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ISO BIG turkey and cornbread

You can order a turkey at any butcher store. Most butcher stores take orders for fresh turkeys. Or you can order one from Longo's. I ordered a fresh turkey from Longo's last year for a group of twenty people and cooked it myself with homemade stuffing.

Moving to Sydney. Best Place to Live?

I'm a Canadian that have lived in Sydney for two years previously. I lived in a suburb by the name of Huntley's Cove which is located in the north shore area. It's very close to the CBD by bus or ferry. The area is safe and it's easy to get around if you do not have a car. If I were to move back to Sydney I would look in this area to buy or in Ryde. You can easily go to the fish market or the fruit markets by car or by bus. Centrally located and safe.

Sunday Brunch North of Toronto

Another good place for brunch that is a very nice venue is Copper Creek Golf course. It is on Hwy 27 in Kleinburg. Very nice surroundings.

Where to buy high end appliances since as Bosch, Miele and Sub-zero?

I'm looking to redo my kitchen next year and was wondering if anyone knows where to find the best prices for appliances. And is it worth it to buy these brands or go with everyday basic brands. Your suggestions and advice would be most helpful, fellow chowhounds.

Anniversary Dinner Chinese Restaurant?

I would like to thank everyone who respond to my postings. Your suggestions really help. I have yet to decide where to go as of yet but I'm definitely going to try all your suggestions out when I go out dining. Thank-you, again for all your suggestions.

Anniversary Dinner Chinese Restaurant?

Thank-you for the responding. I've read a lot of posts on the chowhound blog and really do appreciate your recommendations, Charles. I am definitely going to give O'mei a try since the food sounds so good. T


Anniversary Dinner Chinese Restaurant?

Thanks, for the suggestions but I was looking for something closer to markham/richmond hill area.

Anniversary Dinner Chinese Restaurant?

I'm thinking of going to Lai Toh Heen for my fifth anniversary dinner. But I've read some of the reviews and thought I would ask you fellow chowhounds for advice for a nice reasonable price chinese restaurant to celebrate. Anyone have any suggestions?

Any Chinese Wedding Banquet Venue Suggestions? (300-350 people)

It will be hard to find a restaurant to accomodate that many people. My wedding was also that size as well. It was difficult because you have to find a restaurant that will has a good reputation and has been in the business for a long time. You don't want to pick a restaurant that has changed management several times or may be on the verge of bankruptcy. So you have to research and talk to friends and families before you put a deposit down. Plus things you have to consider before you pick a wedding venue: 1)will they allow my to bring my own alcohol and pop in - will they charge for corkage fee
2) will they supply chair covers and how much will it cost per chair or will I be able to bring those in myself 3) do they have a dance floor to allow dancing afterwards 4) will allow you to bring in your own fruit and desserts for a dessert table or will they supply it in overall cost 5) cleanliness is very important - if the bathroom is dirty how clean do you think the food will be? 6) will they allow you to decorate it ? - you could have your friends decorate it or have a wedding planner come in and help you design the venue so it doesn't look too busy or tacky : I brought in my own centerpieces and ballons for each table.
Goodluck in your search for venues. When are you getting married?