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Adult Superhero Birthday Party

I am planning a 40th birthday party for my BF.
He is a huge superhero/comic fan.
The idea is to serve kicked up kids food. ie, gourmet grilled cheese sandwitches, mini sliders etc. Not serving a full meal, either passed hors doeuvres or food stations. Will be between 40-50 guests.
Do you know of any catering companies that could accomodate this type of menu?
Or any other kicked up kids good suggestions???

Dynasty - status?

I went to the Dynasty on Sunday for Dim Sum.
Asked the "closing " question.
Was told that they are not closing. Rumors of them being bought are not true as the big boss is saying he would never sell.

Your favorite non-commercial peanut butter available in the GTA?

It's not peanut but President's choice makes an almond butter that is just too good.
It is part of their blue label line. Need to get the crunchy.

Dim Sum suggestions, not richmond hill......

Going for dim sum this Sunday. Have to be at Lawrence West and Jane first.
Any recommendations on a good place that is not too far from that area??
Would prefer not to have to go to Richmond Hill.

Chinese Sizzling rice dish / soup

China House on Eglinton has it.

Where to find Chistorra Sausage in Toronto?

Need some assistance, I just got back from Los Cabos Mexico and had the most deliscous sasusage called Chistorra. Anyone know somewhere in Toronto that would have it!!
Thank you

Yet another Yorkville post- upscale dinner options with decent food- at a similar price/quality/comfort level to Caren's or L'Unita...where else?

Try the Octopus appetizer, soooo good.

Best Single Order of Steak in Toronto

I am not a lover of their steaks but they make the best Caesar Salad tableside and the garlic bread is yummy.

Unfussy good, good food at Yonge/Bloor?

That sounds awful.
Cafe Nervosa in mind has improved. They have a bit of a new menu.
Their Octopus appetizer is yummy!!

The Fifth

Is JP Chalet still the chef?

Barberian's - The One and Only (long)

I went to Barberians last night after reading this post.
They do not have the Waguy anymore. All of their beef is usda prime except for the filet which in Ontario.
Had a very yummy meal. Service was excellent, especially Christine the sommelier who is a gem.
Onion rings were too good.

Looking for a great restaurant by the Winter Garden Theatre

Any other suggestions for "great" restaurant, something within walking distance preferable.
Thank you

best dishes at Mistura?

The Lamb Ribs to start are so yummy.

Looking for a great restaurant by the Winter Garden Theatre

Looking for a great restaurant by the Winter Garden Theatre for an early dinner on a Sunday night.
Suggestions appreciated.
Thank you in advance

Open Xmas for dinner...near BAY & BLOOR

Vaticano on Belair is open on Christmas Day.
Great Italian food.

Lawry's Garlic Spread

Thanks for suggestion however I took a look at their website and it looks like it is pretty much just plane chopped garlic. Not the same affect or consistency of the spread.

Lawry's Garlic Spread

The appeal is that it has no butter. Some family members won't eat butter. Nothing to do with the calories.

Xmas day Dim Sum restaurants open?

Pink Pearl down by the Harbour Front is open

Lawry's Garlic Spread

Wow, that sounds hard core. The only thing I used to use it for was garlic bread. Would mix the spread with olive oil to make a paste. Then cut slice into the french loaf, apply spread and sprinkle paremsian cheese and bake in foil.
It's not so much a dairy thing as a no butter or margarine thing.

Lawry's Garlic Spread

thanks for the info, will try and find it.

Lawry's Garlic Spread

thank you for the suggestion Googs, unfortunately dairy is a problem.

Lawry's Garlic Spread

Anyone know where I can find Lawyr's Garlic Spread. I haven't seen it in quite some time.
It used to come in a blue bottle. I have tried all the usual suspects, Loblaws etc..

One night in Phoenix??

I am going to be staying in Scottsdale at the Phonecian with my mom for one night next Sunday.
Would like a great restaurant to go for dinner.
Something not too far but on the higher end.
Suggestions are appreciated.
Thank you in advance!!

Nov 27, 2008
Foodie0423 in Southwest

ISO: dirty vodka martini with blue-cheese-stuffed olives

Try the bar at Morton's. They definatly have blue cheese olives and they are yummy.
Barry the bartender is great too!!!

Good lunch spots at Yonge and St. Clair?

Franco has actually sold both Franco's and Imperia, should be interesting to try now that he is no longer the owner.
Imperia is now called Blu.

Thai Food- Delivery

Thanks Minnow, will check them out!

Thai Food- Delivery

Looking for recommendations for a Thai restaurant that will deliver in the Queen West area!!

Best caesar SALAD in the GTA?

Hands Down, best caesar salad is at the Ocotogon. They make it at the table in front of you with the wooden bowl. So yummy.........

Special Birthday Celebration-Fine Dining??

I am looking for a special restaurant to take my mom for her 60th birthday.
We are a foodie family, frequent restaurants like Il Posto, Pangea and Truffles on a regular basis.
Looking for something different that will be a true dining experience.
Something in downtown Toronto as we tend to eat a lot in the Yorkville area.
Any recommendations would be appreciated!!!