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Shake Shack November 2011 Flavors - Any Must-Haves?

the red wine poached pear was amazing...definitely worth having!!

Nov 25, 2011
Marsjt in Manhattan

Best Dish served by a Food Truck

Best dish overall: jefes fish taco
Best menu: dim ssam a go go and the genuine kitchen (if you count that as a truck)

Norman's 180


"Frod +1"

24 hrs - 3 Meals in Key West

I recommend Santiago's Bodega for dinner. Its on Petronia and just a few blocks off of Duval. They serve great tapas!!

Mar 25, 2009
Marsjt in Florida

Best sub shop in Miami?

Subrageous is what I think you were talking about. used to be next to a comic book store where the new whole foods building is now on red road. They have another location down by fiu thats still serving subs- in a strip mall on 16 street and 107 ave.

Top Chef Finale Pt. 2(spoilers)


Feb 25, 2009
Marsjt in Food Media & News

New or coming soon '09 edition (Miami)

who can we talk to about getting The Bazaar here?!? i'll take that over another Mina...sorry guys.

South Beach - where to eat? Pls advise.

For spanish tapas- definately get reservations at Sra. Martinez, one of the top new spots in the Design District. Crabs- gotta go to joe's of course!! Happy hour is good at any of the big hotels that have popped up- the mondrian, gansevoort, fountainebleu.. take your pic. i'm sure other hounders can tell you the best nights at each!

Michael's Genuine - Miami Design District

Since 8oz sparked the craving, have you gone yet? wonder how it would measure up.

university of miami food

head over to riviera pizza for some thin crust ny style pies!( way better than miami's best IMHO). in the same strip you can get some of Miami's best cupcakes at Misha's Cupcakes Cafe. Mojito Grill (on red rd and just south of sunset) is a great lunch spot with a variety of cuban sandwiches, wraps and dishes-- i recommend the pan con bistec with everything! Cafe Pastis a few doors down is a casual french resto, good for a low key night. Jake's, across the street from Sunset Place, has recently been renovated into a gastropub.. haven't tried it yet but i enjoyed Jake's, so it has potential! Moon is definately among the best eats in the area!! And finally, for dessert-- Whip n Dip on sunset and about 55th street changes their fro yo flavors weekly and they're consistently delicious!!

Best Cuban Food in Miami?

-i really recommend the pan con bistec at mojito grill, on red rd and one block south of sunset. itssoo juicy and even comes with the little "papitas".. pik niks potato strips for the english speakers. they also have a really good cuban rap of chicken or beef with moros and maduros

-also, la rosa off lejuene and nw 7th has a great pionono- sweet plantain timbal stuffed with seasoned ground beef- which i dont really see at other places around miami.

-the mini medianoches at gilbert's bakery make for a good snack.. and if you throw them on the foreman grill you get the pressed bread/melted cheese effect that makes it sooo good at a restaurant!!

-whenever im sick and unable to get my mom or aunt to make me the real thing, i like to stock up on the chicken soup served at Blue Sky on Coral Way and 88th Ave. I also really like their arroz imperial and moros!

-la carreta on calle ocho is always a good option for late night bites on the way home from downtown/the beach

-my all time favorite croquetas (this side of the Atlantic) are at the Latin Bird Road Cafe on Bird and 67th Ave. This place used to be a Latin America but has changed hands/names a few times. however, the croquetas, and most of the staff, have never changed! important to note- i prefer a crispier exterior and the creamy ham filling. Chicken/cheese croqueta lovers have raved about Luis Galindo's.

-had my first frita in a looong time at the new Rey location by the FIU campus and they tasted just as great as i remembered! good to see that expansion doesn't always equate to loss of flavor!

-the original palacio de los jugos on red rd and flagler still serves up some pretty good/cheap dishes.. but i've avoided it lately because i got swarmed by soo many mosquitoes the last few times!! i imagine its better now in the "winter"

Cuban Sandwich

mojito grill on red road and a block off of sunsent has the best pan con bistec! I haven't tried the cuban sandwich but i've never had a bad meal there and you should at least try it out. let me know how it goes..

Feb 10, 2009
Marsjt in Florida

Hola, Sra. Martinez - Miami, Design District

I finally got around to Sra. Martinez after much hype and excitement. I was worried that after all the great reviews, the experience could never live up.. but much to my delight- it was PERFECT. The one hitch during the whole night was that they had run out of the rabbit loin wrapped in pancetta, which i knew was one of the standouts for you guys. Thankfully, from reading the boards I had plenty of other dishes i was happy to taste:

-crispy pork belly= not bad, but nowhere nearly as flavorful as MGFD which is too closely located to not compare.

-rabo encendido= best dish of the night! the flavor oozing out of the braised oxtail took me back to many dishes I had at tapas bars in sevilla this summer while studying abroad.

-soft poached egg= the egg was perfectly cooked. sous vide maybe?...served with chorizo and potato shavings. the yoke was fragile/delicate and once broken, flooded the plate with oozy goodness!!

-white bean stew= giant white beans stewed in a port wine reduction with duck and foie gras sausage. the meats were not very distinguishable but great tastes nonetheless. i also liked that the beans were big enough to offset the other strong components of the dish.

-uni sandwich= not something i would've normally ordered but i was inspired by the rave reviews of this dish on the boards. good but not great. i felt the bread was too thick for the amount of uni and butter sandwiched between.

