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The Worst Ramen Place Ever

shan, this is also a Chinese-run restaurant.

Where can I buy pork belly in Center City, Philly?

agreed: any Asian supermarket should carry it. if there is an H-Mart (Korean grocer) nearby, try them as Koreans eat their fair share of (BBQ) pork belly.

Nov 05, 2008
allabouttheCHOW in Pennsylvania

Baldwin Street

hi basileater: the last couple of times I went were within the past six months. not sure of any changes in ownership or the like but I was happy with the service (I find that when the owner--or one of them? is around, he makes sure things are done right, which is something I really adore about the service: they seem eager to please, which is not terribly common) as well as the food. I was tempted to have lunch there yesterday but I would have arrived just as the last few seats available during lunch would have been filled! :(

Baldwin Street

ah, got it. ;) it's probably me who missed something!

Le Pain Quotidien - Coming to Toronto?

saw it at the newly converted Dominion (now Metro, also from Quebec) at bathurst & lawrence the other day.

Baldwin Street

Wah Sing: Best place for Chinese lobster, though the rest of the dishes are overpriced, esp when you consider how little you can pay at any of the other Chinese restaurants nearby. Wait staff are very friendly and helpful.

Fujiyama: decent Japanese & Korean. Huge lunch menu, decently priced. Polite service.

Hana (Korean): decent, great (cheap) lunch specials, always busy then. Good service.

Hwa Sang: Chinese...also famous for their lobster but WS (upstairs) is better.

There's another place upstairs from Hua Sang, also Chinese but not worth it, unless all you want is a cheap lunch.

John's: Never understood why people love it so much.

Sambuca: love it; great lunch menu, service is good, food is fresh. Owner very nice.

Konnichiwa: meh~

Mata Hari: not bad but what's all the fuss about?

Thai Paradise: many noodle dishes way too greasy and overall the food is really nothing to get excited about. The low end of mediocre at best.

Gateway to India: great lunch buffet. Heard Jodhpore is also really good but haven't tried it.

Dim sum is available at the Chinese seafood? resto on the SW corner. Decent.

Margaritas: If you have tons of time to kill and need to eat, this place will do just fine as service is very slow and can be very inattentive. As far as the taste and quality of the food go, don't bother unless you're not finicky about your Mexican food.

Chinese bun place: super-cheap and super-greasy.

Cafe la Gaffe: LOVE IT, esp at lunch (but VERY busy at that time). Service & quality are good, food is very fresh. I especially love their salad with lardons which also comes with warm brie on French bread. YUM.

La Bodega: pretty good. Not a lot of French to be found in this area that I know of but worth a shot.

'Hope that helps.

PS: vorpal you've been to a lot of places there for someone who doesn't live here!


ugh, went to Ruby Rouge on a recent trip to MTL and the staff (not the ladies with carts) kept accusing us of *losing* the order sheet when they never gave us one, then they took it away halfway through the meal and again accused us of losing it! I was beginning to lose it with them! service was poor but somewhat understandable as it was a very busy time on a sunday, though the waiter had no qualms about hanging around as I was determining his tip..letting me know that he won't charge us for the napkins and hot sauce! is that a new thing in Montreal dim sum restos, to charge for hot sauce??

on a somewhat separate note, does anyone know if VIP is still good, and MonNan? I remember eating at those places a very long time ago when I lived there but have not had many ops to have non-dim sum in Montreal in recent trips.

re: CookEatSleep, I didn't think so when I first moved to TO but we do actually have better Chinese food than MTL (I met a Chinese guy from SanFran on a recent trip to Vegas who told me he used to drive up to TO for Chinese food when he lived in Chicago! OK that was long and confusing but you get my drift!). one thing I think MTL Chinese places do make better though is the treasure bean curd soup. I've yet to find a place that makes it well in TO. :(

Harbord Street

I agree with Lemon, 93 Harbord offers a fusion-esque spin on Middle Eastern cuisine with many interesting and inventive flavours/dishes. From what I recall, they don't actually have any signage, but large front windows.

Wanted: Good Kalbi-tang!!

While I understand that *good* is subjective, I have been having a severe hankering for some good kalbi-tang. Not the kind that gives you diarrhea, nor the kind that is purely coffee whitener, water & MSG. I want the real thing! HELP!

Breakfast around Queen and Woodbine - any recommendations?

