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Review of Tennessee's BBQ & Grill in Langhorne

We were there last year - it wasn't bad at all, but we just haven't got back to it. A tad hard to find. Go slow around the curve in the road. Now, I'm not sure it's the same one. Too many malls... :)

Feb 18, 2009
lomlfoml in Pennsylvania

Best values/spots in Puerto Vallarta???

ERNESTO'S GOOD GRUB has opened its second restaurant, in Nuevo. I would strongly recommend it. I discovered that unless you plan to eat more than 2 racks of baby back ribs, you don't have to wait for all-you-can-eat night (Thursdays on Francisco Villa Versailles); the pricing is actually not worth only going on that night. Ernesto's has wonderful food otherwise too, and an atmosphere all its own, except you can find parties of 35 eating baby backs speaking French or English.

Barcelona Tapas is great fun and the food is really good. Boca Bento moved from downtown to Mismaloya, so it's quite a haul and probably not worth it unless you want to investigate Mismaloya.

I also recommend 100% Natural directly across from the Sheraton. Open all day til 10pm or so. Their Mamut Vikingo sandwich is incredible, with a huge amount of fresh (seriously) grilled salmon (not smoked; none of the menus items of salmon are smoked). They have incredible juices and make agua de sandia (watermelon juice) by the pitcher. In fact, if you order that and the Vikingo, they will assume you are related to me. :)

Of course, Pepe's Tacos (do not confuse with restaurant Pipi's) is great for tacos al pastor. It's on the north end of downtown, after the Sheraton, across from the Pemex station. They are now open every day, from 1pm on.

Another really good restaurant is El Barracuda. It is directly on the beach, on the street which is the south boundary of the Hotel Buenaventura, again, in the same area as Pepe's etc. Opens at 1:30 for lunch, and has amazing Ceviche Peruana, and shrimp al pastor tacos, but everything is good. Their prices do not exceed 10USD for anything at dinner. (The exchange rate if you use an ATM is currently around 14.5, which is amazing.)

La Lorraine has survived, expanded, and moved. It used to be 3 tables, on a street off the Malecon. Now it's about 12 tables, a rooftop thing planned, and it's in Amapas, at the corner of Amapas and Pilitas, not to be confused with the street before it, which looks like Polpot street. :) Walk down Olas Altas to Pilitas and turn right.

Talento has closed. No more chocolate wontons.

Lots of places have gone non-smoking completely. Including, Saints preserve us, Emperor Maximilian on Olas Altas, which was completely unbearable in years past. Also, Pollo Feliz chicken joints are now smoke-free.

Have a great time!

Feb 16, 2009
lomlfoml in Mexico

Review of Tennessee's BBQ & Grill in Langhorne

We couldn't have been more disappointed with the food at the Tennessee's BBQ.

We ordered a Caribbean sandwich ($5.75) and the combo which, at $14.99, was to include 2 each of their Memphis, baby-back, and Texas beef ribs, two "big" sides, and cornbread.

The sandwich was very generously sized, and had there been any particular taste to it, it would have been a satisfying meal. Instead, the only taste was a huge sprinkling of red dried peppers on it (Italian style). This was distressing to the stomach, and not particularly tasty. In fact, all the food we had looked far better than it tasted. There was no smell of smoke or taste of smoke on any of the meat, and the membrane had been left on the ribs except for the beef, which were shaved clean to the bone.

The rib combo:
1. The Texas beef ribs were 5 inches long. They were, quite obviously, a single beef rib which had been cut in half. It had also been shaved on top and bottom of all meat, as well as trimmed quite closely on the sides.
2. There were 3 bones in the baby backs. But there was no meat on the outer sides. Maybe that nets out to 2. Again, no particular taste, though beautiful to look at.
3. The Memphis ribs are regular pork ribs, but cut off the wrong end, somehow, so that you get some of that weird round stuff which looks like nylon cord in there. Under the bark was a lot of fat. Membrane was on.
The sides were in bowls whose rims were about 3/4 of an inch. The bottom was thick. These were not large portions; they were quite small, but in bowls designed to deceive. The Tidewater slaw is an interesting variant, vinegar based and cut from broccoli, I swear she said. The bbq beans were watery, tasteless, but spicy. The cornbread had not been heated up evenly, and was not particularly appealing.

