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Pina Colada Wars

If you use caster sugar instead of simple syrup, I find that using coconut milk works fine, and the drink is not too watery.

Jul 24, 2012
OssoBuco in Spirits

ISO great meatball sub in NW DC

Try A. Litteri's in the Union Market, 517-519 Morse Street, N.E. (right off Florida Ave by Gallaudet) Its only 6 blocks into Northeast.

Their italian coldcut subs, made to order, are the best, and they make a very good meatball sub.

Anchor Steam Beer

Always in stock at Chevy Chase liquors

rockland's catering

Have used them several times -- sliced pork, pulled chicked, beans, cole slaw, buns. Very easy and solid -- I'd not hesitate to have them cater a party again.

Tavira, Portugese and Mediterranean in Chevy Chase, MD

Finally, after 7 years of living in the area, I gave Tavira a try last weekend, and I'm kicking myself that I let it go that long -- it was really an excellent meal. Nice to have a Portugese option (hell, any option) in Chevy Chase.

We had a 6 o'clock reservation, three adults and two kids (ages 4 and 8). The waitstaff sized us up quickly (b/c of the small children in a fairly upscale restaurant, though thankfully they were well behaved...) and had our three appetizers out to the table very quickly. The clams cooked in wine with pork and onions (that broth was wonderful), garlicly shrimp (excellent as well) and a sausage appetizer also off the menu that was okay. We took some red wine recommendations from the staff, which were great. Two of us split the Paella, which was very nice. Also a sea bass special, which was great. Desserts included possibly the best flan I've ever had, a great poached pear and nice chocolate mousse.

We'll definitely be back.

Anyone been to Comet Ping Pong?

I recommend the white pizza with onion, garlic and clams. A bit steep at $17 for a one person pie, but on my return trip there last night thought it was very tasty. I've mellowed on the place -- its not what I initially hoped or expected it would be, but I think the pizza has improved from when they first opened. Hittting it on a week night when its not a zoo is also a good idea.

Day of the Dead

We make our own sugar skulls -- very easy.

My guess is that there are a number of bodegas in Wheaton that would carry the molds for them, or for that matter may carry sugar skulls and pan de muerte themselves, but I don't have names for you....

Anyone been to Comet Ping Pong?

Despite the warnings above I took the family and went this evening. The pizza actually struck me as much like homemade -- a better crust, but frankly, the small funny shaped pizza with strange sauced area to crust ratio was much like what we make at home.

We had one plain cheese pie, one pepperoni, and one with ricotta and greens. The pies were definitely NOT new haven pizza, nor NY, nor neapolitan, nor were they yucky bready takeout pie. They were crusty chewy, misshapen, too small for the price, and tasted pretty good, but not knock your socks off, by a long shot.

Ultimately my take is that its a good addition to the neighborhood, but really more as a place to go to play ping pong and get a pitcher of beer, with the small pizzas to split as an afterthought and not the main reason to go. It struck me as a very laid back place to go with friends to hang out and talk and not really a destination to go to for the food (though in this section of Northwest DC, its still better than average). Sadly, at $42 for three smaller-than dinner-plate sized pizzas, three sodas and a tiny glass of chianti, its not the kind of neighborhood joint that I'm really likely to got to regularly. I'm a little puzzled. I want to like it. I sort of liked it, but it wasn't close to being in the league of 2 Amy's or, for that matter, Vace.

Anyone been to Comet Ping Pong?

Yes, this is really the name of the new woodfired pizza place a few doors down from Buck's Fishing & Camping, and next door to Marvelous Market, on Connecticut Avenue in Chevy Chase DC.

They have the neon sign up from the old Comet liquors in Adams Morgan. Anyone been and able to report?

Alternately, anyone know why Chef Greenwood seems to want to name all her restaurants after sporting pursuits not normally associated with DC (Fishing, Camping, Ping-Pong)? Perhaps we could look forward to Jai Alai Thai or Pole Vaulting Pierogies sometime in Greenwood's future?