-galbi pinchos= another great dish! these were korean style marinated short ribs. very flavorful, cardboard thin pieces of meat.. my dad even mentioned that the seasoning reminded him of cuban style palomilla steak his mom used to cook.

-roasted bone marrow= another chow inspired order! GREAT! in all honesty, i was expecting smaller bones but was happy to see that the portion was more generous than others ive seen in miami and ny restaurants.

all in all a GREAT meal/experience!! although i was thrilled to finally dine here, i also couldn't believe i had waited so long. important to note also that Michy herself was not in the kitchen and everything still ran smoothly and all the dishes tasted perfect. service was spotless and the timing of the dishes seemed perfectly orchestrated. we ordered in 3 waves and never had to wait more than a few minutes for the next one to arrive. for dessert, we had the greek yogurt ice cream with tomato and basil syrup- tasted like Adria's take on a sundae..also a hit! Can't wait to go back and try the rest!!

...oh and i also noticed on the back of the menu that they will begin serving lunch soon!! anyone have a date on that??

Abokado- Miami/Brickell

haha.. next up- Devito's! If its still open...??

Coral Gables and South Miami- Where to Brunch?

Just came back from lunch at Town. We went with all intentions of ordering brunch, but missed it by just a few minutes. The lunch menu is lacking any innovation with just a handful of salads, burgers, sandwiches and pizza.. and not very inventive creations, at that. I ordered the mozza, tomato and arugula panini and upon arrival noticed it hadn't been pressed at all-- an essential element of a panini. I ended up mostly eating the sweet potato fries that came with, since the sandwich tasted bland and soggy.

Everyone else at the table seemed to dislike their dishes as well. One ordered the soup of the day (white bean and chorizo) and found it to be too spicy. The other ordered a mandarin/asian? chicken salad. She noted that the dressing lacked in flavor and they had packed it with too many bean sprouts and carrots, rather than with substance, like chicken or lettuce.

The service wasn't bad but I was a bit put off when I asked for recommendations and was answered with a blank stare. On the other hand, they did have a big screen up playing the dolphin game which I thought should be noted.

Hola, Sra. Martinez - Miami, Design District

i'll be hitting up sra. martinez first and foremost on the 15th or 16th with family. i'm open to any "chowL" dinner if we manage to set something up over the break!!

Hola, Sra. Martinez - Miami, Design District

my last final (Pro Resp) is on the 15th... counting down the days!!

Brunch Ideas (Miami) - Help me get out of a rut

I've been going to the Biltmore brunch for years and just recently tried Nemo's. Food-wise, Nemo's definately takes it! The Biltmore wins on setting and ambience, but Nemo's spread is definately more diverse and (I think) more thought out than the traditional brunch served up at the Biltmore.

Abokado- Miami/Brickell

p.s. to all- please post back if you do get to go. i'd love to know about your experience!

Abokado- Miami/Brickell


if you note above, i said i judge "most" sushi places- mediocre ones like abokado- based on their ginger dressing since they are lacking in the sushi department. obviously i wouldnt pass such superficial judgment on a place serving noteworthy rolls. what i meant was that if you can't make a decent ginger dressing then the likelihood that the sushi quality will supercede is quite unlikely.

perhaps it was an off night.


The menu i got only featured about half of the signature rolls that are online. i noticed that after my post when i checked the website. The Spice menu looked like a decent combo of the regular menu but i dont remember what exactly was on it (thanks to 3 carafes of sake).

I understand the beauty of simplistic sushi, but im a fan of the fusion movement too-- if its done right. i just think abokado didnt.

the place was empty when we got there just before 8pm on friday night, although it filled up later. i dont think there were many people dining outside or at the bar.

Abokado- Miami/Brickell

This is my first post but I figured the boards were lacking info on this place that opened in Mary Brickell Village. I went for dinner this past weekend with a fairly big group and some did the Spice menu, but I did not.

First off, the service was mediocre at best. Waiter made sure he was visible, but lacked any knowledge about the food or sake options. I asked him to recommend the best roll they had to offer and he of course pointed to the two priciest items on the menu.

The rolls on the menu were lacking any sort of creativity! Most of them featured some tempura aspect, which I tend to avoid. I ended up ordering El Diablo roll and a mixed green salad with Ginger dressing. I judge most sushi places by how well they can make their ginger dressing and abokado's was alright, but was only lightly tossed with the greens. Half of the salad remained dry.

El Diablo roll has spicy snow crab, cucumber and avocado topped with striped bass, jalape wafer and spicy mayo lightly seared. Again, it was one of the few that without tempura. The roll was passable, but definately not worth returning for. Also, the restaurant refuses to sub with brown rice- which the waiter tried to convince me wasn't even that beneficial health-wise without my asking for his personal opinion.

The table shared a sampler with tuna and salmon tartares, as well as some of their "cebiches". The tartares were OK, again nothing worth noting. Generally, everyone in the table felt this way about all of the dishes, even those paying the Miami Spice price. All in all, the experience was not worth what it cost and I doubt I'll go back. The food was just OK, the kind i could probably find at any run of the mill sushi spot, and the waiter really turned me off with his two cents and lack of knowledge-- the guy didnt even know what a carafe was!!

If abokado wants to stick around I recommend a new menu and more training for servers.

p.s. the menu online is not very accurate- looks much better than what I was given there!