I read a review where the person said this was the real stuff, not parboiled. I would heartily disagree. Though the meat had to be shaken slightly to fall off the bone, which is the sign of parboiling, it certainly slipped off far too cleanly and smoothly to be anything else. (This does not include the beef ribs.)
I would not go back, and I would discourage anyone from trying the place.

Feb 16, 2009
lomlfoml in Pennsylvania

Has anyone tried Tennessee's BBQ and Grill in Langhorne?

It was very disappointing. Please see the review I will be posting this evening.

Feb 16, 2009
lomlfoml in Pennsylvania


Update - went to the Sunday Football Buffet today at Ol' West BBQ; on any Sunday :) from 1 to 4 or so. The place was virtually empty from 1-3 and we were the only customers for buffet!
The food consisted of:
1. St Louis ribs and baby back ribs
2. Asian chicken, very very crisp pieces with a slightly orangey sauce, not on the regular menu. Delicious!
3. Pulled Pork (never my favorite)
4. Pork and beans (not as good as the plain beans we had had)
5. Wings with celery and blue cheese dressing (nice meaty wings, dry not wet) (hot unless you're actually from Buffalo)
6. Cole slaw, salad, soup and corn bread

They refreshed the ribs as we went thru them, but none of the other dishes got close to needing it. The lack of customers meant the steam dishes did cause the food (not the ribs though) to dry out a bit but this isn't unusual. I had expected 25 tables to be full, what with 6 different channels on wide screen TVs. Not to be. Anyway, the buffet cost 15$. This would not be too expensive except for the fact that you could still order the Slim Jim for $40 and take home an equal amount to what you ate. Just depends what you're looking for.

By the way, the beans are apparently by B&M, not Bush. We ordered and tried one of the Oklahoma beef ribs, and could swear we had them on the Slim Jim though the server that night swore they were out of them (the same server who said the beans were by Bush). Go figure.

I'd stay with the Slim Jim.
Also, needless to say, Corky's has never replied to my email.

Nov 09, 2008
lomlfoml in Mid-Atlantic

Smoke'n Dudes BBQ, Neshaminy, Phila PA Review

Smoke'n Dudes Barbeque Restaurant (a log cabin!) is located at 3400 Neshaminy Rd, Bensalem, PA 215 752 5500. Neshaminy is an exit off route 1, while it's still a highway, well before it becomes Roosevelt Blvd (if you're headed south). Once you exit, you're on one side of the main mall, and you make a left at the corner where the Macy's is located, onto Neshaminy Blvd. The place is further along Neshaminy Blvd, past the mall by a couple lights and stop signs. Where Neshaminy Blvd curves sharply to the right, you pull in to a small strip mall, and the restaurant is in a separate building past the curve. but it doesn't say anything specific about the place.

First, it was the best smelling bbq restaurant I've ever entered. Big kitchen open to the seating area; though they seem to do a huge takeout business, there are 5 cute log tables & chairs. All varnished pine decor (maybe not pine), clean bathrooms, and wait staff & cooks who definitely wash their hands.

They smoke using hickory wood, and they have ribs, chicken, brisket, pork and other assorted stuff like wings. They have a big Southern Pride smoker and a couple small ones by a company I hadn't heard of and have now forgot. They actually sell, rent, & service all this stuff.

We ordered the main combo (20.49 or 99) , which does not include chicken, and the rib&chicken combo (15.99?) , so we could have some of everything. Half a chicken was 9.99. These all include 2 sides, and sometimes hush puppies. Everything was fresh.

The brisket was pulled, and cooked in an apple bbq sauce which gave it almost a caramelized taste. Really good. Pulled pork was fine; their other sauce is hickory.

The chicken was a giant GIANT breast with small wing attached. The wing was highly smoky; the breast too big to have much beyond the outside. (Seriously, were it not super tender, I would have thought it was a cooking fowl).

