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Potluck party

Where can I get big platter of pasta (italian) or noodles (asian) that could feed 10 ppl from a restaurant in Pasadena? I was thinking of Buca di Beppo. Any other suggestions?

Dec 04, 2007
piggie177 in Los Angeles Area

Hollywood Park Race Track Turf Club

Anyone eaten at the Turf Club restaurant inside the Hollywood Park Race Track? I got free tix to the Turf Club. Wondering how the food is at the restaurant?

Oct 02, 2007
piggie177 in Los Angeles Area

Opus tasting menu - (final?) review

sounds delicious. I was at Opus on Sat hoping for the tasting menu. the last of us (4 total) arrived around 9pm. Told us they ran out =( but they comped our meal of anything off the regular menu! they also gave us that egg mid-course you had. we were sad about not having the tasting menu but happy we didnt have to pay!

Oct 01, 2007
piggie177 in Los Angeles Area

Kado - AYCE sushi

Yes, the one at Farmer's Market/the Grove. Anyone been?

Jul 31, 2007
piggie177 in Los Angeles Area

Kado - AYCE sushi

Anyone been to Kado for AYCE sushi ($20)? What's on the AYCE menu? What type of nigiri and rolls do they have? Is it worth it?


Jul 31, 2007
piggie177 in Los Angeles Area

Does AYCD and AYCE Korean BBQ Exist?

What is this place called? Extra $7 for a bottle of soju then?

May 21, 2007
piggie177 in Los Angeles Area

Birthday Dinner for 12 - Kado, Izaka-ya, Tokyo Table, Gonpachi, Celadon

Which of these would be the best choice for a birthday dinner for 12 people? In terms of ambiance, space, food, price?

1. Kado
2. Izaka-ya
3. Tokyo Table
4. Gonpachi
5. Celadon

May 17, 2007
piggie177 in Los Angeles Area

AOC, Dominick's or Cobras & Matadors for a birthday dinner?

AOC! One of the best meals I've had. 5 people is a good size to order a nice variety of their tapas-style dishes. food at Dominick's is just not that great...very forgettable for me. Never tried C&M.

Mar 06, 2007
piggie177 in Los Angeles Area

Rank the Steakhouses

How would you compare each of these in terms of food?

Pacific Dining Car
L.A. Prime
The Lodge

Mar 06, 2007
piggie177 in Los Angeles Area

Lunch halfway between Downtown LA and Beverly Hills

Mayabe something on Larchmont? There's ChanDra Thai, the Greek place, couple of sushi places, Italian, etc.

Mar 06, 2007
piggie177 in Los Angeles Area

HELP! Birthday dinner for 30 ppl

I'm in search of a place to hold a birthday dinner for approx. 30 ppl. Semi-private or private room preferred or if the restaurant could hae a couple tables together that could hold 30 ppl. Flexible on locations - Pasadena, San Gabriel Valley, Downtown LA, Beverly Hills, Westside, Santa Monica, etc. Just not San Fernando Valley or Orange County. Flexible on cuisine as well - Japanese, Chinese, Buffet style, tapas, italian, Korean, etc. Some places I have in mind so far (pls add ur opinion on the appropriateness if you've been there!)

-Manna/Tahoe Galbi (kbbq)
-Kado Teppenyaki
-Musha Santa Monica
-Cima buffet
-Khoury's buffet
-any ideas appreciated!

Mar 05, 2007
piggie177 in Los Angeles Area

Kado Teppenyaki - Farmers Mkt/the Grove

I've read a few posts about this new place. I get the impression that it's like Benihana and a sushi restaurant in one? I'm looking for a place to celebrate a birthday...around 20 ppl. Would this place be a good place for that? Do they have a private room or a table big enuf for 20?

Mar 05, 2007
piggie177 in Los Angeles Area

takoyaki at ebisu

I recently tried the Takoyaki balls at Crepes in da Grip in Alhambra (Valley/Garfield). Although it is a Chinese place, the takoyaki balls were delicious!

Dec 27, 2006
piggie177 in Los Angeles Area

New Year's Eve Prix Fixe near Universal/Hollywood

Anybody know of any good new year's eve prix fixe dinners around Universal City or Hollywood area? Looking for something around $50 or less. Early seating OK.


Dec 27, 2006
piggie177 in Los Angeles Area

What to eat near Crystal Cathedral?

Going to check out Glory of Christmas at the Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove this wknd. Any recs for dinner? Maybe a good Korean place since GG is like a mini-ktown? I was thinking of Cafe Hiro in Cypress but it might be too far. Somewhere reasonably nice but not super fancy will do...prefer non-chains. thanks!!!

Dec 07, 2006
piggie177 in Los Angeles Area

Sushi Eyaki, Sushi Ozekii, Sushi Kushi Imai

Having sushi dinner in miracle mile area. Which of these 3 is best in terms of quality/price?

Sushi Eyaki (wilshire/highland)
Sushi Ozekii (san vicente/6th)
Sushi Kushi Imai (wilshire/san vicente)
Any other in the area?

Oct 28, 2006
piggie177 in Los Angeles Area

Best Shabu in SoCal

The one on La Brea and 8th is Shabu Shabu Ya. It just opened and I tried it last week. Meat quality is OK...but it is $20.95 for a regular beef (they also have large size and kobe beef). I'd much rather pay $9.99 for a slightly better meal at Zakuro in Little Tokyo.

Oct 28, 2006
piggie177 in Los Angeles Area

Banh Mi in L.A.

Anyone know of anywhere to get Banh Mi in L.A. west of Chinatown? Please also let me know how much they charge and taste compared to SGV/Little Saigon.


Oct 23, 2006
piggie177 in Los Angeles Area

sushi platters

looking for a place to get sushi party platters from for a party at home. anyone know of a good place? somebody suggested sushi boy...but not sure if it's any good?

Aug 28, 2006
piggie177 in Los Angeles Area

LA Hound Coming to NYC looking for GOOD FOOD

I'm coming from LA and will be in Manhattan for a week. Looking for a good place for each of these:

Any recommendations appreciated!!!

1) Sushi
2) Japanese Izakaya
3) Seafood/Oyster Bar
4) Asian Fusion
5) French (bistro)
6) Spanish Tapas
7) Good CHEAP NYC-only eats
8) Any other unique places!

On my list so far...
-Le Miu
-Sushi of Gari
-Basta Pasta
-Asia Roma

Jul 28, 2006
piggie177 in Manhattan