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Eats After Leaving JFK at Rush Hour

Don Pepe -Great Italian Food a landmark 5 minutes from Kennedy-Cash only
It would also help if your last name was Corleone

RUB BBQ East Meadow No longer

Does not surprise me-went there when it first opened-not impressed.




way way overpriced-they don't even put prices on the items-just sticker shock when you get the bill

cold sesame noodles

The best cold noodles I ever had was Homer's in Woodbury NY-It had a salty, sweet flavor that has yet to be matched!

Sep 06, 2011
Kingphish in Manhattan

Best Pickles in NYC?/

Fairway-the pickles stack up to anyones

Jun 17, 2011
Kingphish in Manhattan

Having breakfast on Long Island

Touché-But I find that more than not-restaurants that I would hope to surprise me -don't

Speaking of Thomas' H&E-It's not worth wasting part of my life to wait on the line.!

Having breakfast on Long Island

Breakfast- really, I never get excited about that meal.I just look for 3 criteria 1)nice atmosphere),fresh,3)not crap. I usually go to Williston Park Diner on Hillside or if if I want nostalgia Henry's in Glen Cove

The Best Bread In Nassau County

the bread in Freshway is great!-The closest to the Italian bakery in Brooklyn that I used to go to-they had a coal fired oven from like the 1890's-my wife thinks this bread is better!

The prosciutto bread is great-the Brooklyn one used to call it "Lard Bread" -don't know why?


I go there about every 6 weeks with a bunch of guys to shoot the breeze in the guise of a "book club"-The food is very consistent and good but not memorable-that said, I think it's a bit too pricey

Long Island Lox and Bagels (Appetizing)

One word -FAIRWAY
If you want more personal service -go to Andel's in Roslyn-but they will rip you off!

Remember Ebinger's Othello's

wow-sounds like the real thing-I will check that out

225 calories?-seems they were richer than that


Jun 09, 2010
Kingphish in Manhattan

Bethel Arts Center

Any good places too eat around there??

Nassau Openings

Nick and Charley's RIP OOB

Any News On Bar Frites in Roslyn?

All I know so far that it is owned by the Poll brothers of Bryant & Cooper and that it's in the Wheatley shopping center

Maroni's in Northport, Long Island

I second that!! Phil,I couldn't say that better myself. There are a lot of people that swear by this place including my brother and oldest daughter- For the money- give me the tasting menu at Eleven Madison Park any day. I think this place throws you a lot of food for a lot of money-and the food is good- but NOT memorable.

Maroni's in Northport, Long Island

overrated-you do really want to eat so much in one sitting?

Buffalo Wings--Nassau County

I have tried a lot of wings-my favorite is Barefoot peddler on Glen Cove Rd. in Greenvale-crisp and just the right amount of spice-no pizza but a little farther north on the opposite side of the street is Abetza Pizza-great fresh pizza

Day Boat Cafe (Roslyn) an excellent meal

Yes, that is true-but I was trying to give a response without getting into the minutia of molting,shedding etc.

Most suppliers in the NY area get their Lobster wherever they are cheaper-usually it's Canada-Maine has too many regulations which keep the price up -even though you would think it's the other way around with the difference in Canadian dollar vs. the US dollar and the additional shipping costs and tariffs,but not so.

As far as Ramsey is concerned you can't tell-but,sometimes when I sold the Canadians ,I thought they looked a little darker-bluer even- but I must be imagining it...

Day Boat Cafe (Roslyn) an excellent meal

Ah-Morty -the -Knife -Man.He sold that place and the new owners moved it to Farmingdale. Morty was a real character-he had a real passion for his knives-used to bring his wife and set -up at the seafood show in Boston. When they were showing their knives -his wife would show a little too much cleavage-we kiddingly told him" Morty will we buy your knives if your wife showed a little less cleavage"- nice guy

Erica,I would love to read your article on the dearth of LI fish-send me a link

Day Boat Cafe (Roslyn) an excellent meal

Syosset Seafood is an excellent choice-Gus runs a great fish-store-also there is a Syosset in Williston Park which Gus used to own but has since sold-I believe he still supplies them-so the quality is still there-try their Halibut salad-you will thank me later. As far as Woodbury Fish I heard they stink-excuse the pun!

Also ,try Fairway- their fish is fresh and the price is right-Although I would like to have their salmon fillets a bit thicker

Day Boat Cafe (Roslyn) an excellent meal

As far a Jordan's-Michael Jordan-yep that's his name-is a good wholesaler of Lobsters-His steamed Lobsters are good -how could you screw up a steamed lobster??-The few times he has had fish on the menu I think it's left over from his retail store-if ya can't sell it -cook it! nu-ff said-

Never been to Artie's or Ethos-If Ethos is true to the Greek way of fish prep-grilling- that's OK-I will try them and let you know-speaking of Greek fish places-did you ever try Eli's Corner in Astoria -they used to have a good selection of Grilled fish-but, I'm not sure if they are still there

Day Boat Cafe (Roslyn) an excellent meal

I saw that episode-I was jumping out of my seat when chef Ramsey said that-
There is no physical difference between a Maine and Canadian lobster-How does the lobster know if it was caught on the Maine side of the Atlantic or the Canadian side?It's like saying a whitefish caught in Lake Michigan by a Canadian boat is different from a whitefish caught in the same waters by an American boat....pleeeeeeease!

