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How to make peppermint cream brownies?

Feb 22, 2015
snax in Home Cooking

How to make peppermint cream brownies?

Hey there, I made my first batch of brownies the other day based off the Pret-A-Manger recipe. It was seriously fab, but I was wondering how i could make a layer of peppermint cream to go on top?
Any thoughts on how you could do this?


Feb 21, 2015
snax in Home Cooking

Can a chopping board be too big? 3 inch high

I'm having buyers remorse over a beautiful Boos chopping board. It measures 18x18x3 inch. Even though I love the large working space, I'm thinking it sits too high off the countertop to make the chopping action ergonomic. Does anyone have this same set up and how do you find it? The picture shows my current chopping board and its hight.

Jan 15, 2015
snax in Cookware

What colour is your toaster, kettle, blender....,

I've just received today in the mail a 4 slice toaster. I ordered the silver but upon opening the box they accidentally have shipped me the candy apple colour. My blender, kettle, toasted sandwich machines are all silver, my Mr Coffee pot is black, and my Bamix is white.
I'm kinda liking the red toaster and kinda want to send it back and get myself the nice silver polished one.

What do you do at home? Do you have a theme or just go with what ever?

Dec 11, 2014
snax in Cookware

To buy or not to buy Re: Mortar and Pestle

I don't know what made me enter an antique store here in Australia but neither the less I found myself staring at this wonderful big mortar an pestle. It's not granite or marble, but some sort of white stone or clay, and the pestle is a mixture of the white stone and wood. It has a stamp on the bottom saying Made In France. I can't quite remember the size, but it's big, kinda like a dinner plate size I guess.

Do I need this in my life? I do have a 4 cup Thai granite m&p but this one is certainly talking to me.

Dec 06, 2014
snax in Cookware

In Italy and kinda over the food

Thank-you everyone, some great ideas, and no doubt tasty foods to try. I took a cooking class here in Sorrento which was a lot of fun and a nice souvenir to take bak to Australia. It's just been a long time on the road. I even bought a can of baked beans during our time in Iceland as we just wanted a simple and cheap meal. I had a lovely fresh lemon juice today our Walk of the Gods on the Amalfi Coast. Good times and looking forward to two last nights in Rome.

Nov 14, 2014
snax in Italy

In Italy and kinda over the food

Thank-you, you have sparked my interest to try some more local cuisine, "when in Rome" :-)

I ate myself silly on pizza in Naples, and have come to realise that I will never have it 'that good' again. It as it turns out tough I truly don't care for calzone. You learn these things in life.

I cannot get over how good the carbonara is, and I'm looking forward to try some more dishes. Now to lunch…a caprese salad :-)

Nov 13, 2014
snax in Italy

In Italy and kinda over the food

My husband and I have been traveling for 6 months. We have had a total of 5 weeks in Italy and are on the last week before heading home to Australia. As amazing as the food is, and it truly is, we are just looking forward to a simple grilled chicken/steak, and 3 veggies on the side.
We are all seafood, pizza, breaded out, but after tasting my first real Roman corbonara in Rome I am wondering if there is any other must try pasta dish? We are currently in Sorrento, then make our way back to Rome stopping in Naples for lunch.
I could quite happily live on caprese salad but I'm open to suggestions.

Thanks :-)

Nov 13, 2014
snax in Italy

Where to get a magimix?

I bought mine in Australia so perhaps consider saving shipping costs and go have yourself a nice little holiday too!
It is such a wonderful machine it's worth the effort to find it, because I'm sure it will be with you for many many years.

Sep 29, 2014
snax in Cookware

Which stand mixer? Kenwood, KitchenAid, or Thermomix?

I decided to go for the Kenwood as the kneading attachment looks fierce! I hope it serves me well, I'm waiting for it to be shipped and then going to mix up some pita bread :-) I can't wait!! Now where to store it?

Mar 05, 2014
snax in Cookware

Which stand mixer? Kenwood, KitchenAid, or Thermomix?

I'm in Australia and in the market for something to first and foremost kneed bread. I have an ever growing list of bread that I'd like to make so I'm after a machine that can handle whatever I through at it.
I'm looking at the:
Kenwood Titanium 1500W
KitchenAid Pro 315W
KitchenAid is very expensive here, as is the Kenwood Titanium but it looks like a solid build. Alternatively the Thermomix is available here and may kneed bread better then a stand mixer?

Any thoughts of what might suit me?

Feb 22, 2014
snax in Cookware

Cutting a chocolate topped slice evenly…Possible?

coconut, glace cherries, sweetened condensed milk, copha (shortening)

It's the fact that there is two layers to cut, it tends to squish when I'm cutting it. Perhaps a just a hot knife and take my time cutting it.

Feb 08, 2014
snax in Home Cooking

Cutting a chocolate topped slice evenly…Possible?

