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9 hour layover in Mexico CIty - where to go for breakfast?

I will arrive in Mexico City @ 5:30 a.m. I imagine it will take me a little while to go through customs and take a cab into the city. I figure I will be in the city right when restaurants are opening for breakfast. Here is what I need - a great restaurant in a central area where I can walk/sightsee after eating. I have never been to Mexico City and probably won't be back for a while. I am open to all types of restaurants (hotels, holes in the wall, etc.).

Jun 09, 2008
dkiely in Mexico

Meeting the parents in SM/Burlingame

I am getting married at the end of the month, and I am setting up a dinner where both families are meeting for the first time. I live in the city and work in San Mateo, but rarely eat down on the peninsula. I am looking for a nice restaurant (mid-range to pricey) that isn't too loud but at the same time isn't overly stuffy (we can be a bit boisterous). I am not opposed to semi-private or private dining rooms.

Places that I like in the city:
Blue Plate


May 01, 2008
dkiely in San Francisco Bay Area

I need a DC local favorite

I will be in DC this weekend, and I need a local favorite - not fine dining, not dining at all. I am thinking about an out-of-the-way diner or pizza place...something that I can only find in DC with a unique atmosphere.


Birthday dinner in DC

Thank you for the recommendations. I will make the reso tomorrow!

Birthday dinner in DC

I am coming out for the ALA conference. I need a recommendation for a birthday dinner reservation. I am looking for a small restaurant (not fine dining), prefer Italian (but not wedded to it), prefer a place that is under the radar or at least isn't in all of the guidebooks. Coming from the Bay Area, I have grown accustomed to organic/locally grown everything, so I think I need this in the restaurant as well.

Something like:

Lupa in NYC
Delfina in SF