The ribs were super pink, super smoked, with no rub, and no maintenance done to the bottom side. That is, the bottom had membrane, so crispy that it pulled right off revealing all this weird fat, but the TOP side was super. There was a lot of meat above the bone line, and they finish it slightly on the grill, with just a hint of sauce. We mentioned to the waitress that we would much prefer the bottom be cooked (or look cooked) more thoroughly, and she said not a problem.

The sides were interesting - corn bread, in muffin form, so mealy that it crunched, and great taste. The baked beans were fine, except, oddly, for a bite taken just after eating a bit of corn bread. (I tested this and was able to repeat the results.) My husband loved the cole slaw, practically mayo-free, with other slivers of stuff in there, though he was so-so on the baked beans. And the hush puppies were tasty, and remained crisp throughout the meal. Though I've lived in the south, enjoying hush puppies is new to me.

They're a Pepsi shop, for all you Coke fans. Definitely worth a trip.

Nov 02, 2008
lomlfoml in Pennsylvania

Review of Hickory Hog, Pt Pleasant, NJ

Hi. I have used gas ovens, and broiled in them, of course, and never had anything like this. I only can assume that maybe the flame was not properly igniting or something. I agree - they are supposed to be neutral, and so I figure this one was off, somehow. Yellow flame vs blue, or whatever. I mentioned that they were doing a lively takeout business because I had wondered if somehow they had maybe turned on the grill while the food was sitting on it, and thus some actual gas got on the food, but that seemed unlikely if they had takeout going, even though at 5:40, we were the only customers. This would probably be a once-in-a-lifetime bad luck thing.( It was also strange that it wasn't the baby back ribs.) Today, as bad luck happens, I had to go to Allentown/Bethlehem and drove by way of Clinton just so I could get takeout at lunchtime at Ol' West, and they were closed. :(

Oct 20, 2008
lomlfoml in Mid-Atlantic

Review of Hickory Hog, Pt Pleasant, NJ

3009 Rt 88, Pt Pleasant.

We found it easily, a cheery, well-lit red&white checkered linoleum place. Friendly help. Nice looking menu. Quick negative response to the 'do you parboil the ribs' question. The menu indicates that everything is smoked for up to 12 hours.

They have 3 kinds of ribs: baby back, St Louis and Memphis rub ribs. We ordered two combo platters, which thus gave us all 3 types, and beef brisket. (Is that redundant?)

The best part of the meal was the amazing sweet potato fries. The baked beans were fine; the cole slaw not real wet (a good thing, I'm told) and the corn on the cob fine for end of season.

The ribs all had membrane. Though the two sauced rib styles had some pink, I couldn't taste smoke. The rub ribs were dry, not quite dried out, not pink, and the rub was very salty. The baby backs were cute little guys, meaty, with a reddish bbq sauce, though undistinguished. The St Louis were the real problem. One end was an end cut, which is great, and they'd been finished on a grill. That end tasted very much of gas. Not liquid fluid or anything. I asked if they had been finished on a gas grill and was told yes. I said they tasted of it, and they offered to replace them. My husband, recovering from a cold, couldn't really taste what I was reacting to, so we said it wasn't necessary. It was definitely on the part which had been crisped up. Anyway, for me it sortof ruined everything. I am not actually familiar with gas grill cooking, and it's possible, I suppose that this is part of it. But I can't really imagine it would be.

The brisket had been simmered in sauce so you couldn't see the coloration. It tasted ok. They have a neat mango bbq sauce but it's only served on their pork. We tried a little cup of it, ice cold but really interesting.

I saw other people get good-looking bbq chicken and sandwiches. They do quite a take-out business too. The pictures of the ribs on the web site are so gorgeous it's why we drove an hour to get there. They do look like the pictures.

I'd be interested to hear other folks experiences with gas grills, and at The Hickory Hog.

