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St. Louis Metro East Recommendation


I whole heartedly agree about Erato. I was incredibly surprised at the quality of food, and more so with the knowledgable staff.

The wife and I eat out a lot. Niche is our current favorite. Erato, while not better, in this humble man's opinion, was still one of the 5 best meals we have had here in St. Louis.

I would love to convince the client to come over here as the drive ain't all that bad compared to Edwardsville. She is admant though...

Thanks for the suggestions.


St. Louis Metro East Recommendation

I live in St. Louis and am fairly familiar with the restaurants around this town. However, I have a client in town who will be staying in Fairview Heights, Illinois and wants to go out to dinner....

Need some help. The only restaurants I know of in the Metro East area are Naruda and Erato in Edwardsville. Both were very good but we have taken this particular client to both places.

I am looking for someplace with good food and good wine in the Metro East area. Anybody able to help?