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The Gorbals' Peter Haller: 5 Cheap Bites in Los Angeles

Chef Haller lost me (and probably everyone else) when he tried to call 12 dollars for a banh mi a "hell of a deal". I want to try 800 degrees though.

Sep 10, 2014
clintonhilljake in Features

Need restaurant rec for family event in overbrook near st. joe's

Hi folks,

We will be having a family celebration May 17th (sunday) in the overbrook area of philadelphia, right near st. joseph's university. I'm not all that familiar with philly- particularly this area- and would love to hear recommendations for a restaurant that might be able to accomodate a late brunch or lunch for a group of 10-12 folks. Nothing too crazy expensive, but somewhere nice enough I could take my grandmother:)

I have considered having us drive in to the city and try to go to audrey claire, which we have liked. But if there is something closer to where we will be gathering, so much the better. Any recomendations welcome!!


Apr 25, 2009
clintonhilljake in Pennsylvania

Where can I find pectin in Brooklyn?

My girlfriend and I moved to Clinton Hill in December, and have found that our backyard, although difficult for us to access (another story), has lots of grapes (concord would be my guess) growing very well on some vines in and among a magnolia tree. The backyard isn't well tended or well used, and the grapes seem to have been planted some years ago and really done well on their own.

Question is, if we were to be able to pick some grapes and attempt to make jelly or jam, where mighht we buy pectin in brooklyn (as close to clinton hill as possible)? I have heard tell that Brooklyn Kitchen in Williamsburg sells pectin, and possibly the key food in brooklyn heights/montague street- anywhere else that anyone knows?