Oct 19, 2008
lomlfoml in Mid-Atlantic


This really is incredible! Only Corky's in AC (and they have never replied to my email, folks) has had such disparate experiences reported. The main thing I was impressed with was the freshness, which is really rare, I've found, for smoked meats in a commercial setting. I didn't say so in the review, but that appley pulled pork was quite moist, and lack of that is the main reason I don't like pulled pork generally. I should add that the brisket slices had a pink ring around them; they weren't rare, just had that ring, which was neat; I'd actually never seen that in person. Our server was tense during one of our (interminable) question periods, :) but he was polite and forthcoming then, as well as the other 42 times we spoke. He stopped by several times to ask if this or that was ok. We spoke of HI Rib, which is closer for us and was familiar to him, but his remarks lead me to believe that Ol' West has not changed hands. By the way, though the St Louis and the Baby Back ribs were quite meaty, I can't really say those huge short ribs were (except that one with the 2" thick meat on it) , but I have nothing to compare them to. I've only ever had short ribs at Korean places and they were cut in pieces I presume.

If you try it again, please let us know how it was!

Oct 06, 2008
lomlfoml in Mid-Atlantic


Ol’ West BBQ, at 1316 Rte 31 N, Annandale, NJ 908-735-6700. To me that’s Central, so here we go. Their web site is The building is close to the highway and positioned so you come up on it in a rush, from the south. It’s about 12 minutes north of Flemington. The building looks very old west on the outside, and a bit Revolutionary War Inn on the inside. Neither is, apparently, the case; I asked and it’s about 60 years old.

The food was terrific, except a few touches to the side dishes which were a matter of personal taste, like a green pepper overtone to the cole slaw, and a mustardy taste to the grilled vegetables.

They serve 4 kinds of ribs and several other bbq dishes such as chicken, brisket, Carolina chopped pork, pulled pork and more. Everything is said to be smoked, and it looked right, though perhaps not as smoky as I would like.

Although not on the take-out menu, there is a crazy combo platter for 4 called Diamond Jim. It’s 75$. There’s also the Mini-Jim for 2, at 40$. We were waiting for our (very patient) waiter’s return to ask about that and the onion loaf when another waiter went by, carrying a huge platter to, presumably, replenish the buffet I didn’t know they were having. I asked our waiter what the other one had been carrying, and he said, “Oh that’s the Diamond Jim”. Seriously it was 2 feet wide, by about a foot deep and a foot high. There was no buffet.

So we ordered the half loaf of onion straws, at 6$, and it was, I kid you not, a foot long, 4” wide, and about 3” tall. This was the half. We asked 3 different people. The full is apparently 6” tall. They were able to get them extra crispy all the way through, which is no mean feat, because they have a ‘pressure fryer’.

We got scared and only ate about 2” each.

Good thing.

Our Mini-Jim (oh yes, we ordered the Mini-Jim) arrived. It was a 12” round platter, very very full and also a foot high. They also brought out 2 potatoes, 4 hunks of corn bread, 10” dish of grilled veggies, baked beans, and cole slaw (10” dish EACH). This was insane, of course. (These were our sides choices; there are others.)

From the top down, the Mini-Jim contained 2 leg/thigh quarters and one breast/wing quarter of chicken. Great rub on the chicken. Spit roasted.
Now, they were out of their Oklahoma Beef Ribs (sigh) so that may be why we got 5 Righteous Country Rubbed Short Ribs (they were about 10” long each, and also quite wide). One was about 2” thick with meat, the others normal trim. They were good, and not too fatty for short ribs. Though the menu says ‘slathered with sauce’ that is, thankfully, an overstatement. Sauces are good (there are more on the table) and cooked on.

Under those ribs were about 6 or 8 Gunslinger St Louis Ribs. Also very good.
Bottom layer consisted of sections of Kansas City Baby Back Ribs, probably a half rack all together, 4 gorgeous slices of brisket, and a bunch of Memphis Pulled Pork with an apple flavor (not Carolina chopped which is an available sandwich). Good stuff. The baby backs were pink, and juicy, though not membrane-free. My fingers smelled of sauce not smoke when we left, with a shopping bag with 7, yes 7, Styrofoam boxes of leftovers, and we didn’t take the slaw or veggies with us. The beans were terrific, and I thought they had a slight taste and smell of coffee. Waiter said no, they were plain Bush’s Beans, which I’d never tasted, to my knowledge.

