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Korean near Ardmore?

I love Sangkee too. Of course Yang Ming is in a class of its own albeit expensive. Wish I knew of a good Korean place.

As for Khajuraho, I agree with you it isn't a particularly good Indian restaurant (I'm Indian, believe me, I know!). It's passable, but none of the dishes hit the "right" note...EVER. Tiffin is terrific, and we've had great luck with Karma Cafe. Palace at the Ben has a gorgeous atmosphere and pretty good food. Cafe Spice is OK if you want Indian fusion. The Indian places around Penn are OK for a weekend buffet. I thought the other Indian place in Ardmore (Jewel of India) was truly horrible. There was a so-so place in Manayunk but I think it closed. There's a Pakistani-Indian place near KOP (Desi Village) where the food is consistently OK, although not great.

Aug 26, 2008
DRIFA in Pennsylvania