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Appeal of larger sized Maryland crab, considering cost?

You will not find blue crabs as large as you think you need. 8 inches point to point is about as big as you can get, would be hard to find and very expensive.

Where to get curing salt around here?

Bass Pro Shop at Arundal Mills Mall

My jaw is wired shut!

Google Godey and Creme Snack Attack. A song abour haveing jaws wired.

May 12, 2015
jfish in Home Cooking

Best seafood in Baltimore Harbour?

Not authentic type Chinese. They have a meal sized soup I like that has has roast pork, chicken and many veggies.

Best seafood in Baltimore Harbour?

I've seen crabs and perch caught in Baltimore Harbour but think they should be avoided as the harbour is rather polluted. Or you may try a restaurant such as Ryleigh’s Oyster which is in the Federal Hill area not far from the harbour.

Focacia in Baltimore area

Try the Hamilton Bakery.

Oldest Restaurants in Baltimore area

Attmen's. Jewish style deli, 100 years in the same family. Try the corned beef or pastrami or some variation of the same.

Azumi: quite disappointing first impression

Matsuri is also my favorite. I also like Sushi Hanna on Falls Road. I think the best you can expect in Baltimore is quality fish with a limited selection.

late night Baltimore

Goldberg's! Excellent late night saturday idea. Just don't compare to NY please.

late night Baltimore

Their website says closed at midnight. Might want to call. Their food is OK, not exactly chow worthy but Pikesville to Owing Mills is kind of slim picking.

Yummy Goodness in Baltimore

Puerto is excellent for Peruvian. It is very small, you will need reservations.

Best BBQ in Baltimore - Help!

You might try the Midtown BBQ & Brew on Center Street. The Q is good not great but might best meet your need for good late night atmoshere.

Baltimore casual but good? Near Hotel Monaco or Ottobar?

You may want to try Puerto 511 off Cathedral Street near Saratoga. Very good Peruvian, excellent cerviche. They are very small, I recommend a reservation.

Going to be in Baltimore for two days.

Vaccaoro's makes a big deal about thier connoli filling being homemade. Checkout thier web site. Do you have information indicating otherwise?

Baltimore Puerto 511

I had dinner there on a Friday night about three weeks ago. The space is very small but nice. The owners are very friendly and work hard to please. I suggest a reservation as they were turning away potential diners the night I was there. The food was very good and well presented. We had cerviche, skewered calve hearts and a creamy seafood and cheese stew. I particularly recommend the hearts as this seemed most unique. I would recommend any of these dishes but look forward to further exploring the menu. I almost forgot, save rook for desert.

Maryland crab cakes as found overseas

Faidley's is still in business and making crab crakes.

Baltimore....table for 6 out of towners

My mistake. I was thinking of Mele.

Baltimore....table for 6 out of towners

I think the old Mezze is now closed. There is a Kali Mezze in Kali's Court,but I think that is different.


I had dinner at Ha Ha last weekend. I was disappointed that they no longer had dim sum. The manager said demand was too low and they lost money on it. They still have hanging roast duck and pork. We ordered a half duck and noodle soup with roast pork. I thought both were excellent; however my companion was not fond of the soup.

Romanian Meats/Groceries

The International Food Market in Pikesville has an excellent selection of East European Foods.

7004 Reisterstown Rd
Baltimore, MD 21215
Neighborhood: Fallstaff

(410) 358-4757

Gems in Baltimore

Maybe bland, but I did not think overpriced. Zorba's is worth a visit for the grilled octopus.

low sodium meal delivery in Baltimore?

I suggest you contact Vicki directly.

Marchionda's on Harford- you heard it here first!

Thanks for posting. I keep driving by Marchionda's and wondering. I am sort of sensitive to oversalting so hope that doesn't prevale.

Liquid smoke...or not?

I actually do use a small hatchet for that purpose. Kind of funny.

Aug 19, 2013
jfish in Home Cooking

Anyone know what's going on with Zella's?

Zella's catered a work party for us today. Very simple. Pizza salad and drinks. The pizzas and ceasar salad were good to very good and Zella's staff were very nice, helpful and efficient. The price seemed reasonable.

Where is the best rack of lamb in Baltimore or burbs (not DC)

I haven't been to Zorba's in a while, but I do not recall rack of lamb on the menue. That said, they do ahve really good lamb chops. If you go, the grilled octopus is the best.

organic produce at the JFX farmers market

Calvert Farm has the best selection of organic. Cat's Paw is good with nice people but a lesser selection. I think these are the only two strictly organic stalls.

Any feedback for the JFX Farmer's Market (Baltimore)?

Mixed diameters Saturday at Waverly. The thick was really quite good and not woody. I don't get the preference for thin.

HaHa Foods Baltimore

I think HaHa Foods on Rt. 40 deserves some CH attention; Baltimore has been a wasteland for Chinese food for so long. Tried a couple of dim sum Saturday. Fried taro and ribs with black bean sauce. Both were excellent, prepared to order and serverd piping hot. A different experience than pointing to items on a cart, but very fresh. I also took half a duck home for dinner on Sunday. Love that duck. There were diners at several tables that were piled with great looking food, don't know what most of it was, but I want to go back to explore. The razor clams looked good.

Has anyone else been trying this place. i would like to hear your impressions and recommendations.

HELP! Burnt or Not cooked through on cast iron grill pan

I like to sear meats in my cast iron skillet then place in a preheated oven at about 300 degrees until cooked as desired. Sometimes even 275 if I'm not too hungry.

Mar 20, 2013
jfish in Home Cooking