We walked around the place, and found two attached sheds with major electric going to one (utilities?) and about 5 industrial size exhaust fans on the other which adjoined the kitchen area.

I asked if they allowed four people to order the Mini-Jim and the answer was, ‘of course’. There is a football season AYCE brunch on Sundays, and Tuesday night is two for 1 on chicken dinners, including chicken/rib combos.

And, for you beer drinkers (like my Milwaukee-born husband) they have Samuel Smith Taddy Porter (?) and Oatmeal Stout too. $7 the bottle. This is a big deal for a restaurant to have that brand, I am assured.

It’s 45 minutes for us to get there, and I am sure we’ll be back. After we finish the leftovers which may take a while.

Oct 05, 2008
lomlfoml in Mid-Atlantic

Help Are there NJ foodies? No one seems to answer

Hi - I'm thoroughly confused then - you mean the Mid-Atlantic does mean the states (De, NY, PA, NJ but only part of NJ?) and whatever others I've forgot since Civics, or Geography, or doesn't? Yikes!

Sep 24, 2008
lomlfoml in New Jersey

Bagel Recommendations in Central NJ?

I've heard of and tried the place in Freehold on Rte 9, which was good once out of 2 times, and also on rte 130, below Hightstown more toward Hamilton, hidden at the back end of a small strip shopping center placed perpendicularly to the east side of 130. Once in a while they have jalapeno cream cheese. Good but very very hot in summer.

There's a bagel-ette on Quaker Bridge Rd in Hamilton at the shopping center at Youngs/Sloan, and the bagels are very good and they serve jalapeno cream cheese as a matter of course, but the place isn't quite clean. Same people taking money and skipping using gloves to prepare food etc.

But the best we've found, by far, is a bagel place on Rte 29, in the CVS shopping center just north of Lambertville, across from where David Rago's auction house is. Two wonderful Indonesian sisters just have to be Jewish in a former life, because they have the best chewiest (and yes they boil them) bagels with tons of stuff on them. They survive splitting and freezing very well, which is my preferred method of keeping them around. Go early; they run out. And best of all, for me, their everything bagels do not have caroway.

Sep 24, 2008
lomlfoml in New Jersey

The Ewing NJ Diner Has Reopened, Review and AMAZING SPAGHETTI SAUCE LIKE TONY'S in AC!!!

1099 Parkway Ave
Ewing, NJ 08628
(609) 882-5519
AND THEY SAID YES THEY HAVE IT AT BREAKFAST TIME, and it's really creamy and fatty.

Sep 24, 2008
lomlfoml in Mid-Atlantic


Pad Thai in Highland Park is the best Thai restaurant in the US. (Not to overstate a point :) :) :) ) Rte 27. Complex, even if you ask them to reduce the heat. A huge menu - that is, the menu is not 6 dishes, separated for if you want shrimp or beef or pork etc. There are over 120 items at last count. The only thing they do which is in conflict with Thailand is use green peppers, but that, you can't get away from in this country. Especially try: Pad Mi Ga Ti (nowhere else; try asking for it; they laugh), Guay Tao Na Pad Thai, Guay Tao Kua Guy (sorry about my spelling), Moo Tod Gratiem and ask for it extra crispy with no vegetables, and they will ask if you know me, appetizer Kinnaree Lui Fi. They have 3 kinds of Pad Thai. The salad chef is crazy, so if you order medium everything else, get mild salad. Their medium, however, if they believe you and actually do it, is equivalent to hot or very hot at other places, if THEY believe you. We order mild-to-medium.

And of course, the owners, entire cook and wait staff are Thai except one of the kids, Alan, who is from Mexico.

Sep 24, 2008
lomlfoml in New Jersey

The Ewing NJ Diner Has Reopened, Review and AMAZING SPAGHETTI SAUCE LIKE TONY'S in AC!!!

Well, if I'm going to call them up, what should I call it on the phone? Is this creamed chipped beef on toast?

