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One Night in Rome - Within Walking Distance of Pantheon - Help Wanted

Thank you for the valuable feedback! It's a disappointment that Armando is closed Saturday evenings as it looks like it would have been a good candidate. With our arrival saturday am we may make it for a late light lunch The terrace at Grano looks ideal later that eve - tough to tell if it would be a more ambient setting than the one at Pierluigi but I'm sure we can't go wrong at either. I appreciate it's ambitious but there will be a lot of relaxation to follow in amalfi. Thanks again

And yes this is Tadrian - the original poster but using husband's computer which defaulted to his profile.

Sep 11, 2014
canuckchuck in Italy

Spalla Cotta - any sources in GTA or Ontario for that matter?

I was very fortunate to sample a very traditional "Spalla Cotta" - during a visit to Emilia Romagna last spring. It is essentially a cooked pork shoulder rubbed, rolled, semi-cured and hung to age for several months before served cooked and seasoned. It was a revelation and not to be confused with your north american supermarket cooked holiday hams by any stretch. I've had some dreams about it in the interim and have tried to find its closest facsimile here through any importers who typically deal with prosciuttos and other cured meats to no avail so far. I'd love to serve this at a party over the holidays if I can find it. I've seen some recipes online and may attempt to create one myself but don't hold high hopes on that end. Any ideas where one might find a legitimate producer/importer in southern Ontario?

Know any importers of the smaller champagne houses?

thanks for all of your feedback. some great resources indeed. Groupe Soleil's roster is very intriguing and I intent to drink my way through much of it in the months ahead in addition to some of other names (and the Gosset rose). fortunately I have a few friends with shared appreciation for bubbles so the case ordering won't be a problem. cheers

Know any importers of the smaller champagne houses?

I was fortunate to recently spend some time in Champage where I found the wines of the smaller, relatively unknown producers to be often much more interesting (and vitually always less expensive) than those of the big houses/usual suspects that seem to be the only bottles to get on the LCBO and Vintages shelves. Focusing on Champagne only (yes I know there are some increasingly impressive sparkling wines emanating from many areas including here in Ontario - I am already a big fan of Henry of Pelham's Catherine Brut and also those of Huff Estate), does anyone know of an importer specializing in some of the lesser known producers?

Diners, drive-ins and dives

Anyone travelling around the bermuda triangle of brantford-hamilton-cambridge would be advised to visit the tiny village of St. George and check out Scottie's Burgers in a plaza on St. George road just south of Hwy 5. Scottie himself is the mainstay at the grill and he's created no shortage of classic burger combos in the year or so he's been open. A friend of mine on the nearby fire dept. tipped me off to the place (these guys apparently spend the first half of many shifts debating where they're going to order their meal from and the latter part discussing the food and they routinely go well out of their way to get to Scottie's). Homemade, 15 hr. marinated pulled-pork and coleslaw topped one recent burger I've had there and another featured 2 grilled-cheese sandwitches as buns. Not for those on Jenny Craig - the relatively inexpensive overhead in this tiny village means heaping portions of double fried fries and everything else. Very good value overall. Scottie loves his new career as a burger chef and in a half a dozen recent visits I've never had the same sandwich and have yet to be less than very impressed (and very full!) each time.

Apple Fritter Search!

The best apple fritters I've had can be found at the Brown Dog Cafe in the small town of St. George - on hwy 5 just east of hwy 24 that connects Brantford and Cambridge. St. George also hosts an apple festival every September. I understand that a 2nd Brown Dog Cafe has now opened in Paris, Ontario a bit farther west where I would expect fritters of a similar quality would be available. whenever we have guests from toronto coming to stay with us I call ahead in the am to pick up a warm bakers' dozen. the look of rapture on their faces once they have the first bite tells me there is nothing comparable anywhere in the GTA.

Bar sitting meal recommendations

Some excellent and much appreciated suggestions. Was hoping to have a chance to freshen up a bit or at least change my beer soaked shirt after the game before dinner, and as our hotel is on the way to Union Square from the stadium we may hopefully still be able to do so. That way I won't have to wear my Blue Jays hat to dinner either.

Aug 27, 2008
canuckchuck in Manhattan

Bar sitting meal recommendations

In the city from out of town (out of country actually) this Saturday to pay final respects to the House That Ruth Built and haven't had time or energy to make reservations anywhere for Saturday night. There will be two of us and we'd be happy to eat at the bar of any place that otherwise would likely be impossible to get a table at under such short notice. Had a similar lucky experience at Gramercy Tavern unannounced a year or so ago and someting of a similar calibre/vibe would be great. I appreciate that it's a crapshoot but any recommendations for where we should try our luck would be helpful.

Aug 27, 2008
canuckchuck in Manhattan