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Quick Cock (or coq if you're sensitive)

Mar 03, 2011
dlewisa in Recipes

10 Vegan Lunch Recipes

TVP Granules? Who wants to eat that? Why bend over backwards to make something that imitates meat? How many crimes against nature (and food) does corporation have to do to make TVP granules? It sounds like insecticide.

Oct 12, 2010
dlewisa in Features

The Raw Deal

I agree with the first comment. It's been made into a religion where people think they can stop sleeping and heal cancer simply by denying themselves food that has any kind of good flavor. That's the basis of most religion really, denying yourself something for a cause.

Nov 29, 2008
dlewisa in Features

Madison, Indiana Food & Wine.

If you find yourself in the southeastern Indiana area make sure to look up Bistro One. It's the best restaurant in town. It's owned by a Greek Cypriot named Nick. Nick is a great chef that was trained in France and his food reflects this as well as his Mediterranian roots. His hummus is the best I've ever had. And on the current incarnation of his menu is an osso bucco style beef rib that can send you straight to culinary heaven. His menu shifts around with the seasons so upon repeat visits you can always look forward to new surprises.

Also in the area are a number of wineries. In my opinion the best of which is The Thomas Family Winery. Not only do they sell wine and offer tastings they also serve breads and cheeses and sell their wine by the glass. The tasting room is dark and cozy and filled with tables and benches for the musical guests that come in on weekends. The music ranges from blues to Irish folk music. Their wine selection tends to be more dry than sweet which is a nice change from most Indiana wineries that sell syrupy grape juice with a little alcohol in it. And my favorite drink on the menu is their own Gale's Hard Cider. Crisp, cold heaven.


Sep 23, 2008
dlewisa in Great Lakes

Open Faced Egg Sandwich For One

Aug 26, 2008
dlewisa in Recipes