia's, a couple Hereferd Houses and the Plaza Steak House and Bristol in Leawood....All of these places take reservations. Check out Open You can make tons of reservations online before you even get here. It does not have all of the places to eat on it, but has a lot to choose from.

Recently we tried our first Brazilian Steakhouse here in KC. My husband lived in Chicago for 9 months and we ate at all kinds of places there including a couple of these places. We went to Amor De brazil and while it might not be as good as my favorite one in the chicago area, it was darn good and I can not wait to go back. If you are not familar with the concept. You are seated and asked for a drink order by your server. On the table next to your plate is a disk, one side green one side red. Youa re then directed toward their Salad Area where you will find prepared salads, breads, and other various things that are not on a Typical salad bar. There are also the traditional Brazilian rice and beans. Once you are at your table eat at your own pace. When you are ready for the main course flip your disk and prepare to go crazy. LOL. I believe Amor has 15 or so cuts of meat that men in gouchos will bring around and carve at your table. Your server will also bring the tradiitonal brazilian cheese bread along with Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Fried Polenta and Bananas. It is all YUMMY!!!

These are just a few of my for Sunday Brunch I suggest Lydia's if you don't go for dinner...either way you won't be disappointed. But if you go to Lydia's for dinner then check out Plaza Three for Brunch...they do Crab Legs, Prime rib, smoked fish, Blintzes, traditional breakfast, salad, fruit and made to order omelts and waffles. For desert try their cream brulee, inside out carrot cake or anything else from the dessert is all included and if I remember right iced tea, coffee and water are included with the price. You will not leave hungry.