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Grant gone at the Black Hoof

no i havent been there in awhile, not lying when i say ive been to this place at least 100 times, from day one the food was fantastic, pickled octopus was the best dish ever! slowly the horrendous service over ruled and i havent gone back. did they infact did that go? positive press? where jen told everyone not to drink vodka anymore, that was a great move too.

Grant gone at the Black Hoof

Line ups? Back in the day yes they had line ups. havnt seen a line up there in awhile. Successful expantion? Everyone was there for grants food and they will line up to his next venture I'm sure

Grant gone at the Black Hoof

Thank god. Place has been dying a slow death for so long. Service never did have much of an exsistance but without grant it's a no fly zone.

Best Thing You Ever Ate - Toronto

first time i had it with french toast. rediculous. again on rosti potato. he is also making bacon from lamb belly from time to time.

No Children Allowed Restaurants in Toronto

since the shoeless joes opened on king @ john, they have similcast horse racing through woodbine which would mean children are not allowed in. goes for any off track operation.

Best Thing You Ever Ate - Toronto

the bacon jam at niagara street cafe. or the lamb bacon. the ultimate compliment to a chef/restaurant is when you return for something because you are craving it. nic's bacon jam has acheived that.

Looking for restaurant ideas near Eaton Centre, with a few restrictions...

turf lounge, south of richmond st on the west side of bay.
not much vegan or vegetarian posted but with notice the chef will accomadate.