Hi all, I'll be making a coconut and cherry slice which is sandwiched between a thin layer of chocolate. I've never been able to get clean slices before and instead basically just break the slice apart.
Any helpful tips on cutting through chocolate?


Feb 08, 2014
snax in Home Cooking

Wedding Gift - Fondue Pot

Thanks all. She is early 20's and just wants to settle down and have chocolate fondue with friends on a Friday night. Sounds pretty good to me. I'm travelling for 3 months and am not able to travel with any additional weight, so I'll keep an eye out in France, and on my way East for a really nice fondue pot. Otherwise I'll pick one up in Australia. I might dress it up with a Microplain Grater, as it's one of those items that you never really know how useful it is until you get a good one,

Oct 19, 2013
snax in Cookware

Wedding Gift - Fondue Pot

A girlfriend of mine is getting married in a few months time. She asked me 3 years ago that if she "ever gets married, can you buy me a found pot?".
Do I keep my word? Or do I buy her a dutch oven (or something else) because realistically it's much more practical?

I'm pretty certain she would only use it for dipping strawberries, bananas, and marshmallows in chocolate.

Australia doesn't have a huge choice and they all seem 'for show' but perhaps this is all she needs?

Alternatively I'm currently in Paris and can drop by E.Dehillerin quite easily. Granted postage to Australia is crazy expensive, perhaps tax to pay, and the fear of the item being broken in transit.

What are people thoughts? Do I just buy a pretty fondue pot in Australia, buy something lovely in Paris, or perhaps pick up a dutch oven instead?

Thanks for any input :-)

Oct 19, 2013
snax in Cookware

First time in Paris

My husband and I are catching the train to Paris tomorrow where we are spending 8 nights. I'm a little nervous as I don't know any French apart from:
Au revoir
and thanks to grade 4,5, and 6. The days of the week and the months of the year.

I'm not interested in any fine dinning, I just want to be able to order an omelette (I hear they are good in France) and some tasty dishes like coq au vin. While I'm at it, what else would you recommend trying?

If we just take our everyday manners and a smile will that get us by in Paris? Or should I take a few cut sandwiches from London and eat in our apartment? Of course I'm kidding!
Either way I'm looking forward to the experience.

Thanks in advance.

Oct 15, 2013
snax in France

Corned beef (split from UK board)

I knew just simply saying "corned beef" was just asking for a mini debate.
Truth be told I'm really missing a USA burger with blue cheese, but since I'm in the UK a few roast beef or chicken meals would be a real treat.
For 5 years I lived on a mostly raw tuna diet, fresh vegetables well forget it, and if you want some bread made without either shortening or a lot of sugar in it, well I baked it myself.
As far as Indian goes, I'm happy to be wrong, but I love 'Indian Hot' curries and spicy food, I love how the eye well up with tears. This however was a different species.

Hmmm maybe I'm just super picky, does that happen? One year you like 'all foods apart form liquorice and the next year you have to make all salad dressings from scratch?'

On a massive plus I had my first experience of Ethiopian food while in Manchester. I just loved the injera (bread) and the whole eating with your hands.

I have an itinerary for the next week that I'll post tomorrow in the hopes of getting some ideas for meals on the road.

Aug 20, 2013
snax in General Topics

At a loss of where to eat in U.K for quick & healthy food

Thank-you everyone for the helpful tips. Today was a pleasant surprise. We found a couple of good looking places for sandwiches in Manchester like Nova and Marks & Spencer Food. We then took a train to Leeds and stumbled across a really great Thai place (Sukhothai) that had a phonemail buffet. I'm the first person to run away from a buffet but the freshly made salad pound in a mortar and pestle and Pho like soup that my husband had with slow cooked pork and noodles were so tasty.

We have just spent 6 months driving throughout the USA including a drive up and back from Alaska. But we are enjoying now having a beef and Guinness pie in Dublin and are hoping to find a good Yorkshire pudding, corned beef and potatoes and other foods that are known in the area.

To put it into perspective we have stayed at 70 different accommodations over the last 7 months. That's a lot of sit down restaurants etc, and after my husbands take-out chicken tikka vindaloo the other night in Liverpool (which I had to rise under the tap to wash off the possibly illegal amount of cayenne pepper to make the dish hotter) I am seriously over the daily hunt for a meal.

We have been contemplating about trying to make a booking at some Michelin star restaurant in London, but it takes so much for us to be wowed these days that a simple grilled chicken breast with a freshly cooked pitta and a greek salad would bring us so much more joy then a fancy meal.

Anyway we are back to Liverpool on Tuesday then will be driving up to Glasgow, Isle of Sky, Edinburgh, Bristol, Cardiff and then will end up at London.

