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Gefilte Fish in DC

DGS has it on their Passover catering menu. That's the best I can come up without outside of Wegmans.

Peter Chang to come to Arlington?

There's an article in the Post Food section today about Peter Chang. Apparently the reason he kept leaving restaurants was due to a combination of his immigration status and not seeing eye to eye with the business owners. The article can be found here: http://wapo.st/1Csgfub.

Restaurants near Fallingwater?

My suggestions all come from visting my mom, so it's nothing fancy or trendy. I like Casselman Inn in Grantsville and I do not suggest Penn Alps at all. My mom likes the new restaurant at 4625 National Pike/Rt 40 in Markleysburg. I would give you the name, but I can't remember it. Also Rt 40 are Curt's and Lone Star. Curt's is uneven and I've never been into Lone Star. Which is probably a sign if my mom won't take me there.

Mar 16, 2015
Mer_Made in Pennsylvania

ISO: pâté & terrine cookbook

Time Life Good Cooks has a book on terrines, pates and galantines. I haven't used it much, but it's a lot of fun to browse through. It's available used on Amazon if you don't want to go on a thrift store hunt.

Mar 16, 2015
Mer_Made in Home Cooking

Regional snacks for gifts?

IIRC, Herr's is the only one who actually has the license to use actual Old Bay on their products. Everybody else is just kinda close to Old Bay.

Regional snacks for gifts?

While we're on Old Bay, Herr's Old Bay chips and cheese curls.

Classy, expensive restaurant in PG County?

There's Poets and Busboys in Hyattsville, but I prefer Franklin's so I've never been. Also, parking and access to that shopping center is a real problem.

Heinz adds Sriracha to Ketchup

I fully support Huy Fong Foods making a profit and hope they gouged Heinz for every bit of money they could get on this deal.

Feb 11, 2015
Mer_Made in General Topics

Soy Sauce: Dark vs. Light

+2 Pearl River Bridge is my go to for soy sauces now, especially the dark. If you don't want to order them off Amazon, and you don't have a Chinese market nearby, I can generally find them in the larger Korean supermarkets.

Jan 09, 2015
Mer_Made in General Topics

Wheaton dim sum on New Years Day

I like New Kam Fong, but I think they do bbq better then dim sum. So, I'd suggest Hollywood East.

Buying Cherry Liqueur or Kirsch in the area

Total Wine in Laurel would be a good choice. Their website also says there's one in Towson.

Ethnic Food in DC near green/yellow line??

Are you willing to take a bus? There are some near College Park, but you'll need to take a bus.

New place at Navy Memorial (Penn Quarter)?

Plan B Burger Bar. Basically, fancy hamburgers.

DC affordable dining options w/access from DuPont circle

I can only give options around the Mall/National Gallery. Someone else will have to take on the Dupont section of your trip. Penn Quarter is very near the Smithsonians and the National Gallery and has a good chunk of office workers, so you'll some not incredibly expensive food.

-Protein Bar will run you around $10-11 for a healthy lunch and has breakfast.

-Lincoln Waffle Shop near Ford's Theater, if you don't want to be healthy and want local color, this is a decent greasy spoon with cheap food.

-Shack Shake has good hamburger's and fries. I prefer them to Five Guys just on the fries.

-701 has a $17 entree and wine special at the bar for lunch if your budget can stretch to that.

-Red Apron Butchery has regular sandwiches, but I prefer the breakfast sandwiches. The Southern Comfort is my personal favorite.

Where to stop for lunch on the way to Air&Space?

You do mean the Air & Space on the Mall, not the Air & Space's Udar-Hazy Center out near Dulles? Because if you're headed out that way, I suggest the Bon Chon or grazing giant H-Mart off of Rt. 50.

If you mean the one on the Mall, I'd suggest Canopy pit beef in Ellicott City. Or maybe not. Try that on the way back for dinner.

What is your favorite place for crabs and pitchers of beer

How far do you want to go? I liked Drift Inn in Mechanicsville but it's a drive.

Seeking local insight (DC)

Cedar in Penn Quarter might be what you're looking for. The chef will do special veg tasting menus occasionally, so just let the chef know you're looking for when you book and he'll probably accommodate you.

Pureeing the Myth of Sriracha Sauce

I'm trying to be diplomatic. Perhaps I was too diplomatic?

Jul 25, 2014
Mer_Made in General Topics

Pureeing the Myth of Sriracha Sauce

The Atlantic posted a four minute clip from the Sriracha documentary here: http://www.theatlantic.com/video/inde...

I think it's interesting to note that in the clip they visit, and taste, their way through Si Racha and the Thaitheperos factory. And that the audience surrogate finds the Thai version to be sweeter then Sriracha.

Jul 25, 2014
Mer_Made in General Topics

‘Food is Meant to Nourish, Not Entertain’

That totally beats my Gingerbread CSI diorama.

Jul 25, 2014
Mer_Made in Food Media & News

What not to do at a farmers market

I know that market. That farmer has a very different idea for his business model on a farmer's market.

Jul 10, 2014
Mer_Made in General Topics

Has anyone tried the BBQ at Ardmore Carryout?

...No, but now I really, really want too.

Dim Sum

No shame in eating dim sum alone! Especially since all the lovely leftovers belong to you alone.

Weekend DC Trip! Foodie advice?

MKB in would be another option. It's just around the corner from Red Apron.

You could also try searching for the farmer's markets. The fresh fruit at them would be hard to beat.

Good restaurants half way between Washington DC and Philadelphia?

If you want to take Amtrak, Tom Sietsema liked La Fia in Wilmington. It's close to the train station and you wouldn't have to fight traffic.

Jun 24, 2014
Mer_Made in Mid-Atlantic

Plan a month's menu on SNAP benefits.

I think this might the same program the Washington Post wrote about last summer. The article was pretty depressing.


Jun 05, 2014
Mer_Made in General Topics

"Should the Government Force Food-Stamp Users to Eat Better?"

I worked in a 7-11 20+ years ago, well before the benefits were transferred to debit cards, and once had a woman do her grocery shopping in the store. A real grocery store was catty corner to my store, but she came to mine. I was flabbergasted. Getting to the other store would have been harder since the intersection was very busy, but the benefits really don't go very far in a 7-11.

Jun 05, 2014
Mer_Made in Food Media & News

Dining around Maryland Live!

If you like Korean, you're not that far from Ellicott City. Shin Chon for bbq or Shilla Bakery for a quick snack.

Childhood memories

I would have loved to try that. Sadly my family was firmly in the Breyers and Carvel camp when it came to ice cream.

Childhood memories

My mom bringing home paper bags full of crabs. Sometimes, I really miss the crab trucks along the side of Rt. 5. And High's sour cream dip.