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First Time at Taiwan Cafe

My family and I came to visit Boston from Chicago. After reading so many excellent reviews on Taiwan Café, we went there for lunch on 08/30/08 Saturday. We got there around 1:30 PM and the place was still packed. We had to wait for 20 minutes before we were seated. The place did not have air condition and it was like sitting in a sauna eating there. We ordered the Si Shen soup, meat soup(ro gen soup), Taichung meat ball, rice noodle stir fry, sausage fried rice, and oyster pancake. We had very high expectations but it was a huge disappointment. The Si Shen soup is good. The meat soup (ro gen soup) is so fishy and I hard ate any of it. The rice noodle stir fry is so greasy and all soft and lack of texture. The fried rice is so sticky and you can call it a congee. The rice used for fry rice should be cooked the first thing in the morning and let it cool and let the humidity out before you use it for fried rice. The sauce used for oyster pancake is from a commercial can or bottle, definitely not home made. The oil used for the oyster pancake is clearly not changed for more than two weeks. The oil is changed once a week at a good restaurant. The texture of the Taichung Meatball is like eating clay. I saw the breakfast items ordered by the next table, it is not authentic and does not look good by the look. It is quite a big disppointment for my family.

Sep 02, 2008
laotao in Greater Boston Area