By the way, in many many years/decades, I have never had Tony's pizza, and in my youth, it was never ever ordered because it wasn't thought to be very good. You could tell an FT because you'd hear them on the Boardwalk saying, "Ok, now, Ma, let's go over to the Baltimore Grill and have some pizza." (Just half kidding about that, sortof, but seriously, I have never tasted it. )

Sep 24, 2008
lomlfoml in Mid-Atlantic

Mexican Meal

I would only have one more place to mention, and it's to advise against. On the same corner that Noa Noa is on, if you go down that street east 100 or 200 feet, there is a restaurant which mentions (real) tacos. However, we had a really bad, well, *I* had a really bad experience there, though the men in our party were completely oblivious to it. Seating is 'family' style, and an elderly man at the same table, probably not all there, was making obscene gestures at me throughout the meal. Seriously.

The food wasn't very good anyway.

Sep 23, 2008
lomlfoml in Mid-Atlantic

The Ewing NJ Diner Has Reopened, Review and AMAZING SPAGHETTI SAUCE LIKE TONY'S in AC!!!

Actually, the first several pages of the regular menu are breakfast, which is served all day. They also have a breakfast menu, but I believe it simply omits the dinner pages. But I do not know what SOS means - you can't possibly mean same old s---, right?
Wow, I never realized there would be jargon here. :)

Sep 23, 2008
lomlfoml in Mid-Atlantic

Ganges in Princeton Junction?

We were there several times, but a couple years ago. They had a great deal of Indo-Chinese food, and we ended up not going back again, mainly because it just seemed mediocre. And now that Urban Tadkaa is open in the McCaffrey's shopping center near Carlucci's, that's the only place to go, we feel. (That's Hightstown, the same road McGraw-Hill is on, but west.) It may be spelled Urban Taadka but I don't think so. Try their Chicken 65 and also Lemon/Pepper chicken appetizers; all the regular food is a step above other local places, I feel. Maybe 2 or 3 steps.

Sep 22, 2008
lomlfoml in Mid-Atlantic


I have posted my own review in the "real bbq in central NJ" thread. I was there Friday.

Sep 22, 2008
lomlfoml in Mid-Atlantic

The Ewing NJ Diner Has Reopened, Review and AMAZING SPAGHETTI SAUCE LIKE TONY'S in AC!!!

We live near the Ewing Diner, which is on Parkway Ave in Ewing, NJ, and check a map program for more info than that. I would exit 95 at exit 2, head S (which is a right) on Bear Tavern 579, go past the Trenton Airport, make a L at the light, follow the road around as it bears right, continue straight thru the light, which is Scotch Road (do not be confused by the fact that Scotch Rd is also exit 3 off 95), go straight, and it's on your right within a half mile or so and past another light.

OK. It reopened recently to huge crowds, after being torn down and rebuilt from scratch. It's very very nice. The food is good, portions are large etc etc etc.

BUT THE CRAZY THING IS THEIR SPAGHETTI SAUCE IS JUST LIKE TONY'S BALTIMORE GRILL in AC. If you have ever been to Tony's (Iowa & Atlantic; only FTs call the place "the Baltimore Grill; I'm just including it for clarity) and had their plain red sauce (or with meatballs or sausage, but it's not the red clam sauce) you will know how there is nothing like it. (Well, only if you love it as I do, and have been eating it since a bowl cost $2.00. It's up to about 7.00 now.) Anyway, I used to go to the Ewing Diner 6 years ago, but apparently I never had their red sauce. Tonight I had chicken parm with a side (you should excuse the expression) of spaghetti, and it was Tony's sauce. I asked the owner and he said there was no relation; he got interested and said he'd go try it. Said this was his own recipe.

Well, now, if they would only get Tony's original thin long loaves of scrumptious Italian bread, from the old days, I would be able to save a 100 mile drive (one-way).

So this was a good find.

Other things: there were some amazing looking pies and cakes in the case, people were friendly, and, oh, did I mention that their sauce is JUST LIKE TONY'S???

