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Your favorite canned vegetable and how do you eat it?

Not gross! My Mom takes canned mixed vegetable (corn, peas carrots - are there potatoes in there too?) and combines them with onion and mayo and black pepper, maybe lemon juice- this is a surprisingly tasty lunch. OK, its a bit weird too.

Jan 26, 2007
averill in Home Cooking

Chinese Duck

I call them barbequed but I'm not 100% sure that;s correct. You can ask the counter person to chop them up for you and you get nice evenly sized hunks (with bone) that you can dip in hoisin sauce. I think it would be a good thing with drinks.
What I used to do is buy a half duck and take it off the bone and make a red Thai curry with that and bamboo shoots. Very rich, but tasty with rice and a green stir fry (or vinegary cucumber) on the side.

Jan 26, 2007
averill in Home Cooking

Nigella's Bread with Warm milk comfort food

I'm pretty sure Benjamin Bunny or some other Beatrix Potter creation ate it after surviving some sort of "fearful scrape." I thought it was just for critters - interesting to know its for real.

Jan 24, 2007
averill in Home Cooking

Help Me Cook for My boyfriend the Health Nut!

Agree paneer is awesome. How are saag paneer and palak paneer different?

Jan 23, 2007
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Will the real, authentic Sticky Toffee Pudding please stand up?

I'm no expert but I've always wanted to make this. I'd always assumed I would make Delia Smith's as she seems quintessentially English, but her recipe seems to contain none of the goodies you mention. Maybe it's a different one from what I remember, but here's what my quick search kicked out:


Jan 10, 2007
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I am definitly going to try all these braised ideas - thanks so much.

The Japanese rice bowl posted below sounds like a winner too.

Jan 10, 2007
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I love braised red cabbage when I have it in restaurants. But whenever I try to make it its not the same. Anyone know the secret? Is there something sweet in there?

Jan 08, 2007
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Please - recipes for leftover ham?

We had ham and scrambled aggs and asparagus last night. Tonight it's ham and asparagus risotto. Tomorrow is swapped out with a friend's leftover turkey. Then an Indonesian fried rice with ham (and turkey?) and jumbo prawns.

Then its the freezer....

Dec 27, 2006
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Henry's Kitchen, Vancouver?

I loved this place on McDonald. Yum. It's not there anymore, but I've seen a Henry's sign up at the mini mall on 25th and Oak. Is this the same place? What's going on? Are they upgrading? Or have the reopened and reclosed while I wasn't looking?

New Stuff in Vancouver Area???

The fish store you're thinking of is on Dunbar street somewhere around 28th. I can't think of its name.

Fun Food in the Okanagan (Vernon) Area in October

We have a little off-season holiday planned. Any places we HAVE to eat? Wineries that MUST be be visitied? We will have young kids with us and sometimes we will cater to their needs and sometimes we will just drag them along....

Thanks so much.

Tofino Shuttered!!!! Please help!

Indeed, Saltspring might work for you. Just a short drive from Nanaimo to the Crofton ferry. Hastings House, House Piccolo, and for far less $ Calvin's, are all good/great. I think there's a couple of kayaking options.

baby corn

You know the stuff in the can, or maybe the freezer? Can you get this stuff fresh? Is it really young corn or is it its own thing? Is it hard to grow?

Aug 11, 2006
averill in General Topics

Kid Friendly Restaurants in Vancouver?

The Galley at the Jericho Sailing Club has high chairs and a kids menu and ice cream cones. The food is only OK but the view the best in the city and kids can play on the beach before and after, watch fishing on the pier, and look for bunnies in the bushes. Lots of watersport activity too. Parents can have beer/wine/burgers/salads.

Recommendations for Sooke, Tofino and Salt Spring Island

House Piccolo on Salt Spring is a tiny but fabulous (and pricey) place. In our opinion the food/service is as good as at the Hastings House, although the HH environment is hard to beat in summer.