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ISO: Small or Pee Wee Sized Eggs

the egg seller in the North St Lawrence Market on Saturday's usually has them

where can I find ginger and black vinegar pig's feet

This is for Pinstriprincess. Try looking up Cotechino Sausage - that is the proper Italian name for it and you will find some recipes.

Tough Striploin at Costco!

The last package I bought there was tough as well, which was surprising as I've always had wonderful meat there. Wondering if it has anything to do with the fact that the meat they used to buy was from XL foods which had a massive recall last year - maybe they are using a new supplier?

baseball and fine dining [Cleveland]

Thanks for your help - any information on Nicks Sports Bar - is it too much of a dive?

Jun 14, 2013
florence in Great Lakes

baseball and fine dining [Cleveland]

Sorry Cleveland

Jun 11, 2013
florence in Great Lakes

baseball and fine dining [Cleveland]

We will be in town on a weekend in July for Fri night ballgame and Sat dinner. Was wondering where people near the ballyard for food and drinks before the game (could be a dive we are ok with that as long as food is good and it is fun). Also wondered about a nicer dinner for Sat night - we eat anything. Thanks

Jun 10, 2013
florence in Great Lakes

Desperate for Dinner - Etobicoke

If you are still looking try this place - La Veranda at Bloor and Royal York

Kebab 49 (Dundas & Kipling)

It seems to be new owners. Food is even better than before. Pide is wonderful.

Faux-Canadian Chinese Food West End

There is a place on the south side of Bloor a block or two east of Royal York that still has the decor inside of a 50s Chinese restaurant and great Canadian Chinese food - sorry can't remember name.

Where do I find homemade/artisan italian deli meats (mortadella/capicola) in GTA?

There is a stand at the Sherway Gardens Farmers market (Friday's) that sells salami's and capicoli's- no mortadella and not downtown but their product is pretty good.

It's Sledzie (Pickled Herring) Time !

How long can you keep?

Nov 16, 2010
florence in Home Cooking

Paris - suggestions for excellant dining-in meals

You will be near Bon Marché - the Grand Epicerie has many options for take out. Also near the Raspail market (Tues, Fri and Sat) where you can buy rotisserie chicken and amazing roasted potatoes. There also seem to be a ton of take out chinese/vietnamese places in that area - not very French but good in a pinch.

Nov 05, 2010
florence in France

In search of Cotechino sausage

Grande Cheese near Yorkdale mall carries them. Let me know if you find any home made versions.

Smoke free patio dining for foodies?

The side patio at One in Yorkville is smoke free

Looking for good pho and vietnamese food in Etobicoke

there is a new place in the plaza just east of Apache Burger on Dundas just west of Kipling - kind of a Canadian/modern Vietnamese the broth for the pho was tasty, however the rare beef was not really rare

Where in Windsor for fried pickerel or perch

thanks everyone - looking forward to it.

Where in Windsor for fried pickerel or perch

Hi, going to Windsor this weekend and looking for a tavern that serves fried pickerel or perch - all you can eat if possible.

Travel friendly Pate and Cheese

Hi Stefan, meet me - I had all my tinned foie gras taken away at security in terminal 2 CDG last week - I tried to argue with him but you know how well that went! Anyway once you get into the secure area you can buy foie gras and cheese (including raw cheeses) at the duty free. I'm sure my foie made the security man's family very happy that evening.

Jul 24, 2009
florence in France

Frugal Caterer?

I've been saving this website for a while - I read about them in one of the papers - Afghan women's catering -
Looks really interesting
Let me know if you try them

Small group in Windsor for dinner?

there is a great bbq restaurant on Ottawa st called Smoke and Spice - it is real smoked meat southern style bbq - much better than Tunnel Bar-B-Q

Dinner at Nota Bene - A Review

My experience at lunch last week was underwhelming. The lunch menu they have listed on their website was not what was on offer - they have a much smaller and less interesting menu which was disappointing as we had looked forward to having a special lunch experience (ie long and luxurious)

Schincariol in Windsor - MIA???

From what I saw mostly fresh meat, salami and such. They do have a freezer section. I just go to Windsor to visit family so can't help with other stores.

Schincariol in Windsor - MIA???

Hi, they are located at the back of a small plaza on Cabana just west of Howard. They have changed their name to "Casa something" I think. It's a fancy deli now not like the grocery store they used to have. My favorite thing they used to make was musetto - which they don't make anymore.

Restaurant Recommendations

Hi, they did have some of their olive oil to taste. Tour was about an hour and they charged 10 E per person which included tasting 3 wines after - however we tasted about 6 wines + grappa + vin santo. I should mention you were not in a big group - just the 4 of us which was really nice.
Here's the web in case you need it to book

Aug 01, 2008
florence in Italy

Restaurant Recommendations

Hi, we visited Altesino in May and had a lovely tour with Sanela. By your name I assume you might be from Ontario - if so the lcbo has a Rosso di Montalcino from Altesino that was released a few weeks ago that you may want to try.
A wine bar in Rome that we really enjoyed for lunch was Palatium - it features products and wines from Lazio and is near the Spanish Steps.

Jul 30, 2008
florence in Italy

looking for great lunch in central/southern Tuscany

Hi, between Pienza and Montepulciano is a restuarant/inn called La Chiusa - it is not inexpensive but has wonderful food and service – perfect for a long relaxing lunch. If the weather is good you can sit on the terrace outside under a huge tree with a view down the valley. At this time of the year I would suggest reservations.

Jul 29, 2008
florence in Italy

Huge Chowfind: Chodang Soon Tofu

Hi, ate there last night - address is 5130A Dundas St W - just around where Dundas W joins up with Bloor. Had the Dumpling Soon Tofu and can confirm acd123's report food was good and plentiful. The people that own it are so sweet - they really want you to have a good experience.
Someone was asking if they have Bibimbap - and yes they do - as well they offer their version of Bento Box with things like spicy chicken, pork katsu, etc.

Good Dining in Windsor, ON

You can go to Erie St. There are a lot of Italian restaurants there to choose from. There is also a restaurant on Ottawa St called Bin some # that ex-Windsorites who live in Toronto say is quite good.

Good Chinese food for Chinese people in Windsor

Too late for this visit - but next time try New Kirin on Dougal

Joe's Pastizzi Plus or Malta Bake Shop

have been to both and prefer Malta bake shop - it never hurts to order ahead. Malta sells them frozen by the dozen in a smaller party size if that interests you.