That said-I prefer a Canadian lobster-
Even though it looks the same they are different -Let me explain-if the fishmonger allows you-squeeze the shell-the harder the shell the more meat inside-the colder the waters the harder the shell-Canada being father north has colder waters.
BUT-The Mass.and NH and LI (when they had them) were sweeter.But I still would sacrifice a little sweetness for more lobster

Remember Ebinger's Othello's

They were egg shaped-had a chocolate coating over angel-food cake with a creamy mocha center

Does any bakery make that? Did anyone buy the recipe?

Sep 28, 2008
Kingphish in Manhattan

Day Boat Cafe (Roslyn) an excellent meal

As far as seafood restaurants are concerned-the North Shore of Nassau is pretty anemic

First let me say when it comes to fish and seafood I am a purest-by that I mean give me a good piece of fish that is just broiled ,grilled ,or baked.Fish restaurants like Coolfish are good but their sauces mask the real flavor of a fresh piece of fish-Is it really fresh?-you can't tell

Let me discuss just a few-And I will just stick to Fish and seafood,not the overall experience-that's for another discussion. Also I will just list a few that call themselves "seafood houses"

Riverbay-While at most times-they have a good selection-lately it's always the same and the fish is inconsistent in it's preparation-I know their supplier ,and he knows his stuff-when it goes to the chief.......

Jolly Fisherman-great broiled lobster-as far as the rest of the fish-give it to your cat-I know who supplies them-they should be fed to the sharks

London Lennie's (Rego Park)-
same supplier as Riverbay-used to be great-but they fell off a cliff

Best fish I ever had?-the old Lundy's in Bklyn for shellfish-and Sweet's in the financial district/Fulton fish market for probably the purest piece of fish I have ever had-but they are both gone now.
If you want my take on another seafood house just ask-I've been to them all

Which brings me to my original post ,I just hope Dayboat will get around to have more of a selection-and not just have the regular stuff like all the rest.Be a fish joint for goodness sakes

Day Boat Cafe (Roslyn) an excellent meal


OK-I always like different opinions -that what makes the world go round-

Still I asked my daughter-who goes to Pearl's quite often-she says that at worst pearl's serves the lobster roll at room temperature-but definitely not cold

As for the name-was just giving a fishmonger's definition of the term "Day Boat" for those chow's who did not know the term-as opposed to "Trip boat" which means a commercial fishing boat that stays out for around 2 weeks-you want to eat the catch of that boat coming back rather than going out for obvious reasons

Day Boat Cafe (Roslyn) an excellent meal

I HAVE TO DISAGREE-I ate there last nite (Thurs)-We ordered the mixed salad and Clam Chowder-the salad, while having fresh greens-had a tasteless dressing-the vinaigrette was too vinegary-the chowder was too watery and not as creamy as Pearl's. Bacon? I didn't taste any-large serving yes-filled with clams-yes. But not creamy enough

As for the Main course: Lobster roll was cold-Isn't pearl's served warm? with some butter sauce?

My wife had the beer-battered shrimp-less shrimp more batter-the accompanied fries that were used to fill up the plate were greasy ,not salty ,and hard to manage -because they were too small.Come to think of it the shrimp were greasy too.

I must admit that I didn't t have dessert-I know Diane's puts out great ones.

The menu is limited-why can't they have more choices?The shrimp were small-the only whole fish was the the Bronzino-which you can get anywhere-why not take a risk at something new? Are they being safe with the limited menu? The term "Day Boat" means short catch or the time the boat is at sea.why can they be more local in their fish selection? I am very critical of seafood places because for 35 years I supplied seafood restaurants and had a seafood retail shop . Hence my pen name.

New restaurant in East Hills/Roslyn

There is a new building(s) going up on the e/s of GC Rd near the Harbor hill Pharm- just south of Brivo-maybe there?

New to Glen Cove and looking for food!

Rick-I agree with you on most of the things-The seafood sucks-Jolly Fisherman in Roslyn has a decent broiled Lobster though-if you can stand the moth-balls from the really old people that frequent there-I disagree with you on the pasta at Abettza the Penni Alla Vodka is phenomenal-my daughter who lives in the city has to get it when she comes out here-also I heard there was a good place in Roslyn for Lobster rolls-it's new but I don't know the name-for sushi try the place in the Harborview shopping center-I hear it's GREAT

The Best Bread In Nassau County

Wow I would really like to know!!