Best Local Sub Sandwiches?

And a third for Lucia's. Not a sandwich that is so good that you dream about it, but better than most of the other local options.

vegetarian options at joe's noodle house

V32! Spicy and Tasty Fried Tofu. They'll make it as spicy and as numbing (different sensations -- ask them about it) as you like.

MoCo Taco Truck(?) question

I was driving down Viers Mill road, between Randolph Road and Twinbrook Pkwy the other evening, and saw what appeared to be a big silver van that looked suspiciously like a taco truck parked by the soccer field that abuts Viers Mill (could, of course, be my wishful thinking about what it was serving) I was unable to stop b/c I was late for an a dinner appointment. Anyone have any experience with this truck or know anything about what it serves? In the absence of any negative reports, I think I'm going to keep an eye out for it, and will stop and report back next time I see it.

Take out lunch in Wheaton

Second the Max's selection -- the guy who makes the falafel there is a wizard. You might also try Lucia's for a variety of decent Italian subs, which is, I believe one strip mall down on University.

Business Lunch Meeting in Rockville

Smokey is right -- of my recs, Addie's is the only one that approaches a "classy" atmosphere. The others aren't particularly grungy -- just not into formality. Oh, and you can't escape the political perspective at the Cuban Corner, so if that's an issue for you, beware...

Business Lunch Meeting in Rockville

Addie's, on the Pike near White Flint, is very nice nouveau American, but you probably want to make a reservation. Closer to downtown Rockville, I highly recommend Bob's Noodle and the Cuban Corner, or, nearer to Twinbrook, Joe's Noodle, the last of which is a perennial fav on this board. Good Luck.

Good Italian Place to load up on Carbs before Marathon?

Although the food is not knock-your-socks-off-fabulous, for a group of that size, and for focusing on the carb-loading aspect, I think that Buca di Beppo right by the Hilton on Connecticut Avenue would suffice.

Another, perhaps better choice, would be Listrani's on MacArthur Boulevard. Nice neighborhood Italian, with decent variety of pastas -- again without having to get too fancy the night before a race.

I will eat just about anything except...

Sea cucumber. Its a living mass of jello that sustains itself by eating garbage that falls to the sea floor. It is literally the only thing I've ever eaten where I couldn't get down a second bite.

Aug 17, 2006
OssoBuco in General Topics

Rave reviews, but I don't get it

For me, its Lebanese Taverna. I love lebanese food, but find LT, or at least the one location I've been to multiple times, to be merely average. Don't get me wrong -- it's not horrendous, but it just isn't great, no matter what I order...

Rave reviews, but I don't get it

I agree regarding the cakes, but they make a breakfast sandwich called "The Brick" which, if you get it with sausage is one of the truly sublime eating experiences in the area. It's something about the bread, the potatoes, and the processed cheese and the way it interacts with the surprisingly tasty sausage and fried egg. But I agree that the cakes are a lie agreed upon -- and while the coffee is reminiscent of a brown crayon stirred in hot water, it goes okay with that fabulous sandwich.

Best Sandwich on the Pike?

Thanks! Not sure how I forgot Crisp & Juicy, and I'll certainly try the other places -- sounds like there may be a week's worth of decent sandwiches out there after all...

Tuscany Vinyard visits. [Moved from Wine]

Just got back from a week in Castellina in Chianti and virtually anytime you are off the autostrada you can just follow signs for local producers. Try Rocca Della Macie (

Jul 28, 2006
OssoBuco in Italy

Best Sandwich on the Pike?

I'm trolling for suggestions for great sandwiches on or near Rockville Pike.

I'm partial to pretty much any of the sandwiches at Cuban Corner in Rockville, and the Bahn Mi at Ba Le. I've had a very tasty, if somewhat pricy, oyster po'boy at Addie's.

Any suggestions for other can't miss sandwiches or sandwich places in the area?