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Taco bell hot sauce!!

Valentina hot sauce is VERY close!
They even have it at Walmart...less than $2 a bottle I believe.

I share your addiction to taco bell hot sauce....I used to steal a handful of the hot sauce on my way by (although I'm not really that keen on their bland food).

Best place to go for teppanyaki in Toronto?

Aki da in the beach is quite good.

Weeknight Dinner Options near Canon Theatre

As the title says, I'm looking for somewhere to go for dinner near the Canon theatre tomorrow. We're not too picky and price doesn't really matter. The only criteria are that it is a proper sit-down restaurant with liquor license and they have to have at least one lacto-vegetarian option. The only cuisine I'd say we would like to steer clear from is Indian, but that's only because we just had it the other night. :) Preferably within a 10 minute walk from the theatre. Thanks!

Oh, no need to mention the Senator or Terroni (or whatever the one on Victoria is called) as we've been to both before - it would be nice to try something different! That area seems like a bit of a ghost town for decent food, so I'm hoping that one of you knows of a gem I haven't stumbled across yet!

Mock Meats in Scarborough/East York/East Toronto?

I'm looking for a place that sells mock meats east of Yonge Street. (Preferably asian style). I'm looking for things like mock duck, chicken balls, chicken drumsticks, etc. I know of a few places downtown and in the west end where I can get these, but I'm rarely there solely for grocery shopping, so it's awkward to buy frozen foods and carry them around with me. I know there are a few restaurants in agincourt which serve mock meats - do any have a retail section? Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks.

Lunch Recs in Bracebridge or Gravenhurst

Hello Chowhounders! I'm looking for a recommendation for a place to stop for lunch tomorrow, preferably in Bracebridge or Gravenhurst (or nearby, but not too far north of there). The only criteria are not too expensive (entrees under $20) and have one or 2 veggie options. Thanks in advance!!

Hungarian Stewed Peppers? Help!

My dad remembers going to a Ma 'n' Pa-type Hungarian restaurant as a kid. When he ordered Paprikash, it always came with a side of spicy stewed peppers. He wants to learn how to make them himself, but can't find a recipe. Does anyone know what I'm talking about?

Dec 12, 2009
kweenshaker in Home Cooking

Looking for several restaurant options in Manhattan!!



Either! :)

Aug 06, 2009
kweenshaker in Manhattan

Looking for several restaurant options in Manhattan!!

Thanks :)
I'm also searching the site, but it is rather daunting!!

As for the "fancy" restaurant... I don't know the terminology, but they'd want something romantic, nice space, aesthetic food presentation, eclectic menu, known chef, etc etc...does that help at all?

Aug 06, 2009
kweenshaker in Manhattan

Looking for several restaurant options in Manhattan!!

Hello New York!!

My parents are planning their first trip to NYC (from Toronto) this October and they've asked me to search for some interesting food options. I've been to NYC countless times, but a) I'm usually on a budget and b) I'm vegetarian, so I haven't checked out many places that they would be interested in. They love food - nearly any kind (the only cuisine I recall them not liking was Ethiopian) and they'd like to go out to at least one fancy - dress codes are good as long as the guys don't have to wear ties! (My dad hates them). Neighbourhoods don't really matter - they'll be going all over Manhattan.

So to try to make a long story short, here is what they're looking for:
-recs on upscale restaurants with fantastic food
-is there a fantastic steakhouse that should not be missed?
-the BEST italian restaurant (I've been to quite a few in Little Italy, but none have really blown me away)
-a good sunday brunch place (preferably in Greenwich Village/Gramercy/Chelsea/Lower East Side)
-somewhere that has good food and good music (or somewhere that has good food close to a music venue - they prefer Blues/R&B/Soul)
-Best chinese
-Best authentic Mexican
-I'd love ethnic recs - they like trying new things
-Is there a really good vietnamese restaurant?
-what is your favourite restaurant?

I know some of those questions have probably been asked to death, but please give me any input you may have!!

Oh, and no Indian/South Asian suggestions please, because we eat a lot of that here in our Little India neighbourhood.

Thanks in advance!! I love your city :)

Aug 06, 2009
kweenshaker in Manhattan

Good eats near the Mod Club?