Sep 22, 2008
lomlfoml in Mid-Atlantic

Real Barbecue in Central Jersey

I got to Porky's Point, technically in Mullica or Elwood, on Rte 30 (WHP). He has a phone, and a pleasant personality, and a Satisfactory rating from the health people. I had the phone number and lost it. Perhaps this was a Freudian slip. First of all, he does not parboil; his reaction when I asked could not be doubted. There were racks of ribs, cooked that day, and also pre-sauced ribs in a pan, 'in case you can't wait', he said. People do sit outside and eat (two men had great looking pulled pork sandwiches and were raving about them). He has two sauces - a thick red (the one on the ribs in the pan) and another which would be incredibly good on Buffalo wings. The ribs looked rubbed, and the membrane was gone!

Prices were quite high for a takeout place, I thought. A rack, and not a large one at that, was 23$, and I also took 4 of the pre-sauced ribs; my total was $28. The meat on the sauced ribs was good, though, again, the sauce was not really anything; like Sweet Lucy's in Phila. But there was something going on with our rack which was unpleasant. Even my husband, who is not generally very particular about freshness of anything (well, that's not fair, but he will eat leftovers several days after I will), noticed a strange taste. Now I know there are rubs which will make pork taste unusual, to say the least, so I am not saying anything definitive here. I'd love other people to try it and post what they think.

Sep 22, 2008
lomlfoml in New Jersey

Real Barbecue in Central Jersey

If you're reading this AND planning a trip to Cape Cod, please look at the New England board's Worst of the Cape thread, where I posted a review on bbq restaurants there, after it was pulled here where I mistakenly posted it last night. Or, the title of the thread might do it for you. :)

Sep 18, 2008
lomlfoml in New Jersey

Worst of the Cape?

Sadly, I posted erroneously to my home board (Mid-Atlantic) last night about a trip to the Cape last weekend, and it was removed. It was a barbecue review, on 3 restaurants, the main advice being 'don't'.
1. Coast in Orleans (please, if I get a town wrong, sorry; they all sortof blended). The pdf menu on the web is old and out-dated. There are no more Tapas, Jicama Salad, or cranberry chipotle bbq sauce, or brisket or pate. Probably more than that. They have a Cookshack smoker, which just goes to show that indifferent, smoke-free bbq can be made even in a top-brand smoker. Membrane on, medium gray meat (parboiled, I presume),
2. Further along 6a, in Wellfleet, I think, is Marconi's on the left side. It has a huge big offset smoker blazing away outside, surrounded by piles of wood. We were thrilled by the prospects. But this was probably the worst restaurant bbq I've had except for the Atlantic City Corky's. There was no rub. The underside was membrane and an eighth of an inch of unrendered fat. I peeled it off. Some smoke had hit the top; you could see where it ended - at the layer of fat also under a bit of bark. They did have good oysters and homemade Key LIme pie.
3. Insanely, our hotel, the Sheraton Four Points, had decent grilled (not smoked) baby backs.

I know we should have had seafood. It was just too tempting - the hype at Coast, and the smoker out front at Marconi. Live and learn.

Sep 18, 2008
lomlfoml in Southern New England

Let's List One-Dish Restaurants

Larb Gai is a salad (aka Yum Larb, with the Gai meaning chicken), with ground meat of your choice, really hard little rice bits, spices, and MINT. There are probably other ways of spelling Larb, depending what part of Thailand you're from! :) Wildflowers has the best I ever had, in fact. My favorite Thai restaurant in the US is by far Pad Thai in Highland Park, but occasionally there will be a place which makes a specific dish better. Sam uses real Thai mint which is basilly, at Pad Thai, and I prefer pure mint.

Sep 12, 2008
lomlfoml in New Jersey


Sorry - I saw this place in real life - but posted that in another thread. It was 7pm Sunday night, and though he was closed, two of three smokers were going! So maybe seasonal, but he's open currently, it seems!

Sep 10, 2008
lomlfoml in Mid-Atlantic

Review of Corky's BBQ, Tropicana & Bdwk, AC

Hi - I appreciate your comments - I sent the review and the link to it to Corky's via their own Contact Us form. I believe I was sending it to Memphis, and also, I believe the pitmaster whose name and picture are on the web site is located in Memphis. One possibility would be if they smoked the meat in Memphis and froze it and sent it to their other locations. And if they don't have any they just parboil some emergency ribs and put them out. But I have no reason to believe this is what happened to us; just a thought. Anyway, if I hear from them I will post it here immediately.

