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Weird menu item at new Westerly, RI restaurant

Have gone to Bridge but just for lunch. I thought the lunch menu was rather unimaginative, I hate "building your own sandwich" if I wanted to build it I would make one at home. Also everything seemed to come with vegan mayo, and while I appreciate catering to those people, please think of just more then one accoutrement for all the sandwich's. Would still go back and try dinner.

Aug 24, 2010
lexyboo in Southern New England

Jeni's Ice Cream -- now at Formaggio Kitchen

I am from Columbus, living in RI now. Just went home in April and the first thing I did was run to Jeni's! The guy at the counter was soo nice he let me taste about EVERY flavor. I THEN had a small scoop of gravel road, gooey cake and brown butter almond brittle. The gravel road has always been my fav, have even mail ordred it, but the brown butter may be my new fav! Can't say enough about how wonderful this ice cream is!!!!

Jun 18, 2010
lexyboo in Greater Boston Area

Providence Restaurant WeekS 2009 July 12-25th

Ok..I get that but if you really can't afford the normal price but want to try one of the restaurants...which would be the one you choose?

Lunch in Mystic

I love any sandwich and salad at Mystic Market. They do have a few tables in the front of the market.

Apizzo Pizzeria Napoletana - Pawcatuck, CT

The Drunken Noodles at Rice Spice and Noodles in Mystic, i s YUMMY!!! Wide noodles!

Mystic restaurant for college tour

Westerly, 25 mins away? From Mystic?

Mystic restaurant for college tour

I always think AZU has a good atmosphere, about as hip as Mystic gets, lol.

Apizzo Pizzeria Napoletana - Pawcatuck, CT

Westerly/Pawcatuck does need more restaurants, but pizza is not what we need. I wish them well but doubt it will be on my go-to list.

interesting birthday dinner RI or southern CT

I love the Up River Cafe, but I live here in Westerly and was hoping to go somewhere new, any ideas, i do want to get out of the westerly, mystic, stonington area

interesting birthday dinner RI or southern CT

I wouldn't say my boyfriend is a foodie, but i want to take him somewhere for his birthday tomorrow and i'm at a loss, was thinking Ridizios in Prov(like i said he's not a foodie so i thought he would think it was fun) but the reviews for there are horrible! Please help, don't want to pay a whole weeks salary though.....thanks so much.

Westerly RI - Apizza

I went to Apizzo once so far, not impressed, would never compare it to Pepe's or Modern, i would drive from here in westerly to either one of those places before i would ever crave Apizzo. Pizza's are to small and to expensive, I will probably go back, only because I live here.

Best restuarant in Mystic/New London?? [moved from Manhattan board]

The Daniel Packer Inne, in mystic is cozy and romantic. I would think nice for a birthday. Other then that i would agree with The Up River Cafe, although it's rather expensive.

Newport: Drinks, Dinners and Post-Dinner Plans

there are colleges in newport and so yes! there is a night life. I dont know which ones are good, it's been years....but the bars are never hard to find.

Zara's in Ellington, CT--closed

I think somebody already posted about the new place yesterday, or so.

overnight in Nashua

Spent Sat. night in Nashua and per the chowhound board, tried Cocina Toscana. It was wonderful! Made a reservation for 7pm(glad we did). The place was hopping and we were seated right away. The only disapointment was we were seated at a very small table near the service window in a very high traffic area, we ordered table side ceaser salad and she couldn't bring the table right up to us because of the lack of space. Even though we didn't get to see our salad being made up close, it was very good. The bread and oil on the table was very good and the bread was so fresh and warm, i think my boyfriend overloaded on bread alone! I had the butternut squash ravioli and my BF had veal saltimbocca, both were very good and we left the restaurant so full we had to sit in the car in the parking lot and just rest for awhile!
We ended our evening having fancy martini's at Unum's, chocolate for him expresso for me and then we shared a pumpkin puree and apple cider martini with raosted pumpkin seeds on the rim.....very interesting. Haven't tried Unums for food, although their menu looks very good, but they have a nice bar and very enjoyable entertainment, good ending to a romantic evening!

Saffron Bistro Nashua NH--This place is cooking!

Where is this restaurant located?

Foxwoods Food and Wine or Newport Mansions Food and Wine this weekend

Since I heard it's supposed to rain, somewhere between 2-6 inches, I would opt fro the Foxwoods food and wine, I'm sure both are good, I know there are alot of famous chefs going to be at Foxwoods. Just previewed it on the Foxwoods website, that's alot of talent in one room!

block island recommendations

you mean there is food on Block Island? And here I always thought there was just booze, LOL!

Apple Picking in New England

just went to holmberg orchards in Gales Ferry CT. We picked raspberries, peaches, nectarine, and of course...apples. Loved the place and the shop was cute, even had a pear wine and hard cider tasting...yum yum

Nat Porters, warren RI

Went to Nat Porters on friday night, evening started out nice with a good drink in the cute little bar. The restaurant itself is very cute and has a lovely ambiance, that's where the good comments end. Let's start with our waitress. She couldn't be bothered to refill our drinks, bring us bread or even remove our appetizer plates....we were her only table. The Calamari was ok, nothing we haven't all had before. I had a tortellini with artichokes, sun dried tomatoes in a tomato cream sauce. If there was cream in the sauce, i missed it. The sauce tasted like it came from a jar and it was nothing i couldn't have made at home and prob better. My BF had chicken medallions with boursin cheese, I was excited about this dish since i love Boursin. This dish had the potential of being good, but was just dissapointing. Dry chicken chunks in a crock covered with cheese and broiled....yuk. Drove an hour to try this place and would not go back.

Sep 15, 2008
lexyboo in Southern New England

Nashua NH

Where exactly is Cocina Toscana?

Sep 03, 2008
lexyboo in Northern New England

Beachhead Tavern and Mohegan Brewery, Block Island, RI

I stayed in the rooms upstairs from there, was a cute room and great location, glad i skipped the restaurant!

Quick question re Kitchen Little in Mystic, CT

too funny i went there yesterday and my boyfriend and i had exactly the same things! Yum Yum, the wait wasn't long(we sat at the counter) but the place was packed and Flo(the owner) said it had been busy since 6:30 am when they opened...this was about 9:45

Nashua NH

I'm so sad to hear piccola's has had a downturn!!! I loved it there, the ceaser salad tableside was delicious, just had one in Cabo San Lucas, and it wasn't nearly as good as piccola's!

Sep 02, 2008
lexyboo in Northern New England

The new "My Mary's" Westerly

Ya know I live here and I saw an add on TV the other day for mary's and I thought it was an old one, didn't even know they reopened! It will never be what it used to be and it's a shame it was a great place....too bad.

Lunch around Westerly Thursday, outdoor seating

Oh well they call it tourist season, so why can't we shoot em!