I say go for Tulip, especially if you're taking your parents/aunts to eat. It's a really relaxed (but busy) & unpretentious place. Everything about it (including the food) has such a coziness to it. There's lots of seating and it's bright. Everyone I have ever brought there has loved it. Here is their site, just in case: (It comes off looking fancier than it is.)

Anyone tried Dante's Pizza (Thornhill)

I never understood what the big deal was with Dante's. Someone took me there a few years ago, touting it as *the best pizza place* but it absolutely was not. It wasn't horrendous but I've had much, MUCH better. Everything was fresh but it had that taste of the pizza one makes at home, if anyone understands what I mean by that.
They definitely do well in terms of business--they had at least six delivery cars crammed in the parking lot at any given time, and others would pull up while one would drive away with an order, so there's really no telling how many drivers they actually have!
I did find the service to be cold but we were so hungry, we probably would have endured abuse if it meant eating something divine, but again, it was just mediocre. I can't speak for the pasta as we had two huge pizzas and a salad. Plenty of toppings but again, nothing extraordinary.
As far as Camarra's goes, I think Pizza Pizza would be better than theirs! I have even less of a clue as to why everyone raves about Camarra's than I do re: Dante's. This (Camarra's) is DEFINITELY a place where the prices are over-inflated, the food is nothing special whatsoever AND the service is terrible (I got the feeling it was because I was not Italian, as they were fine with all the other diners there)! Why do people go to Camarra's?? I don't get it!

Seoul - Kwanak

I recall that any area close to a university is full of good, cheap eats. Street food has gotten pretty good and quite varied since say, ten years ago. But if it's not Korean you want then Itaewon would be a good place to get foreign food, and Hongdae's got some nice non-Korean places too, along with Kangnam. In Nakseongdae, they do have some decent places to eat but depending on what you want as it is a small-ish area. I can not say I've had any bad food in Nakseongdae or anywhere else I ate in Seoul. Also keep in mind that Seoul is full of little enclaves and there is no shortage of restaurants around so if you're feeling adventurous, check out the different areas/neighbourhoods in Seoul and grab a bite along the way. The subway system is quite efficient but unfortunately, the streets don't really have names so tough to get around at times. Some of my faves were shabu-shabu, samgyupsal, kalnak-tang, kalbi...

Street food, cheap meals in Milan?

There is a sit-down place in Milan (not far from the Duomo--the main one, that is) that I still crave to this day: their pizzas are from heaven! The crust is paper-thin but actually flavourful--just don't expect a horde of toppings the way we're used to in North America, and meat toppings don't seem to be the norm in Italy from what I could tell...I believe the place is called DA NOI 2, and the address on their card reads: via G. BORSI (cross street? ALZAIA NAVIGLIO PAVESE). It's right by a canal crossing in the varsity area. Their pizzas are h-u-g-e (they hang over the plate) but not as overwhelming as they look as they are so thin but VERY satisfying and run about 10euros or less. The service can be hot or cold--on one UN-busy night we were made to wait about 30 mins to get a table when there were at least ten tables clean open.
Pizza shops that sell by the weight tend to have a lot of toppings and run VERY cheap and allow you a chance to try the many different kinds. I can't say I came across any in Milan but I'm sure they have, and the ones I'd had in Florence & Vatican City were SOOO good.
There is also Delicatessan (same street as THE Duomo) where they sell gelato from the front window and it's a great place for breakfast or snack. Food is all very fresh and tasty. We used to get our morning meals there. If it's not that particular chain, any place that resembles a deli that is clean and on a major road is bound to be good!
I'm so jealous~ I hope you have a great time in Milan--it's such a great place! Enjoy!

Sep 04, 2008
allabouttheCHOW in Italy

Is Fido Invited?

I'm sorry but only a complete moron would show up to a party with their uninvited dog in tow, in particular a pit bull! I actually love pit bulls but am fully aware of the kind of reaction they get and would never dream of bringing an animal to an indoor party! As it is, a couple of years ago I was celebrating my birthday at a fairly posh place and my friend's girlfriend asked if she could BRING HER DOG! To a nice restaurant!! She offered to leave her pet chained to the patio upon learning that there was one but I was so irked at the mere suggestion of 1) leaving her dog chained to a fence all night, 2) all the while, complete strangers are drinking and eating only steps away! Thankfully it was reason enough for her not to join us--the fewer morons at my party, the better.

Sep 01, 2008
allabouttheCHOW in Features