True story: My very very very fussy aunt, some 50 years ago or more, I was told, found a mouse in a bottle of cola. She reported it to the company and they visited (?), apologized, and gave her coupons for lots and lots of free soda. Subsequently she found a cigar butt in a bottle of cola (not sure if it was the same brand). This was the aunt who would ask you to turn your bitten side of your hamburger away from her. So the point is, I hope they don't send me coupons. :) :) :)

Sep 09, 2008
lomlfoml in New Jersey

Report on Sweet Lucy's Smokehouse (Phila, Pa but not too far) All-You-Can-Eat Monday Night BBQ Buffet

Unwilling to eat salad for a week when Corky's was the last bbq I'd had, we went to Sweet Lucy's Smokehouse tonight for their ayce bbq buffet. MUCH better. Here are the details.

It's at 7500 State Rd, Phila, exit for Cottman rte 73 off 95s. Return is head north on State for like 3 miles to the entrance to 95 N or S, near Academy.

The buffet is 18.99 including drink and dessert (very very good cookies, also brownies etc.) And they tell you not to tip when you're pre-paying. A nice touch.

Their baby back ribs are smoked, though perhaps not to my excessive tastes, and the membrane is gone. There is no rub; the ribs are slathered in a pretty nondescript sauce. The menu mentions a Sweet Lucy's hot bbq sauce but it was not around. There are bottles of hot and of vinegar sauces. The hot is something a good buffalo wing would be glad to see; pure tabasco style. It actually did not merge well with the rib sauce.Since sauce taste is a personal preference, I just will state theirs is not spiced with anything like cumin or onion or garlic or mustard seed or oregano or celery seed etc etc etc, but you may nonetheless love it! If this sauce were to my taste, then these would be among my favorite ribs. As it stands, they're not. But they were pink-tinged, and the meat was pale young-hog.

The hickory buffalo wings were incredible as was the rotissierie chicken. Pulled meats were fine; good corn bread (I like it when there are no actual corn kernels), a ton of salads I never try, and several potatoes and other similar items. Nothing was super-highly smoked, but they were, thankfully, smoked.

On to the next. Actually, not sure what/when that'll be. Has anyone tried Porky's Point yet? It's been like 12 hours!!!

Sep 08, 2008
lomlfoml in Mid-Atlantic

Hickory Hog BBQ

I wonder if folks could try to include the following if they're commenting or reviewing a bbq place.
These all concern ribs, either spare or back.

1. Did the restaurant remove the 'connective tissue' aka membrane, from the underside of the ribs?
2. Does the meat have a pink color from being smoked ? - this may be mostly in a ring towards the outer area
3. For that matter, does the meat taste or smell smoked? You may find it easier to smell smoke on your fingers than on the bone.
4. Does the meat literally fall off the bone? Was it dried out? Did it taste fresh, or reheated, or pan-ny, or days old? (Subjective, I know!)
5. If you ordered a rub, was the rub just sprinkled on, like you might apply salt & pepper, or cooked on, possibly into a bark?
6. Was the rub very salty?
7.If you ordered sauced, how did the sauce manifest itself?
8. What color was the meat, inside any smoke ring?

Thank you!!!

Sep 08, 2008
lomlfoml in Mid-Atlantic



Sep 08, 2008
lomlfoml in Mid-Atlantic

Let's List One-Dish Restaurants

Have you found a restaurant where though you've tried a bunch of their stuff, you feel there's really only one dish which is worth having? Let's put them here. This isn't the same as just saying that your favorite item at a particular restaurant is x or y. I'll start, and please, remember these are just opinions.

1. The Noodle House, rte 1, North Brunswick for LOBSTER PAD THAI
2. Wildflowers, New Hope PA, for LARB GAI (They have a strange, multi-cuisine menu!)

Sep 08, 2008
lomlfoml in New Jersey