My group is looking for a decent place for dinner that is within walking distance from the Mod Club. Cuisine doesn't matter, as long as it is delicious, with some veggie options and they have a decent bar. I'm not too familiar with the area, but I'm assuming there are probably some half decent italian restaurants around - I just don't know where to begin. Any suggestions welcome! Price doesn't matter too much, as long as it's not astronomical. Thanks in advance!

Help! Want to grill Ribs Without BBQ Sauce

The secret is to cook them in the oven for a while, covered, with lots of liquid (broth, beer, whatever you choose). Season to your liking and then grill them to get some colour.

Jun 18, 2009
kweenshaker in Home Cooking

Real Hotdogs

I don't think you'll find a hot dog with pure meat. Of course some will be sold as "real beef" or whatever, but that could very well be cow tongue or hooves or something. As for hotdog carts - I always wonder to myself where those people wash their hands!

East Indian Corn on the Cob??

I remember enjoying BBQ'd corn on the cob in Little India when I was a kid. I vaguely remember it having perhaps a cumin and lime flavour, but I can't find a recipe anywhere. Does anyone know what it's called, or better yet, have a recipe?

Jun 17, 2009
kweenshaker in Home Cooking

Good food near the ACC

Hi Chowhound! I'm going to a game at the ACC tonight and would like some recommendations on decent food around there. We're looking for something mid-range where we can be in and out in about an hour. Something better than the substandard pub food that I tend to go for most of the time in that area. We're not too picky on cuisine, as long as there are some veg. options.

Thanks in advance!

Vegan Breakfast/Brunch Spots

I apologize if this has been asked before (couldn't find much in a search) and please point me to a thread if it has!

My vegan friend is coming to visit in a couple of weeks and I'd like to take her out to brunch/breakfast. She's very picky about her dietary requirements, so the place we go has to be in the least 100% vegetarian, if not completely vegan. No meat allowed!

We'll be coming from the east end, so I'd like to keep it east of Bathurst. Any suggestions? It will be on a Saturday morning.

Amuse-Cusine in Beach

Thanks a lot! I'll definitely post once I've tried it out!

Michelangelo's Fine Italian - Closed for good?

Yes, you're right. I wish Joe's daughter would take over the business, but I guess she's busy with her own endeavors!!

And I wish I had gotten their recipe for the house salad dressing, dammit!! ;)

Perola's in Kensington

Thanks everyone. I frequent the market in the nice weather, but didn't want to brave the cold only to be disappointed!

Chile relleno time!!

President's Choice 5-Grain cereal

I've tried this too. It's pretty good when you're in a hurry, but not quite as good as large-flake oats or steel-cut irish oatmeal.

It's nice to see that there are better options coming available (instant oatmeal is vile) for people in a hurry!

Mar 02, 2009
kweenshaker in General Topics

East end takeout/delivery ?

East end to most people means east of yonge basically all the way to scarborough.
West end is west of (yonge? downtown? not sure) all the way to mississauga. they're very general terms referring to two quite large areas. I've heard people from many generations use this. Maybe it's not technically correct, but it's what people say.

Good restaurants in Scarborough.

That's a shame. Do you know if they're open for lunch?

Amuse-Cusine in Beach

Do they have a vegetarian option on the menu? This place is on our list of places to check out.

Perola's in Kensington

excellent, thankyou.

Good restaurants in Scarborough.

Thanks for the suggestions! We really just like food (lol) so fire away any more suggestions you may have! We just haven't explored Scarborough much, mainly because of the (unfair) bad rap.

Teppanyaki in Toronto

Fine Dining in Scarborough

I'm happy to hear that Mandalay is good again! I used to go with my Aunt on a regular basis about 10 years ago, but it went downhill to the point of being nearly inedible. I shall check it out again!

Hollinger's Closed

I wonder where the EYCI students are going to drink now?

Who does it better: Toronto or Montreal

If you like Ethiopian food, the best I've had (keep in mind that I've never been to Ethiopia!) is at Le Nil Bleu (3706 St. Denis). AMAZING food and lovely decor.

Perola's in Kensington

A little sidenote - does Perola's sell fresh poblano peppers on a regular basis?

Good restaurants in Scarborough.

Hmm I'll definitely give that a try....I don't think I've ever had Sri Lankan food and I love trying new cuisines!