So please if there are any nice pubs or places you could recommend for us to stop by to have a meal or snack on our journey then do so. I'd love to try some good food on the trip otherwise I'll keep an eye out for a local cafe or Tesco for a sandwich.

Thanks again.

Aug 18, 2013
snax in U.K./Ireland

At a loss of where to eat in U.K for quick & healthy food

My husband and I are spending a few weeks in-between Ireland and the U.K. We have been travelling for 6 months now are are over eating out at restaurants and just simply want to find a good salad roll for lunch, or a healthy pho or grilled chicken with a salad for dinner.
I've come across Tesco for a quick place to grab some hummus and crackers for lunch but it's just not hitting the spot for a hot and ready made meal.

When we were in the USA we really enjoyed Whole Foods as it offered many fresh and tasty choices.

What are my options for the U.K?

Aug 17, 2013
snax in U.K./Ireland

I don't like fruit with my food.

Can I just add that I don't want turkey sausage links along side my waffle and berries.

Aug 16, 2013
snax in General Topics

My birthday cake this year will be...

Tres Leches Cake

I've never had it, but for some reason I'm craving it. I hope I haven't over hyped it...

Anyway I am off to the Grand Canyon today (Sunday) and am driving through Flagstaff. What are the chances of finding a slice there?? I am starting out from Sedona, should I try and find a piece here and just have it for breakfast?

It just feels good to vent, I don't mind if no one responds :-)

Apr 21, 2013
snax in General Topics


Hi there I actually own both, the small one in blue and large in aubergine. Go with your get feeling, the blue is a beautiful colour but purple is also my fave.
Colour aside the larger pot would probably see more use, at least in my house.

Dec 14, 2012
snax in Cookware

Poll: Do you refrigerate eggs?

Federated States of Micronesia
Each one is checked to see if it floats before it's used, some cartons are 100% off

Dec 06, 2012
snax in General Topics

Kitchen Tool you had an 'a ha' moment with ......

humm did you see this on Pinterest too?

Oct 05, 2012
snax in Cookware

Does anyone else find the presets on the Vitamix 750 Pro less useful than they thought?

I have the 7200 and I am truly in love with it. I would only consider up grading if they develop a TRUE way of damping the noise to a decent level.
I can't help but feel that the Vitemix 750 is really just a easy and quick way or "bridging the gap between Bentec and VItamix. I mean now they kinda look the same, presets, low countertop profile. I guess same thing goes for the 300.
Anyway, I guess for me the VItamix 5200 is such a powerful, simple machine and which needs human interaction to get the best results. Where as the presets, low profile etc is just taking away and dumbing down the Vitamix IMO.

I think the beauty of it is that we each can choose for ourselves. Have fun with either beast you end up with :-)

Oct 03, 2012
snax in Cookware

Demeyere Atlantis Stainless-Steel? How does it work for you compared to other pans?

I'm sure you will get much use and joy form using it. I have the same size and I use it all the time. With a bit of practise you can use it as a 'non-stick' pan. I happily cook pancakes, eggs, delicate fish and fried rice in the pan with nothing sticking.
:-) The only bad thing about the pan is that it looks sooooo pretty straight out of the box, but take a wisk to it and you will have just the best pan gravy ever.

Sep 23, 2012
snax in Cookware

S/S cookware input please

I thought I'd respond quickly and perhaps help you a little.
My husband and I are in a situation at the moment that we were able to buy all Demeyere cookware. Buy it once and make it count.

Anyway as much as I love how it all cooks, cleans and looks, it really is simply over kill to warm up a can of baked beans in the Atlantis saucepan, but then when it's time to cook rice or make caramel on the stovetop, having a thick bottomed saucepan is wonderful to work with, no scorching and prefect fluffy rice.

My most favorite piece is the Atlantis 4qt sauté pan. It's built like a tank, and allows me to easily brown meat, braise for hours on the stove top, stir fry and who knows what else in the future.

My suggestion to you is to replace your most used cookware pieces as you are able to. But ideally the pieces that you use at a higher temperature would be more beneficial then a saucepan that you boil potatoes in.

I think 2 or 3 high quality pieces would keep you and your significant other content.
Have fun deciding anyway.

Aug 27, 2012
snax in Cookware

Please help me find a particular blog

I'd search Google Images for something that looked familiar. Good luck

May 28, 2012
snax in Food Media & News

Sprouting Avocado Pits [moved from Not about Food board]

I currently have one sitting in a sunny window. It's been there for about a week. I've kind of come to terms that it wont sprout, but if it does, then it was meant to be :-)

May 27, 2012
snax in Gardening

Do you think I should exchange my Vitamix Professional Series 500 for a Vitamix Series Professional Series 750 blender?

I'd say it would be a downgrade. Go with your intuition.
Happy owner of a 5200 here

May 16, 2012
snax in Cookware