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Caplansky's - You have got to be kidding me!

consistency is the biggest problem. it's more hit than miss; but, it misses enough where it won't be a regular spot for me.

Romagna Mia - a quick review

sshhhhh...this was my little secret...

Anyone been to Rosebud lately?

closest McDs are at King & Bathurst and Dundas & Bathurst.

having said that my last trip to Rosebud was certainly not memorable. mediocre at best. it was several months ago, maybe the spring. can't really remember, but do remember leaving with an unsatisfied feeling.

2010 closings

it's been like that for several months. i think it was in the 2009 closing thread.

Ribs at the Bar-B-Barn

i lived in Montreal from '97 - '09. i couldn't see what was so great abt Bar B. mind u, i was coming from Chicago were there were some awesome rib joints.

Ribs at the Bar-B-Barn

i've had jerk ribs at the Olde York Tavern on Niagara. pretty tasty.

La Palette - Suited for special occasion?

i like La Palette; but, i think of it as casual. how about Le Select?

Alex Rei dos Leitoes


Is there a restaurant in Toronto worth getting dressed up for?

because i've dined at most of the restaurants mentioned for work, i've worn a suit and tie to all of them. if i'm going on my own, i will be semi-causual. no place in Toronto warrants formal attire.

Feudi di San Gregorio in Ontario?!

$73 per bottle at the SAQ and i get to enjoy a weekend in Montreal.

their Lacryma Christi del Vesuvio is one of their best values at $19.95. not as polished as the Serpico but opens up nicely.

Feudi di San Gregorio in Ontario?!

unfortunately not. i have to buy their Serpico in Montreal everytime i go there.

Fish And Chip Franchises In GTA?

Chippy's has a couple of shops. not sure if the Bloor location is a franchise. both locations hit or miss. one day i'll have an awsome cod, next time i'd have a questionable halibut. very inconsistent.

Where to buy the best steak?

used to love Whitehouse. started going to Gasparro's and can't beat the value. high quality steaks (i'm a bone-in ribsteak fan). got to know the sons and they set me up with a few nice dry-aged cuts.

Salty Dog on Queen...anyone?

good place to watch football

forgettable food.

NFL Bar needed

typical roadhouse food; but, bar at Loose Moose on Front St. has 9 big screens together that can form one really big screen or 9 separate games. enjoyable to watch on a Sun pm or Mon night. beer's cold and waitresses are cute.


i'm not surprised. i used to like the food when i moved back in 2002. it was creative and tasty. like all things, people move on and i'm doubting that the same people are working the kitchen. i'll only drink there now.

lunch suggestions that will make my "staycation" more like a vacation...

how about Gilead


they actually rely on selling booze and don't care about the food anymore. they want to pack the place as a club, not restaurant. i was actually across the street at the Wheat Sheaf for a quart and saw the doormen ready for a club night.

Best patios this summer

i like the patio there; but, if u like to people watch on a patio, wrong place. you'll be staring at the back of the Globe and Mail building.

Who is doing seared foie... right now?

i think Opus usually has seared foie gras

What was your favourite restaurant that went downhill after they solidified their status

i like ribs. when i can, i like to take my time and do my own up the way i like it. that usually means going to my parents and taking over the charcoal grill.

my 2 disappointments are rib joints. places that i LOVED when i first went; but, have since deteriorated to the point that i won't bother going anymore (one, mercifully, has closed).

Phil's Ribs. when i moved back to Toronto in 2002, ribs were awesome. i would do takeout, eat-in whatever. i always had time for Phil's. something happened in the last couple of years and i the quality is down and the prices are up. i don't bother with the place anymore.

Cluck, Grunt, and Lo. first time there, i loved it. got their platter with pork & beef ribs, and smoked brisket. i was smitten. i later ordered take out, both Kansas City and Texas style. i continued with my dine in and take out flirtation for a while. i thought i found a new long term relationship. then, like a girlfriend that thinks she doesn't have to look good for you anymore, things changed. ribs ordered became incredibly dry. you would order Kansas City ribs and the server would bring Texas ribs and tell you that's all they had. take out orders would not be process, so when you showed up, illegally parked outside, you would have to wait. i had to end the relationship. mercifully, they're gone now so i don't have the lingering memory of good times past...

Pizza Libretto - family friendly?

i'd say it depends on your family. if your toddler is running around sticking their fingers in people's food, no it isn't. get a babysitter or go to pizza hut. if they can behave in public, i don't see a reason why they wouldn't enjoy a meal at Libretto.

Lou Dawgs - King & Portland

is it a chain? with a name like that, it looks like it belongs in a Mississauga strip mall.

Cluck Grunt and Low

i thought the ribs were great at the start, then they got really dry and tough, then the service got so bad that they would screw up your order and give u the Texas rub when u wanted KC bbq. it was due to close.

2009 closings

Coca closed again. Globe management took a walk from what i understand.

wood fired pizza at queen and bathurst???

i'd say it depends what u do while u wait. if u stand there and watch people get served, it would be frustrating. if u go across the street and have a beer, talk w friends, etc. and have them call u when a table is available, definitely worth the wait. when i go out, it's not just about the food. it's about what i'm doing and who i'm with.

anyone attending the GLOBE BISTRO winemaker's dinner today?


foie gras amazing, duck carpaccio awsome

lamb stoled the show for me.

Quarry Road Chardonnay top wine for me.

Solo dining - Bloor/Spadina to Queen/Shaw

try Oyster Boy

Good sushi with lots of non-sushi options

was just gonna suggest that. i think non-sushi items there way better than sushi

what breakfast dishes do you like best at Brassaii?

their croissant and breakfast pastries are very good. their coffee is forgettable